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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/3/2012: Jupiter Retrograde; Presidential Debate


Moon is still in Taurus, needing to establish material security and keep things as they are or as they should be. Moon in Taurus does not like change — and it’s good thing planetary patterns are relatively quiet today.

At 2:59AM ET, Venus — which refers to social expression, arts, women and money — left luxurious, regal, drama queen Leo for the pristine, detail-oriented, potentially hypercritical sign of Virgo. What a perfect placement for all those fact checkers at tonight’s 1st debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Facts could get blurry in spite of it all, however, thanks to an exact aspect between Venus and nebulous Neptune at 6:28PM ET. But if you are a dreamer, a healer, a lover or an artist, you may well find the rose-colored vibe inspiring.

There were reports this week that Mitt Romney was “memorizing zingers” in preparation for the debate tonight. Because that is what will make or break this election, folks:  a ten-second sound bite played over and over on media outlets everywhere. And with Jupiter standing dead-still in the middle of information-junkie Gemini (it turns REtrograde at 9:18AM ET Thursday), big verbal pronouncements made now may well have to be REviewed over and over again. In your own personal world, Jupiter retrograde can put a hold on plans for expansion. In Gemini, which refers to mindset, communication and information, it suggests you rely on your own sense of inner knowing to define or confirm your reality, rather than that 10-second soundbite they’re playing incessantly on TV. Seriously.

Jupiter will turn direct on January 29, 2013…why that is just after Inauguration Day in the US — isn’t that interesting?

So. Can we expect Mitt Romney to be zingy tonight? Right now aggressive, action-oriented Mars is at 27 degrees of Scorpio, a sign known more for stings than zings. And this Mars is sitting right on top of Romney’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction at 27 Scorpio, which is verrrry close to the area of the horoscope referring to public projection. I hope Mr. Romney has been at the gym all week, because this pattern suggests a tremendous amount of energy built up for release. It could be a burst of passion…or irritability and/or combativeness.

In Obama’s horoscope, this ornery Mars in Scorpio is sitting close to the top of chart (Midheaven), which refers to his public status. Go ahead, make his day. Note that at the beginning of the debate — 9PM in Denver, CO — Obama’s Moon in Gemini will be exactly aligned with a key angle (the Ascendant) in the chart for that moment in time. Wearing his heart on his sleeve? Projecting an aura of assertive action and passion? That’s what I expect to see, with the same caveat of potential irritability noted in Romney’s horoscope.

Nebulous Neptune is also active in both horoscopes. For Obama, it is close to a square to his Gemini Moon, suggesting either a bewildering or an inspiring experience of his need to be the smartest, most engaging kid in the room.  For Romney it exactly squares his Gemini Ascendant, — reflecting the confusing personal image even fans of Mr. Romney have bemoaned all year long.  Where have we seen this pattern before? Anyone remember Rick Perry’s inability to name what three agencies he would abolish if he became President? That happened when Neptune was exactly challenging his Ascendant, too.

Pass the popcorn, please…and enjoy the show.