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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 9/24-25/2012: A Very Dynamic Week

…and we’re back in New York, after a spectacular trip to Tokyo, where I was privileged to spend time with some of the finest astro-logical minds in Japan. I could gush for  hours about this beautiful country and its people…

So let’s catch up on recent happenings, now that I am back on Eastern Time and have a clearer idea of what day it is. First, you should know that the Moon entered enterprising Capricorn on Saturday and immediately formed a highly charged square to the Sun (a.k.a. First Quarter Moon), which moved into Libra on Saturday morning. Why was it highly charged? Because the Sun at the beginning of Libra marks the Autumnal Equinox, which suggests a change of seasons and a proactive turning point. Your super-brainy New Moon agenda could have gotten a big push forward, even though this challenge happened on a Saturday. If you were in a domestic frame of mind, you might have gotten some big things accomplished around the house. Earthy Capricorn lunar energy needs to make things happen…and this should have carried you well into Monday, the first day of the work week — until 7:32PM ET. Busy day at the office?

Hmmm…then what happened? Moon entered unconventional Aquarius, and there was a football game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, with a stunningly surreal final pass  that was declared a touchdown for Seattle.  Actually it was the alleged ref’s call that was stunningly surreal; let the record show that the trained professional refs have been locked out of their jobs over a pay dispute with the NFL. But what was going on astro-logically at the time of that bad call (around 10:45 PM PT in Seattle)? Why, nebulous Neptune was sitting right at the top of the horoscope for that moment in time, suggesting confusion and rose-colored fog about public status! Isn’t that interesting? I am not an informed football fan by any means, but I do like the Packers. They are not like other football teams and here’s why.   And yes, a certain idealism, artistry, charisma and innovative thinking are suggested in the chart for August 18, 1923 — which was when the Green Bay Packers were established.

Tuesday, the Moon continues to cruise smoothly through Aquarius. Innovative thinking shared with others (networking) is highly favored this week, and we may see plenty more big ideas (including a bad judgement call by a confused ref) disrupting the status quo. One of those ideas could be yours — and hopefully in a good way. I’m already seeing the word “upend” on the NYT home page, along with the startling revelation that a place billed as the center of the earth actually isn’t.

Why can we expect these disruptions? Look to continued fallout from mental Mercury (travel, thought, communication) being challenged by the Mother of All Planetary Patterns (the square between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto) last week. Add to this the upcoming challenge to the Sun AND Moon by said Mother of All Planetary Patterns on the Full Moon that happens at 11:19PM ET this Saturday. Examples of potential storylines: accidents and aviation and — let us not forget — China, which is all over the news with riots at Foxconn (one of Apple’s suppliers), territory disputes with Japan and more. China is “hot” right now as its Sun at 7 Libra is under pressure from the M.A.P.P. (see above). You’re hot too, if you were born a couple of days before or after March 28th, June 28th, September 28th and December 28th. Thinking about empowerment and/or emancipation lately? What are you doing about it?