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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/6/2011: Sobering Thoughts

Did yesterday’s news of Steve Jobs’ passing have enough gravitas for you? Gravitas, you may remember, being suggested as a possible reflection of the sobering, disciplined, reality check between serious Saturn (Father Time) and mental Mercury, exact this evening at 6:02PM ET. Mr. Jobs, fifty-six years is way too short a life — but oh, what a life! May it inspire us to continue working to realize our dreams…which I’ll write about for Friday’s forecast.

Keep the vision alive!


For today, Moon continues its sojourn in Aquarius, sign of friendship, brotherly love, technology (computers), genius, mad scientists and space aliens. Make a strong, solid connection with something that falls in one of those categories.

For Friday — heads up to the West Coast: Moon goes void at 3:08PM PT — so get it off your desk before then or leave early for a long weekend…