Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/9/2012 & the Weekend: Mercury Retrograde Alert

A potential flash of insight, a jolt or other surprise may mark the morning, as rebel Uranus opposes Moon in people-pleasing Libra at 5:44AM ET…followed, perhaps by a sharp verbal exchange or incisive thought pattern as mental Mercury (in impatient Aries) also opposes the touchy-feely Moon. Weigh the options and enjoy the debate. At 2:53PM  ET ruthless Pluto squares the Moon, pushing for clarity and perhaps a bit of empowerment or a catharsis.

No exact planetary aspects until Saturday at 10:09PM ET. Until then, the Moon in Libra seeks beauty, harmony and relationship. The Sun in Pisces offers soulful energy to achieve its objectives. After a brief void at 10:09PM ET, Moon enters Scorpio at 12:24AM ET, demanding less theory, more depth and substance. Count your blessings and your resources as the Moon makes contact with dreamy Neptune at 3:38AM ET, followed by each of the four planets — Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars — involved in the apparently world-famous Earth Grand Trine. And for gawd’s sake, look up in the heavens at least one night this week, because Venus and Jupiter are putting on a lovely show.

Last but not least, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS/CELLPHONE/ETC before Mercury turns retrograde Monday at 3:49AM. I really don’t want to have to say “I told you so….”

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