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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/28/2011 & the Weekend: Thinking Big

If you’re trying to regain consciousness between 7:49AM and 10:45AM ET, you might be inclined to take it slow, as the Moon is void of course. Sleeping late, being alert to twists or alleged “crises” (that turn out to be overwrought), indulging in a meditative activity like yoga or creative brainstorming are favored; launching an important initiative is not.

When Moon enters the expansive, galumphing fiery sign of Sagittarius at 10:45AM, you might find yourself driven to opine — or surrounded by those who are. Go ahead and pick up that phone. At 11:08AM ET the highly charged challenge between Mercury (words) and Mars (action) is exact — read yesterday’s forecast for details and an advisory on the potentially combative nature of this connection.  The potent trine between expansive Jupiter (collective philosophy) and regenerating, transformational Pluto puts resources of all kinds — especially hidden resources brought to light — front and center and in the news. What overlooked, undervalued resource might you discover today?

A smooth connection from rebel Uranus to the Moon adds an innovative, humanitarian spin around lunchtime on the East Coast, and as the day moves into night, the bigger, more expansive (and expensive) the idea, the better, suggested by a bold challenge to the Sun from Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy, exact at 9:42PM ET. If the mood feels rowdy, especially on the streets, I won’t be surprised.

Moon continues through Sagittarius until 12:39PM Sunday, with a brief, sleep-in-late void from 9:31AM to 12:39PM (no shopping, no yard sales). It’s a great time to broaden your horizons, explore a new neighborhood, take a walk in nature, see a foreign film, take a class or take in a show and wax philosophical. At 12:39PM ET on Sunday, a more practical, proactive thrust takes over, suggested by the Moon’s ingress into make-it-happen Capricorn. That project you’ve been meaning to do around the house? That would work. Be mindful of the potential for a disruptive or illuminating jolt, followed by a territorial battle for control as the afternoon moves into evening.

And now, an op-ed which includes elements suggested by today’s planetary patterns:  a foreign, innovative “big picture” opinion on managing collective resources — right on the front page of the New York Times. Huzzah!   One reason I like writer/economist Paul Krugman is that he is keenly aware that patterns we are seeing now are similar to patterns in the 1930s, and this is certainly true when it comes to planetary patterns. Plus, statistics show that he gets it right more often than the rest.