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Monday 8/31/2020: Late Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Pisces; A Militant Week in Review

Happy last day of August! We are now officially two-thirds of the way through 2020.

This week features a Full Moon, a mostly well-supported & high-functioning Mercury, a stressed-out Venus and plenty of innovation. What does it all mean? I’ll tell you.

  • MONDAY — is driven by the networking needs of the Moon in Aquarius, traveling without interference until 12:56 AM ET on TUESDAY, when it then goes void. Monday is a good day to be persuasive, dig up dirt and fully examine the details of whatever contract you’re contemplating, courtesy of…
  • TUESDAY — a harmony (trine) between Mercury and Pluto, exact at 6:40 AM ET. By then the Moon will have changed gears, moving into Pisces at 5:34 AM ET. A Pisces Moon seeks to identify and work with ideals and impressions, guided by feeling. And feelings are on the rise today, as the Moon will be exactly full on…
  • WEDNESDAY — at 1:22 AM ET, opposing the discriminating Virgo Sun. Patterns in the Full Moon chart set in Washington DC suggest what we’ll see revealed in the headlines:

The Moon’s next aspect is a cooperative sextile to Uranus, exact at 2:04 AM ET. Can’t we all get along? See things from a different point of view? Innovation and cooperation among different factions is reinforced by a trine (harmony) between Uranus and the Virgo Sun (watch for tech breakthroughs, revolution, aviation and astrology in the headlines), exact at 10:08 AM ET.

Before the Sun-Uranus trine, however, we have a not-so-fast opposition between Venus (women, values, social expression, art) and Saturn (streamlining, authority, patriarchy, controls) at 8:17 AM ET. We anticipate news involving women of steel, fiscal cuts and other disciplined controls, for better or worse. Seeds that were planted around mid-December 2019 may be up for illumination now. If you have a planet around 25 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, you may be feeling the potential chill or squeeze more than most.

But that’s not all. After its opposition to Saturn, Venus will square Mars, exact on Friday. Sparks may fly between the sexes. Note that Venus is in Cancer — focused on home and family security — while Mars (men, action, anger, guns) is all fired up in me-me-me-Aries.

Meanwhile, Mercury (how we need to think) in this Full Moon chart is trining Pluto and Saturn, so we see the potential aforementioned stellar investigative reporting, plus effective communication in matters of power and authority. The Moon rules this DC chart and is in the 9th House. We see a focus on court opinions, publishing, collective belief systems, travel, foreigners.

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are: men seeking illumination” (for the Pisces Moon) and a boy molded in his mother’s aspirations for him” (for the Virgo Sun). A Pisces Full Moon pits the need to believe (in a wet dream?) against the Virgo Sun’s dry matters of fact. How do the Sabian Symbols color this conflict and/or revelation? Bovee seems to suggest in his most excellent book on the subject (Google it) that we should focus on the origins of the path we are following. Are you headed for a destination you have chosen for yourself — or did someone else impose it upon you? Wherever you’re headed, Bovee implies that this is not the time to hold your breath. I interpret this to mean that we must continue to invest in the journey by taking in and letting out. We may pause to consider our course and whether what we’ve planted will bear fruit, but we can’t freeze in anticipation. We can’t just “wait and see.”

I don’t know how these Symbols will play out in the headlines this week, but they will. They always do. Meanwhile, Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week echoes the virtues of taking stock of what has taken root at this time. I think her Seven of Pentacles is an apt reflection of the oppositions of Venus to Jupiter, Saturn and Capricorn — as well as the Full Moon.

Back to…

  • WEDNESDAY: in the aftermath of the Full Moon, cut your losses if you must. Then, go about your business and get it off your desk. The chilly/steely Venus-Saturn opposition weighs in at 8:17 AM ET; the innovation of the Sun-Uranus trine is exact at 10:08 AM ET. Vision gets an expansive lift around 3:48 PM ET as Moon sextiles Jupiter. Seeds for a new vision/dream are planted around 8:10 PM ET, as Moon meets up with Neptune. We can all see the forest for the trees if we wish, suggested by….
  • THURSDAY: …the trine between Mercury and Saturn, exact at 3:22 AM ET, followed by more constructive criticism reflecting the Pisces Moon’s contacts with Saturn and Mercury around 9 AM ET. Vision may be grounded in earthy practicality. Moon goes void at 10:34 AM ET. East Coasters can chill for most of the business day. Go with the flow; don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Moon charges into Aries at 4:22 PM ET, looking for a parade or a crusade. If you’re smart, you’ll get off the streets, because an Aries Moon can be quite the fool, rushing in where angels fear to tread. Get. Off. The. Streets.
  • FRIDAY: Venus squares Mars at 5:13 AM ET. Find a constructive physical outlet for the release of any tension. Aries Moon travels without interference all day, looking to get something started. Communication and mindset demand our attention, as Mercury is at the verrrrry end of Virgo, about to enter Libra (and activate the Aries Point) on…
  • SATURDAY: …at 3:47 PM ET. Mercury in Libra sees both sides in an effort to find balance. It will hang there until September 27th. Meanwhile, the Aries Moon makes its weekly clash with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn throughout the day. Translation: the me-first drive of the Aries Moon is expanded to extremes — and then hit by a streamlining control between roughly 2 PM and 8 PM ET. Adding to the potential assertive focus is a meet-up between the Moon and Mars on…
  • SUNDAY:...at 12:45 AM ET. Moon goes void until 4:43 AM ET. Its ingress into Taurus facilitates efforts to preserve the status quo, material comfort and security. At 3:22 AM ET, Venus leaves Cancer for Leo, placing value on drama and showmanship in matters of social expression.

General notes on the astrology of September:

  • Mars is slowing down, preparing to turn retrograde at 6:23 PM ET on September 9th. We are all advised to slow down, too. When in doubt, sit it out (but don’t hold your breath). The slowdown puts a focus on cars, wars, anger, men, guns — the usual Mars concerns.
  • Jupiter turns direct on September 12th. It’s also slowing down, but preparing to move forward. As it slows down, it puts a focus on matters of expansion, publishing, court opinions, etc — the usual Jupiter concerns.
  • Saturn turns direct on September 29th. As it slows down, it will put a focus on structure, control and authority. What happens on the 29th may recall events around August 24th, when Saturn squared Mars for the first time. This day will be the second Mars-Saturn square; thus the usual Saturn concerns are likely to be especially martial.

Please tell me you are registered to VOTE.

Please tell me you are planning to VOTE EARLY.

Please tell me you have completed the US CENSUS form online.

And now, the news…

…which I wasn’t quite so focused on last week, as I escaped to a breezy beach, far from the madding crowd. Still, I note that what happened was in sync with what was anticipated.

First the Sabian Symbol for the First Quarter Moon suggested paying close attention to the rules of a chess game being broken — remember? In the U.S.,  “Breaking norms” was all over the headlines with respect to the Republican Donald John Trump National Convention, which is a polite (and arguably cowardly) way of saying  “blatantly illegal.

Second, Venus in opposition to Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn and trine retrograde Neptune, suggested wretched excess and reward only to those deemed worthy by a certain undignified elite, colored in deceptive shades of rose. The retrograde status of Jupiter and Neptune suggests a need for a re-think or that there may be a double agenda.

Here’s who wasn’t at last week’s gathering: dozens of former Bush, Romney and McCain stafferswho have now pledged to vote for Joe Biden. Former Assistant Secretary of Counterterrorism and Threat Prevention Elizabeth Neumann — a P45 appointee in the Dept of Homeland Security — wasn’t there, either. She has been making rounds elsewhere — along with one of the most compelling videos on the dangers of a second P45 term. She says she voted for him in 2016 because of his alleged pro-life stance on abortion. That was a deal breaker for her then — but not now.


Avid Readers were warned months ago that when Mars entered Aries and squared Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, all things martial were likely to be on the rise.  That includes hair-trigger tempers and being trigger-happy in general — and here I am thinking of the awful shootings in Kenosha, WI  on the part of 1) police officer Rusten Sheskey and 2) a 17-year old from Illinois who traveled with his illegal AR-15 to Kenosha (to “assist” local law enforcement),  and ended up murdering two people and wounding a third. The president of the United States has just compared Rusten Sheskey’s lethal assault on Jacob Blake to that of a golfer missing a three-foot putt — and earlier today, he defended the 17-year old who has been charged with reckless homicide.

That paragraph was really, really, really hard to write.

Heather Cox Richardson has more on today’s headlines.

In other militant discipline Mars-Saturn news…

Just in time for an illuminating Full Moon (and high-functioning Mercury trine Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto):

  • Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff dishes dirt on Melania— and what it was like to plan the 2017 Inauguration. Fun fact: we learn that Melania is well aware of the impact her fashion choices have on the public — and delights in “driving the liberals crazy.” I guess that explains the Russian military uniform she donned for her speech last Tuesday.
  • UPDATE: Avid Readers may recall that Robert Mueller’s horoscope suggested he was due for yet another wipe-out right about now. A new book claims that Rod Rosenstein blocked Mueller from investigating P45’s personal financial ties to Russia. Oh.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from my forecast posted on May 3, 2019:

UPDATE: Rod Rosenstein resigned this week, effective May 11th. Pluto was alllllmost-but-not-quite sitting on his 23 Capricorn Sun, suggesting a dynamic power play/transformation. Something is being held back. Let’s note that his Sun will be eclipsed on July 19th….and triggered in November (by Mars) and in  January 2020, by transiting Pluto and Saturn. The fat lady has not yet sung.

…and as Pluto is not done with Rosenstein’s Sun…and other planets in his horoscope were eclipsed on the June 21st eclipse, I expect we will be hearing more from him soon.

In other news…we anticipated that last week would be big in finance (including the markets).

Are you registered to vote? Have you requested an absentee ballot — in case you need it? If you vote by absentee ballot, plan to mail it weeks in advance, as Mercury turns retrograde on October 13th.

I may write about actor Chadwick Boseman for my next column in Mountain Astrologer — but here is what we know about his horoscope. His passing at age 43 from colon cancer was a shock — as it was not public knowledge that he was diagnosed four years ago. As a tribute to his brilliant career and legacy, last night ABC aired The Black Panther — commercial free.

Have you noticed that people are now saying “Rest in power” instead of “Rest in peace”? It started this year, after Saturn (death) met up with Pluto (power) in Capricorn. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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Finally, leave it to John Oliver to succinctly recap the highlights of the RNC’s “Full-Throated Denial of Objective Reality” in his latest episode of Last Week Tonight. He addresses the violent incidents in Kenosha, as well as other — more productive — militant efforts taken in response. And here I’m referring to the professional athletes (Mars!) in the NBA, WNBA,  et. al, who went on strike. As a condition of returning to work, the NBA demanded that their sports arenas be used as polling places on Election Day.

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