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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/26/2012: When Mercury Retrograde Meets Moon Void

Moon moved into Scorpio at 10:29PM ET, after an 11-hour void. Did you feel that void? Could you go with the flow? If you enjoyed it, get ready for another one that begins at 11:38AM ET today…and ends at 1:18AM ET on Saturday. Roll with any twists or delays or spaciness that may arise, if you’re trying to move in a straight line. If you can go with the flow, this can be a creative and regenerating break. If you are new to the forecast and don’t know what a void-of-course Moon is, click here.

Moon in Scorpio can be intense. It needs knowledge for the sake of power and control. It needs to be seen as having depth and substance…sometimes only with a few chosen intimates. Scorpio has a reputation for being secretive, which others may find frustrating. One of the US presidential candidates has a Scorpio Moon, and yesterday it made the homepage of the New York Times.

Getting back to the Moon void — and the fact that Mercury is retrograde. This combination is soooooo ripe for communication snafus. Just look at two stories that hit the wires during yesterday’s Moon void/Merc retro combo: “Whoops! Wrong Flag Accompanies North Korean Names; Delays Match” (at the Olympics) and “Oops! A Typo Mars A Bill on Regulation”  (a snafu in the US House of Representatives). Please double check everything to make sure it’s spelled right, clearly understood, still open, plugged in…you get the idea. Scorpio is also known for integrity and a strong code of honor…and it can react with a vengeance if it feels the code has been violated.

Mercury retrograde is time when old friends tend to show up for an unexpected reunion…and when long-lost objects may be found, like this one. These are the positive potentials of this time — enjoy them!

Another op-ed that caught my eye yesterday reflected the futuristic vision of the innovative Uranus-Mercury trine. Called “Alone in the Void”, it also captured an ambitious reach based on a sobering reality (Moon conjunct restrictive Saturn). Often when my clients are in a phase of feeling isolated, depressed or limited, Saturn is involved. It’s a phase — and while difficult, it is usually necessary. The serious focus has a silver lining: to get real about what is limiting or lacking, so they can get clear about what needs to be done in order to be fulfilled. And when they know what to do — they can move forward.