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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/21/2016: Sing Me a Song With Social Significance

Allllll righty then!

I did have a forecast written for yesterday, but much of the news portion was devoured by a WordPress glitch. I threw in the towel and went on to do Other Things of Importance. Here was the forecast for the day (Wednesday):

In the aftermath of last night’s “make it happen” Full Moon in Capricorn, the Moon has now moved on into wonky, who’s yer buddy Aquarius.  Arise, go forth and network.  Disciplined Saturn (business, order, structure)  makes an easy connection with Venus (money, women, art, love, beauty at 9:20AM ET, suggesting a more conservative approach in the management of  resources — and also in choice made in relationships. The Moon cruises without interference during most of the business day. It’s supported by Saturn at 5:34PM ET, suggesting a need to be unique and/or of social service is in flow with prevailing collective opinion. Pitch it earlier rather than later, as this evening the Moon will oppose Mercury and Venus in Leo, suggesting the tide may turn. In other words, regally entitled thoughts and social expression are likely to encounter resistance from those arguing for the greater good.

(which seemed to be an apt reflection of events rumored to have occurred on stage at #RNCinCLE, as Ted Cruz was booed by RNConventioneers when he urged the Free World to “vote their conscience” in November, instead of endorsing their official nominee)

Today, once again the Moon will sail through the day without distraction. It harmonizes with innovative Uranus at 6:54PM ET, encouraging an afternoon of thinking outside the box. Moon goes void at 9:56PM ET on a challenging aspect with Mars, ruthlessly effective in Scorpio. This will set the stage for the grand finale of the Republican Convention. Fireworks or fizzle? Fireworks more likely before; fizzle more likely after the exact time of the Moon’s square to Mars.

During the void,  which lasts until 4:35 AM ET on Friday, we are advised to focus on routine concerns, avoid major purchases and final decisions. Roll with whatever twists and flakes that delay your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing.

And now, the news.

Now you see it, now you don’t. The Trump-Pence logo ridiculed by most of the Free World the minute it launched last Friday vanished without a trace over the weekend. Indiana Governor Mike Pence was formally announced as Trump’s VP pick on Saturday, amid rumors that as late as midnight the night before, Mr. Trump was trying to renege on his offer. We know he has a lot of back-and-forth potential in his horoscope, with the Gemini Sun super-charged by erratic and impulsive Uranus, opposing a foot-in-mouth Sagittarius Moon.  Or as the NYT might say, he’s mercurial. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, in case you didn’t know.

On Saturday, House Speaker Paul Ryan grabbed the spotlight as the “we are family” Sun in Cancer was disrupted by a lightning bolt square from “moment of truth” Uranus in me-me-me Aries, sandwiched in between royally idealistic Mercury-Venus meet-up in Leo. He was  excited to tweet an image of himself posing with the “most number of #CapitolHill interns in a single selfie.”   Speaker Ryan is having his own personal Uranus transit — opposing his people-pleasing, conflict-avoiding Libra Moon. Astrologer Robert Hand writes that this particular transit can have a liberating effect on old needs and behavior patterns that no longer serve — this passage is from his essential book Planets in Transit:

The pressure of circumstances will reveal your unconscious emotional patterns and you will learn to handle your life with fewer habits and inappropriate unconscious behavior patterns.

In case you haven’t heard, Speaker Ryan’s selfie looks like a gathering of the gin and tonic crowd at an exclusive country club in Connecticut.  Certain segments of the rest of the population are glaringly absent, to those who are aware that the world in its entirety looks more like a subway car on the E line at rush hour in Queens. Yesterday, against the apt background of the Moon in “let’s all be appreciated for qualities which make us unique, yet united as a group”Aquarius, Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee posted a selfie with Capitol Hill interns working for Democratic members of the House — and here you can see the two selfies side by side. Which world do you live in?

Lots more to report — but I need to take care of some things before noon. Will either update the news later today or include updates in tomorrow’s forecast — so much I’d love to talk about: Melania, HRC Veep candidates, Turkey, etc., etc. etc. Would be even more delighted to talk about how planetary patterns are at work in your horoscope, so you can more forward with clarity and confidence as you navigate these interesting times. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s today title song, described on YouTube thusly:

This is the song “Sing Me a Song With Social Significance”, sung by Rose Marie Jun, from the 1962 revival cast of Pins and Needles.
Pins and Needles is a Broadway revue, written originally in 1937s. The revue was written, sponsored, and performed by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, who held their union meetings at the Princess theater in New York City.