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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/2/2015: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Another good morning to note your dreams upon waking, as the Sagittarius Moon pushes boundaries under the spell of intuitive Neptune at 8:38AM ET. Yes there is still plenty of pixie-dust in the air — just look at the headlines. Doesn’t Caitlyn Jenner look fabulous? Here’s her horoscope again. Aren’t you glad she’s not spelling her name with a “K”? How freakin’ weird is it that there is another Caitlyn making headlines — in the form of a dog found in South Carolina with her muzzle wrapped shut with black electrical tape? Caitlyn the dog is recovering; her alleged torturer has been arrested. Why are some people so cruel?

A Sagittarius Moon may ramble and gambol, but overall it tends to lift spirits, even when acting upon its need to tell everyone exactly what it thinks about everything.  Such expressions of opinion could be particularly impassioned, given that the Moon will be full at 12:19PM ET…and will oppose provocative Mars in glib Gemini at 6:31PM ET. Ruffled feathers may be smoothed under the influence of an easy connection between the Moon and Jupiter at 9:31PM ET, suggesting righteous good cheer.

If you must ship today or tomorrow, opt for today, as the Moon goes void at 1:59AM ET on Wednesday…not to enter the next sign until 8:50PM ET on Wednesday night.

This Full Moon — which offers enlightenment on the agenda you set on the New Moon on May 18th – has the Sun at 12 Gemini opposed by the Moon at 12 Sagittarius. Shall we focus on our immediate surroundings; the thoughts inside our brains; the immediate family of our biological brothers and sisters (Gemini)? Or shall we place a higher priority on the Really Big Picture; collective belief systems; metaphorical siblings with whom we share a planet, as opposed to a split-level in the ‘burbs (Sagittarius)?

You will feel the illumination of this Full Moon more intensely if you were born around the 2nd of June, September, December and March…or if you have a planet or angle around 12 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo. For insight on what the degrees of this lunation suggest, let’s look at the Sabian Symbols — with the help of Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee.

For the Sun at 12 Gemini: “A topsy saucily asserting herself”. For the Moon at 12 Sagittarius: “A flag that turns into an eagle that crows”. You do know how these Symbols were created, don’t you? Here is the story.

A topsy, as we learn from Blain Bovee’s marvelous book , is a fictional character — a black slave child — in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Under the light of this Full Moon we can expect saucy self-assertion — not just from a female but from any group or individual that no longer wishes to feel oppressed. Caitlyn Jenner does look saucy in her glamorous white bustier, now that she’s free to assert herself as she pleases.

As for the “flag which turns into an eagle….” Bovee notes this is also an assertive Symbol. Only here, it is an  inanimate object  — a “standard bearer” — that takes on a life of its own. Hmm. That is thought-provoking, as we consider how it is manifesting in the headlines. Much of notorious Patriot Act was ditched over the weekend, as Congress now considers legislation to replace it. More on that in a minute. This item just came in: ‘The FBI is Operating a Small Air Force to Spy on Americans”. What will Congress do about that, I ask rhetorically.

Bovee has a lot of interesting things to note, but ultimately advises us to be on the lookout for “an awareness of experiences that defy one’s version of reality….standing up for the flag, for the establishment, or for expressing unsavory elements of the establishment.” Did you hear that the head of the TSA is out, after a test of “security” at dozens of airports found that fake explosives and firearms were successfully smuggled through checkpoints 95% of the time?

Bovee also suggests we be sensitive to “breaking through invisible barriers; defying prejudices” —  plus so much more that as always, I suggest you get his book if you enjoy the Sabian Symbols.

Will hold off on the astrology of the Patriot Act until next time. I have many consultations to prepare today — always a happy problem to have — and Mercury retrograde periods are wonderful times to schedule a review of your life.

One last item in the spirit of Mercury retrograde offering opportunities to REconnect with something or someone from the past: “Medicine’s Hidden Roots in an Ancient Manuscript”. Hmmm. This item led me to investigate the caduceus — a staff carried by the god Hermes/Mercury– which is associated with Western medicine. Turns out those who are making that association are confusing the caduceus with the Rod of Asclepius, which is correctly associated with the Greek god of healing…

Ya learn something every day.