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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/10/2011: Rick Perry’s Perfect Timing

With apologies for the delay and thanks to those who shared their take on yesterday’s potential without the astro-logical 411. Here’s what you just lived through:

Wednesday at 2:45AM, Moon left zippy Aries for the security-seeking, consolidating, generally peaceful and patient (and sometimes really stubborn) sign of Taurus. If you woke up feeling rather buoyant, you were likely tuning in to the expansive, optimistic influence of Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy, exact at 10:20AM ET. A supportive trine from transformational Pluto at 2:08PM ET likely gave depth and power to whatever you were constructing…and after that….no exact aspects to any planet at all until the Full Moon is exact TODAY at 3:16PM ET.  Since Moon in Taurus likes to keep things as they are, a long period — even several hours’ worth –without exact aspects can feel like we’re in holding pattern…

So what happened to Governor Rick Perry at last night’s debate? Newswires are all abuzz with this priceless gaffe, in which Perry can’t remember the third of three “government agencies (sic)” he’d eliminate if he ran the zoo http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000056443  Well, would you believe that nebulous Neptune, which tends to dissolve whatever it touches, changed direction yesterday at 1:55PM ET. And that Neptune, which rules Perry’s Pisces Sun is currently squaring his Ascendant, suggesting 1) things may not be as they seem; 2) a confusing perspective or appearance. I’m also noting the Sun in Scorpio squaring his Pluto, which rules one of the house related to public outreach, and that Mercury (mind, communication) and Venus (social expression) are hooked up in Perry’s 7th house, in the “foot-in-mouth” sign of Sagittarius. It’s not surprising at all that Perry would pull focus for something he said, and that something would be confusing or bewildering.