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Monday 7/1/2024: Sneak Peek at the Week; Neptune Rx; God Save the King

FYI, I updated my observations on last Thursday’s CNN debate chart, explaining how the potential seen in the chart was reflected IRL (in real life). Astro-nerds and others who enjoy taking advantage of free astrology tutorials can find the updated post here….and if the knowledge gained inspires you to support Why Now News, that would make my day.

Highlights this week are:

  • Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces on Tuesday
  • Mercury trines Neptune on Tuesday
  • Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday
  • Venus trines Saturn on Tuesday
  • Mercury opposes Pluto on Wednesday
  • Mars sextiles Saturn on Friday
  • New Moon in Cancer on Friday

It’s water, water, everywhere, and it goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Moon is still in Taurus (as it was on Sunday), seeking to preserve the status quo, material comfort and security. This quest may either be energized or challenged by Moon’s meet-up with a potentially brutish Mars (the energy of action and assertion) at 12:19 PM ET. In my own personal world, the Powers That Be in NYC decided it would be a great idea to start paving the road outside my coop building…at 6:45 AM ET. Good morning! At 2:42 PM ET, Moon sextiles Venus (money, worth, women, social expression). At 5:27 PM ET, Moon sextiles Saturn (structure, authority). This suggests a cooperative and communicative flow about The Way Things Ought To Be. These lunar aspects, combined with the patterns noted in the highlights, suggests an empire-building potential reflecting inspired, visionary, or cuckoo-Cocoa-Puffs thinking in the extreme (Mercury trine Neptune & opposing Pluto) about family, home and homeland security that may be conservative and/or controlling in matters of money, values, business, and aesthetics (Venus trine Saturn).
  • MONDAY:  These are the patterns in play today, the last day of opinions for the Supreme Court until this fall. This was announced at the end of last week, when many Americans were more focused on getting out of town for the July 4th holiday week. Gosh, it’s almost like they don’t want to draw attention to what they have to say, even though one case they might rule on is whether the President of the United States is above the law, and if so, to what extent.

Here is the chart for the scheduled start of  the SCOTUS rulings:


  • The Ascendant is 0 Virgo. The Midheaven is 25 Taurus. Both are less than one degree away from the ASC and MC of the man who said on Thursday that millions of immigrants are coming over the border and taking the Black and Hispanic jobs, as Heather Cox Richardson explains.  Seriously, you can take a look at the horoscope of that man right here.
  • In general, a Taurus Moon is more resistant to change than the Moon in any other sign. “Keep calm and carry on” is one Moon in Taurus mantra. BUT…
  • Uranus is right at the top of the chart (on the Midheaven/MC). Uranus on any angle of a horoscope is a red flag for disruption, as we saw at the end of the debate on Thursday night, when Uranus was close to the bottom of the chart for that moment in time. And from now until mid-November, Uranus (chaos, change, innovation, rebellion) is conjunct Algol, a fixed star that is symbolized by the Medusa, a.k.a. decapitated Gorgon’s head. Translation: we are going to see knee jerk reactions into November where people are going to be losing their heads, figuratively and literally.
  • Jupiter is at 8 Gemini, conjunct Uranus in the horoscope of the United States. So we see how entities ruled by Jupiter (e.g., courts, dogma, the media) may expand on the matters of disruption and rebellion, for better or worse.
  • I wonder if it’s possible that what SCOTUS says today will be disruptive in a way that nothing really changes. Business as usual? Status quo? Hmm. We’ll see.
  • The 0 degree Ascendant suggests that something about this event may be “too soon to tell,” there is much free will at play. It’s too soon to tell how things will ultimately go, regardless of what is said today. More information needs to be gathered.
  • The ruler of this chart is Mercury, at the end of Cancer. We are almost at a crisis point in how we think about home and homeland security (Cancer), but gosh, aren’t those glasses Mercury is wearing the perfect shade of rose? (Mercury is trine Neptune — at virtual standstill —  at the very end of Pisces (the Aries Point). but gee, there’s a powerful persuasion here, given Mercury’s opposition to Pluto. Challenging patterns between Mercury and Pluto often coincide with significant dirt dug up about the Powers That Be. Not sure how this applies to the SCOTUS rulings potential, but we’ll see this in the headlines, courtesy of investigative reporters.
  • The Sun (leaders) is at the Bendings (right between the North and South Node), i.e., between a rock and a hard place, as Venus was last week.
  • Mars is sextile Saturn. This suggests an easy flow between authority and action. The action is represented by Mars in Taurus, which can be ugly.
  • I’m concerned that the Moon in this chart is in contact with Venus, Mars, and Saturn. These contacts recall the CNN debate chart, in which the convicted felon — represented by Saturn — received support from Venus and a brutish Mars. My sense is that the SCOTUS ruling will favor him.
  • That Moon-Mars conjunction feels ugly. Fun fact: the Sabian Symbol for the Moon is the same as last year’s Jupiter retrograde (on September 5, 2023). Here’s what I wrote back then:

The Sabian Symbol for this Jupiter retrograde is “an old man vainly trying to reveal the Mysteries.” This old man may not succeed at imparting his wisdom, but he’s going to give it his best effort, regardless. Astrologer James Burgess has a helpful take on this cryptic Symbol. It is fascinating to note that this degree — 16 Taurus –– is the same degree as last November’s volatile Full Moon, which 1) was an eclipse; and 2) happened on Election Day 2022.  Jupiter hasn’t yet arrived at the precise degree of the November eclipse, but it is within several minutes of it, and is arguably triggering an expansive release of developments that are related to whatever was brewing back then. It will take until March 25, 2024 for Jupiter to arrive precisely at 16 degrees Taurus, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a sudden expansion of matters related to November 8th and this Jupiter retrograde at that time.

I’ll have to investigate that last prediction.

Back to the daily forecast:

  • TUESDAY: Moon meets up with rebel Uranus at 4:29 AM ET, possibly reflecting a twist or a shock to the system. At 6:40 AM ET, Neptune officially goes retrograde. Neptune refers to floods, water, bewilderment, drugs, spirits of all kinds, scandals, dissolution, the surreal, faith, lies, healing, victims, saviors and refugees. As Neptune slows to a virtual standstill from our perspective on Earth, it demands our focus. It bears repeating: Neptune is at the verrrrry end of Pisces, which represents THE END — of a cycle…or of a world…but not THE WORLD. If you think of time as a linear experience the next umpteen months (until January 2026) may drive you to despair. But if you see time as a cyclical (non-linear) experience, you may find comfort in the knowledge that after Pisces, comes Aries…and Aries represents a new beginning. President Biden expressed this beautifully on Friday, when — after a despairing Moon in Pisces debate night — he said (with the Moon now in Aries) “when you get knocked down, you get back up.”
  • TUESDAY: That being said, retrograde planets offer opportunities to turn inward in matters symbolized by that planet. In your own personal world, Neptune may represent your beliefs, vision and faith. Neptune retrograde suggests it’s time to look inward for guidance in these areas — by becoming your own guru or savior instead of looking to an external entity. If you have planets or angles around 29 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini, you are more personally affected by this Neptune retrograde. Neptune turns direct on December 7th. With Neptune (water) in focus among other patterns reflecting a cooperative flow of action, it’s a good week to be a hurricane. It’s also a good week for paying attention to your dreams, especially with Mercury (how we need to think) in harmony (by trine) with Neptune, exact at 7:53 AM ET.
  • TUESDAY: Less than an hour later, at 8:50 AM ET, Mercury leaves intuitive, mute Cancer and enters fiery Leo. Until July 25th, mindset and communication (especially as reported in the headlines) are likely to be more dramatic, stubborn, and regally entitled. Meanwhile, Moon segues from a sextile to Neptune (more dreamy thinking) and enters Gemini at 11:50 AM ET, buzzing with information that likely digs deep as it sextiles Mercury and trines Pluto at 12:15 PM ET and 2:10 PM ET, respectively. The Sun (leaders of business and state) exactly squares the Bendings (North and South Node) at 2:25 PM ET, and we may wonder which head of state or CEO is feeling the squeeze. A trine (easy flow of energy) between Venus and Saturn, exact at 9:41 PM ET, suggests stories of enduring love in the news, and is apt for work on any project you hope is built to last. Good for business!


SCOTUS has just declared in a 6-3 majority that the President of the United States is immune from criminal prosecution of anything they do within the capacity of an “official act.” So now Jack Smith’s case will be sent back to the judge, who must determine if the convicted felon and adjudicated rapist’s theft of classified documents was an official act or an unofficial act. It is doubtful that the case will go to trial before the November election. You can decide for yourself if dissenting Justice Sotomayer (joined by Kagan and Jackson) is “losing her head”…and also judge for yourself if her choice of words reflects the potential seen the chart for this morning’s event:

Astro-logically, we could see this as a reflection of the U.S. Pluto Return, which made the last of three passes a few weeks after the November 2022 election. Pluto refers to power and resources. In 1776, our Founding Fathers rejected the monarchy. In the aftermath of 2022, we see a non-elected minority of six people striving to revive it. Giving the President absolute immunity is absolute insanity. It contradicts the oath they swear to uphold and faithfully execute the Constitution.

But in these early years of this New Age of Air (heralded by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020), it was anticipated that reasoning based on experience and solid ground could be replaced by reasoning conjured up from thin air, with laws and opinions based on hypothetical cases, not actual ones.  Add in “let’s all make believe” seeds planted by the 2022 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, and we can all make it up as we go along, living in our own personal reality bubble. So…sure…even though the JustUs’ said in their confirmation hearings (here are four of ’em on tape), that they understood and honored the legal principle of stare decisis, (which means to stand by things that have been decided), they have no problemo trashing 40, 50, or even 60 years of precedent if there’s something else they’d rather do. Like destroy civil rights legislation…or the right of a 13 year-old rape victim to terminate a pregnancy…or to limit the powers of federal agencies to regulate water, air quality, food and drug safety, etc…and let judges decide.

They did the last one on Friday, and (you can’t make this up) Neil Gorsuch’s opinion had to be revised because he referred to nitrous oxide (a.k.a. laughing gas) five times, when what he meant to refer to was nitrogen oxide (an air pollutant). But sure,  it’s much better for the country to have judges deciding safety issues involving air pollutants, as opposed to actual scientists. In this new Air-a, anyone can be an expert! Here is a write-up of what we know of Gorsuch’s horoscope, first posted in 2017.

Back to the forecast for the week:

  • TUESDAY: Big news from underground may hit the wires in the evening and the wee hours, as Moon meets up with Jupiter at 3:04 AM ET on…
  • WEDNESDAY:..and Mercury opposes Pluto at 3:26 AM ET. A runaway buzz may carry the day, as the Gemini Moon travels without interference until 9:57 PM ET, when the buzz is blocked by Moon’s square to Saturn (symbol of wet blankets and controls). And then…
  • THURSDAY: …more buzz (and an election in the UK), as Moon again runs wild in the cosmic sandbox, with no contact with the other kids until 4:43 PM ET, when Moon squares wet, wiggy Neptune in Pisces. Eight minutes later, it gets wetter still, as Moon enters Cancer, now focused on maintaining home and homeland security — whatever makes you feel nourished. While many in the United States are off for the 4th of July holiday, there’s much action and strategy going on under the radar. We are now at the end of the lunar cycle, and the Cancer Moon is running wild, with no light from the Sun revealing its security-focused agenda. Plus, that cooperative flow between stubborn, militant Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces is humming in the background, exact at 3:02 PM on…
  • FRIDAY. The New Moon in Cancer begins at 6:57 PM ET. Wherever it falls in your horoscope is where you can plant seeds for building and maintaining emotional security. I’ll post the chart with observations later this week, though will note for now that the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it.” The deeper message, according to Sabian sage Blain Bovee, seems to be “relax…don’t worry…be happy.” Maybe because after all the kaka that hit the fan in recent days, it’s not the end of the world?
  • SATURDAY: The pace of this day may feel faster than yesterday. The Cancer Moon’s need for the comforts of home and family are supported by easy input from Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Neptune throughout the day. At 11:55 PM ET, Moon enters Leo, looking for love and honor, preferably on a stage where it can shine. The need for love may be driven to regally-entitled extremes as Moon opposes Pluto at 2:15 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY. The word that gets out later in the day may be less controlling and more accepting than the messages that came in at the end of last week and the start of this one. Moon meets up with Mercury at 4:23 PM ET, followed by a buoyant sextile to Jupiter at 6:18 PM ET. Why? Because on Monday morning, Venus and Uranus will be in an easy connection, and these patterns suggest unconventional alliances and humanitarian endeavors. Mercury and Jupiter will be in a similar pattern (a sextile). So. No sleeping in on Monday.

Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always-in-sync Tarot Card of the Week is The Moon. It reflects the predominance of planets in Water Signs Cancer and Pisces, especially Neptune and its oftern bewildering intangibles.

And now, just one other news item, reflecting dreamy Neptune:

…and this random item about a pair of 90-year-old twins. Their horoscopes are only a few minutes apart, according to the article.

If you’re wondering what Neptune is doing in your horoscope, here’s the 411 on personal consultations.  Astrology is an amazing tool  for understanding why you are the way you are, and why things happen when they do.

Thank you for supporting and sharing this forecast. Thank you for the likes and the comments!  Now that we have a king in the White House, how do you think King Biden should apply his newly-bestowed superpower?

A statue of King George III, in the grounds of the historic Lincoln Castle in the city of Lincoln, UK. As you might imagine, his horoscope is hot hot hot this year…