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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/13/2014 & the Weekend: Venus Opposing Saturn in the News; Mars Square Pluto; RIP Ruby Dee

My, my, my…will the sound of sirens never end? Way more than usual over the past week…

The high-flying Sagittarius Moon is void this morning until 1:04PM ET. Go with the flow of whatever twists you may encounter in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. After the void, the Moon gets into gear in “make it happen” Capricorn, carrying us through most of the weekend. Lunar aspects are light today, but are power-packed tomorrow (Saturday), as Capricorn’s enterprising energy is supercharged by contact with the Uranus-Pluto square, and also aggressive Mars. The dust settles around 9:17PM ET, with a harmonious connection between the Moon and Venus in material security-seeking Taurus. t

Sunday’s only exact aspect is an exuberant challenge to the Capricorn (patriarchal) Moon from jolly Jupiter at 2:35AM ET, on which it goes void until 1:27pm ET. Perfect for dads who want to chill on Father’s Day — not good for buying last-minute gifts for said dads. The rest of the day has a friendly, networking vibe, courtesy of the Moon in Aquarius. No sleeping in on Monday.

And now, the news.

As noted in earlier forecasts, this third square between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn is especially potent. War and guns (downside); great efforts and cars…there are so many headlines about cars this week. A car crashes into CNN headquarters and makes the homepage. We already talked about Uber and the traffic jams irate taxi drivers are creating in Europe. Tesla’s Elon Musk opened up his company’s patents, perhaps hoping to  increase acceptance and usage of electric cars.  And even a headline about a sports match sounds like a crash: “Heat’s Crash Course Can’t Prevent Another Wreck Against the Spurs”.  It’s like the writers at the NYT are influenced by planetary patterns, whether they know it or not. Speaking of sports matches, Mars-Pluto aspects suggest especially intense competition: here’s to the World Cup (and what’s left of the Stanley Cup).

Meanwhile, war and the breakdown of the established order in Iraq is the subject of today’s NYT editorial, FYI. Here’s a piece about the economic benefits of “major wars”. For a piece on ginormous energy resources, here’s the latest video on solar flares. In other news, I’ve noticed that triggers to Pluto and Uranus by other planets seem to reflect more “news from underground” in the headlines. Apparently scientists have discovered an underground ocean three times the size of those on the Earth’s surface. In Venezuela, however, no one is going underground, because there’s a shortage of coffins. Why is this story making headlines now (I ask, rhetorically).

I’m going to ship this to subscribers now — but will add a few more worthwhile headlines reflecting this AM’s Venus-Saturn opposition — check the website within the hour…

…and here we go. Venus opposing Saturn. One of the most compelling stories I found was about an unemployed mother (Venus) of seven who died in jail because she could not pay $2000 in fines accrued because her children skipped school. Saturn refers to debt. Even more compelling is how this story was reported by various papers. Here’s how the Cleveland Plain-Dealer told it, and here is how ThinkProgress told it. Which publication did the best job of covering this story? Which publication actually told the whole story?

If Venus opposing Saturn were a person, this might be its favorite joke:

Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: That’s not funny.

Interesting to see a theater review in the NYT with this headline: Sex, Violence and Power — with a Feminist Slant.  Meanwhile, another heavy note involving a woman in the arts (Venus): actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee passed away. Here is her horoscope; she has a Scorpio Sun conjunct Mercury and Saturn; these three planets are trine Mars in sensitive, vulnerable Pisces. Very heavy indeed and also “enduring,” which is how her career is described in the NYT obituary; she often played “the loyal, worried loved one”.

Ms. Dee’s people-pleasing 25 degree Libra Moon was eclipsed in April; her Pluto at 13 Cancer has been supercharged by the Cardinal Grand Cross. That Libra Moon would be sensitive to social graces, fairness and justice, and her Sagittarius Ascendant would suggest a mask of most righteous opinion.  As noted in the NYT, “in 2005 Ms. Dee received a lifetime achievement award from the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. ‘You can only appreciate freedom,’ she said then, ‘when you find yourself in a position to fight for someone else’s freedom and not worry about your own.'” RIP.

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