Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/21/2014: Scorpio Rules

Sun in Scorpio; Moon in Scorpio; mental Mercury in Scorpio. Man, that can be heavy, ruthless, penetrating, controlling, stubborn. Oh, and Saturn, the heaviest of the heavies, is in Scorpio, too. No, you can’t look away. Use this determined, focused, take-no-prisoners potential for the Light, aided by a supportive connection to Mercury (communication) from action hero Mars in practical, effective Capricorn. Big ideas and expansive communication about those ideas are on deck for the next few days, as Mercury is supercharged by Jupiter in regal Leo.

Actually, since that Mercury-Jupiter aspect will be part of the New Moon chart, we’ll likely see that theme play out throughout the next lunar cycle, which begins Saturday at 7:32AM ET. In the U.S., for example, we’ll see much discussion continuing about the executive orders President Obama made last night to do something proactive about immigration policies, given the current “do-nothing” Congress, starting with this pithy piece from The Guardian. Once the Sun and Moon do leave Scorpio for high-flying Sagittarius at 4:36AM ET and 7:19AM ET, the mood should noticeably lighten up.

Meanwhile, on this heavy news day, with continuing coverage on moreScorpio-themed sexual assault allegations against 77-year-old Bill Cosby finally being taken seriously, Rolling Stone reports on one woman’s quest to hold perpetrators of abuse and violence against women accountable (thank you, karma cop Saturn in Scorpio) at the University of Virginia. It’s not pretty, and neither is this story, also from the Guardian, about toy manufacturer Mattel’s effort to present the iconic Barbie doll as a successful computer engineer, which resulted in an Epic Fail. Read about Barbie and you can appreciate the subtle, disempowering messaging that might lead a woman who has been subjected to abuse and violence to question whether she should speak out.

I’ll post a New Moon forecast later today or tomorrow.

On a lighter note. I am delighted by the number of you who have asked me to send you a few Really Useful 2015 Mercury Retrograde Bookmarks. Hooray! But yea verily, in this digital age I am amused by the number of you who also neglected to enclose your mailing address with that request. To clarify, these are bookmarks that will be lovingly placed in an envelope, along with a handwritten note. A postage stamp will be affixed to said envelope (I can’t believe I don’t even know how much stamps cost these days), and the envelope will be hand-delivered to you by your friendly local mailman/woman. Isn’t that charming and quaint? So you’ll be hearing from me soon if I don’t have your snail mail address. Meanwhile, if you haven’t emailed me a request for a bookmark, please do — and here’s how to contact me.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


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