Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/2/2014 & the Weekend: Mind the Void; Venus in Aries; Home Sweet Home


Lucky you if you started the weekend early, as the chatty Gemini Moon has been wandering aimlessly (void of course) since 7:32PM ET on Thursday. It won’t enter Cancer until 2:13AM ET, affording you the chance to take a nice long CHILL. Stick to routine tasks and roll with whatever twists come up in your efforts to more forward in a straight line.

A Gemini Moon needs to talk. Communication today may skew toward the critical/pessimistic side as the day moves into night. If so, mind the VOID and do not make a mountain out of a molehill over some perceived insensitive slight. Why do I say this? Because at 8:56PM ET, mental Mercury will be opposed by stern, “wet blanket” Saturn, suggesting a need for heaviness in thoughts and communication.

Also of note: Venus, which refers to love, social expression, women and money, leaves soulful Pisces and charges into Aries like a bat out of hell — at 9:21PM ET. Issues of affection and feelings of worth are likely to carry an extra bit of prominence for the next couple of days. Venus will remain in Aries until the end of the month, flirting with everything in its path to prove it is desirable. If you’re an Aries, you may be feeling pretty popular for the next few weeks. Enjoy.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Cancer Moon seeks to fulfill its need for emotional security.  What can you do to feather your nest and otherwise enjoy the comforts of home and family? Tap into some undiscovered resources, courtesy of a connection between the earthy Taurus Sun and potent Pluto, exact at 8:34PM ET.  Your Saturday night date may be quite energetic, for better or for worse, given a challenge between action hero Mars and the reactive, sensitive Moon at 11:17PM ET. Could be some shake ups and power plays in the wee hours, as the Moon makes contact with the rest of the players in last week’s Cardinal Grand Cross drama.

Whatever turbulence and/or passion rolls in overnight likely subsides by Sunday morning. That day begins on an optimistic note, courtesy of expansive Jupiter…and is fueled by a constructive influence courtesy of disciplined Saturn. Feather nest. Fulfill emotional security needs. Home-cooked meal. Call Mom. Hang with family. Watch weepy movie on Netflix. Heads up that the Moon will be VOID on Monday from 4:46AM ET until 1:56PM ET, suggesting a slow start to the work week. You can sleep in late and probably get away with it.


How was your week? Supercharged? Overloaded? I’m getting emails from people who do not read my forecast (but know that I am Aware of Certain Things), wondering what’s going on, as circuits both literal and figurative are shorting out around them. Just the kind of release of bottlenecked energy you could expect from Monday’s especially lush New Moon in combination with the “make it or break it” drive of last week’s Cardinal Grand Cross, a.k.a. quite possibly the defining moment of truth of the 21st Century, for those who are actually paying attention.

I have a ton of news to write about, and I will post again before the weekend is over. Meanwhile, if you are wondering how these supercharged patterns are impacting your horoscope (and what you can do to maximize positive potential), I encourage you to schedule a personal consultation. There’s so much more to your horoscope than your Sun Sign…


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