Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/1/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Uranus Retrograde Fallout

Good Morning!

Up and at ’em today — even if it is the last day of the lunar cycle. The Moon is in Cancer, functioning intuitively and efficiently. It is boosted by a connection to expansive Jupiter at 7:25AM ET. Apply the Moon’s need for emotional and home security with innovation in your social expression, as you flesh out a structure for your heart’s desire. While there may be an upset or flash of recognition around 11:31AM ET, when the Moon is challenged by rebel Uranus, these past few days may have afforded you a steady ambitious focus, as the Sun and Saturn have been in harmony — exact at 1:49PM ET.  If you have a planet or angle around 9 degrees of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius or Libra, I hope you made the most of it. I know I did!

At 8:44PM ET, the Cancer Moon goes void on an easy flow of energy from Mars. Today is the last full day of Mars in Scorpio, where it’s been since 2007. That’s not true, but it certainly has felt like a verrryyy long time, instead of January, February, a bit of March and from May 28th until August 2nd, when it FINALLY moves on for a nearly-two month stay in Sagittarius. That will happen at 1:49PM ET on Tuesday.

In Scorpio, Mars suggests actions taken need to be ruthlessly effective, based on deep-seated emotion. In Sagittarius, Mars suggests a need actions that may be high-flying and righteously opinionated, pushing boundaries in a very big pond. Note that we are still in a “working out the kinks” period for actions taken this spring, as Mars won’t get to 8 degrees of Sagittarius — which is where it was when it turned retrograde on April 17th — until August 23rd.  We can expect to revisit a number of action points that were hot in March and April.

Monday night’s void lasts only thirty minutes; blink and you’ll miss it. At 9:12PM ET, it’s party on, dude! — as the Moon enters Leo with a roar. Grab a notepad and pen; make a list; light a candle and get ready to re-set your intentions for the New Moon in Leo, which begins at 4:44PM ET on TUESDAY.

The rest of the week’s planetary action happens as we get closer to the weekend, when Venus leaves Leo for Virgo on FRIDAY at 11:27AM ET, desperately seeking perfection.  This pristine Venus is squared by a sloppy Mars in Sagittarius at 8:20PM ET on SATURDAY, suggesting an outburst of energy over the matter, for better or for worse.  Also on Saturday: Mercury is squared by authoritative Saturn, suggesting a hard-lined approach in thinking and communication — again, for better or for worse.

Your Moon voids for the week: Thursday 12:13AM ET until 3:34AM ET; Friday 11:20PM ET until 12:57PM ET. Not much there to derail your plans for world domination. Onward!

And now, the news.

With Uranus turning retrograde on Friday, I was expecting revelations and upsets in aviation. In Texas, there was a freak accident in which a hot air balloon apparently crashed into power lines and caught fire, killing 16 people.  Last night on “60 Minutes,” a crash expert said new evidence suggested that Flight MH370 may have been deliberately flown into the ocean. Elsewhere, pilots for the airline flydubai are complaining of “dangerous fatigue” in recently leaked documents.

I found this story startling: only 9% of America voted for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the primary election; the rest of the country either didn’t vote, can’t vote or voted for someone else. Check out the breakdown of these statistics.

Another flash point over the weekend: Donald Trump’s sneering at the Muslim couple whose decorated U.S. Army officer son was killed in Iraq continues to spark outrage. The father spoke at the DNC in Philadelphia last week; the mother, Ghazala Khan,  wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post.   Meanwhile,  a flash flood wreaked havoc in Ellicott City, Maryland; the illustration in this article shows how the surrounding geography made the town so vulnerable.

This story posted minutes before Venus (women) harmonized with electrifying Uranus: “The Mystery of the Female Orgasm May Be Solved.” Also electrifying: Tokyo elects its first female governor, Yuriko Koike. She has an unconventional background.

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