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Friday 10/2/2020 & the Weekend: the Astrology of October; Full Moon Fallout

Oh, lordy, lordy, lordy…

As I said to the good folks at The Luminary Agency when they asked for commentary earlier this week on yesterday’s Full Moon:

“This Thursday’s Full Moon may feel especially impassioned…Events that seemed to be going one way may change course, as fire does when the wind suddenly shifts direction.”

Here’s a recap of the forecast for Friday through Sunday:

  • FRIDAY: More Moon in me-me-me-first Aries, made bigger by a square to Jupiter at 10:58 AM ET. Honor and reputation may feel more at stake than usual, as Venus leaves regal Leo for discriminating Virgo at 4:48 PM ET and meets up with Regulus, a fixed star associated with such matters. Venus will be in Virgo until October 27th; hold off on that plastic surgery. In Virgo, Venus seeks perfection, but is inclined to find fault. As it leaves Leo, Venus will cross the 29 Leo Ascendant of P45, suggesting more on his values, money, aesthetics and women in the news — for better or worse. UPDATE: As I wrote this, I wondered how the potential for love and appreciation from others would be reflected by this Venus transit. We now know a big part of it is all the well-wishes he’s received in the wake of his announcement that he’s tested positive for Covid.
  • FRIDAY: note the potential for power plays and emotional catharses in the evening, as Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto at 7:59 PM ET. At 11:57 PM ET, seeds may be planted for a new 28-day cycle of initiative, as Moon meets up with Mars. Could be a volatile Friday night news dump. In your own personal world, remember that nobody’s perfect, no matter what Venus in Virgo might prefer. Chill during the long void, which begins on…
  • SATURDAY: …at 1:47 AM ET on a challenge to Saturn.  Roll with the twists and flakes; catch up on sleep; don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. At 11:12 AM ET the Moon enters Taurus, seeking to preserve the status quo and indulge in sensual delights.
  • SUNDAY: Moon meets up with disruptive Uranus at 6:59 AM ET –– there’s your wake up call. Pluto turns direct at 9:30 AM ET, ending the retrograde that began on April 25th. You are personally affected if you have a planet around 22-23 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer. Confront the dark side; claim your power in whatever area of your horoscope Pluto is currently traveling through. Consult your local astrologer for details.

The rest of October goes like this:

  • Oct 7: Mercury opposes Uranus, suggesting disruptive communication — likely tied to the P45 Administration, as this opposition will activate the Scorpio Moon in the P45 Inauguration chart
  • Oct 9: Mars squares Pluto — ruthless effort; brute force; stamina; all matters of warrior Mars in the extreme
  • Oct 11: Sun squares Jupiter — buoyant & expansive — also involving leaders, for better or worse
  • Oct 12: Third sextile between Jupiter & Neptune suggests matters of faith, healing, idealism. Mercury sextile Venus — more idealism
  • Oct 13: Sun opposes Mars — increases aggression, assertion, courage (let’s hope); all martial matters. Mercury turns retrograde until 11/3 — a time to emphasize slowing down, focus and review — increasing probability of delays.
  • Oct 15: Sun square Pluto — matters of power, corruption exposed re: leaders, resources, oil.
  • Oct 16:  New Moon at 23 Libra — significant for all affected by Saturn and Pluto turning direct
  • Oct 18: Sun square Saturn: cuts, controls, ending, streamlined authority — in matters of leaders. Venus opposes Neptune — brings illumination to all the rose-colored thinking flying around in May, when Venus squared Neptune two times. It was mostly related to the magical thinking that Covid was not much of a threat.
  • Oct 19: Mars squares Jupiter. Last time that happened, a warehouse exploded in Beirut. Big surge of energy. Venus trines Jupiter — optimism and easy flow for discerning Powers That Be. Second of three oppositions between Mercury and Uranus — with Mercury now retrograde.
  • Oct 21: Venus trines Pluto
  • Oct 22: Sun leaves Libra for Scorpio— triggers the Autumnal Equinox chart for the U.S. Maybe news involving leadership.
  • Oct 24: Venus trine Saturn. All week money, women, values and social expression will be seeking to stabilize
  • Oct 25: Sun conjunct Mercury — idealism
  • Oct 27: Venus and Mercury enter Libra. Mercury will activate the U.S. Autumnal Equinox chart, suggesting significant investigations come to light. When that happened last week, the NYT published its findings on P45’s taxes. Venus will demand attention at the Aries Point — suggesting prominent news involving women, money, values and social expression. Venus functions well in Libra, one of the signs it rules.
  • Oct 31: Full Moon  in Taurus conjunct Uranus; Sun opposes Uranus — looks like an October Surprise, with the Scorpio Sun on the Scorpio Moon of the P45 Inauguration chart.
  • Nov 1: Mercury square Saturn today; Mercury turns direct on the 3rd, then squares Saturn again on the 6th. Sounds sobering.

Basically what we have here is a month-long version of what’s been happening on days when the Moon is in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. When the Moon is in these signs, it is challenged by the heavy planets in Aries (Mars) and Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto). In October, the Sun is in Libra. In July, the Sun was mostly in Cancer. Got that?

Use this weekend’s Taurus Moon to fulfill your need for material comfort and security, regardless of how wild the headlines will be. Snuggle with your sweetie, enjoy some food, wine and music. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

No sleeping in on Monday, as the Taurus Moon will still be working on preserving the status quo and will not go void until the afternoon.

To find out how all the October Surprises are likely to manifest in your horoscope, here’s the 411 on consultations. If you’d like me to talk about astrology in a Zoom gathering of co-workers or members of your social club, do reach out. I’m psyched to report that I’ll be working on five —  count ’em — five presentations this month — which makes me very happy indeed.

Or perhaps you just really enjoy these weekly forecasts and would like to let me know how much they are of value to you. In that case, Avid Reader Diane suggests you become a Faithful Monthly Subscriber. I promise you I will savor the glass of cabernet your monthly dose of appreciation will provide. But if that level of commitment terrifies you, a Joyful Random Expression of Appreciation will also make me feel totally loved — and I’ll apply your contribution to the Cosmic Tip Jar to the last ream of paper I bought from Staples, with gratitude.

And now, the news.

Last week, we had Saturn and Pluto at virtual standstills in Capricorn, suggesting the sound of a blaring horn in matters of authority, power, gas/oil, advance, structure, extremes and/or controls. Retrograde Mars was either fuming in warrior Aries, or behaving recklessly and still managing to slam itself into a brick wall, symbolized by Tuesday’s exact Mars-Saturn square. Cuts, squeezes and losses were expected. That square is the second of three in a series; the first was on August 24th; the third will be  on January 13th. True, there was also a harmony between Venus (women) in drama queen Leo and Mars (desire; crusade) in Aries, arguably reflected by a new PSA for Get Your Booty to the Poll, presented by a group of strippers from Atlanta.

Until 1 AM ET today, stories reflecting these brick walls included:

  • Tuesday’s “debate” between P45 and Joe Biden was a train wreck in which P45 played the role of battering ram Mars retrograde, with his own personal “get away with murder” Mars in Leo conjunct Leo Ascendant spin. He trampled, bullied and lied his way through 90 minutes, breaking rules of engagement left and right.  Here’s Stephen Colbert with  a live recap after all was said and done.
  • Chrissy Teigen suffered a miscarriage, sharing the sad news of the loss on Twitter.
  • An unidentified juror asked that recordings of the grand jury proceedings in the matter of Breonna Taylor  be made public. It seems there is concern that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron may not have presented the jurors with the full range of charges that might have been brought against the police officers who broke down her apartment door with a battering ram and took her life. With Cameron’s natal Mars at 16 Libra, we’ll want to watch for a possible intense attack or conflict between the end of October all through November, as transiting Mars will be around 16 Aries (opposing Cameron’s Mars) for much of that time.
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott  is restricting drop-boxes for absentee ballots to one box per county
  • SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett did not disclose that she once publicly called for an end to the “barbaric” Roe v. Wade in 2006  in her multipage SCOTUS application.
  • Actor Rick Moranis was “clocked in the head” by an unknown assailant on Thursday morning. Transiting Mars is currently opposing Moranis’s natal Saturn (!)

In the wake of Thursday’s Full Moon, exact in Aries at 2:05 PM ET, headlines were off the charts — and lordy, there were tapes:

  • Jane “Dark Money” Mayer’s story about the lurid and scandalous circumstances surrounding Kimberly Guilfoyle‘s 2018 departure from Fox was one I’d been waiting for all year — given Guilfoyle’s  horoscope. Sun in Pisces; Moon in opinionated Sag (like her b.f.’s father — but also exactly conjunct combative Mars); Scorpio rising. Transiting Neptune is on her Sun — she could be caught up in a dream, a fog or a scandal this year and  next. Her 12 degree Scorpio Ascendant is ripe for a break-up or a break-out in the summer of 2021. What’s particularly striking is her Venus and Saturn at 25 and 23 Aries, currently under the anguished squeeze of squares from transiting Saturn and Pluto. You know who else has a similar Venus-Saturn pattern? Her boyfriend’s father, who — as Avid Readers know — has Venus and Saturn at 25 and 23 Cancer, now ALSO under the anguished squeeze of transiting Saturn and Pluto. 2020 simply had to be a tough year for Ms. Guilfoyle, as it simply had to be one for her b.f.’s father, P45.
  • As for tapes, they were played on Anderson Cooper last night — and all over Twitter — courtesy of Melania Trump’s former BFF Stephanie Winston Wolstoff. The First Lady’s foul feelings gave new meaning to the words “Blue Christmas” — and it was impossible to imagine how these audio tapes wouldn’t be playing non-stop through the weekend. That was around 9 PM last night. So much for the power of imagination. By 1 AM ET Friday, the tapes were blown off the media landscape by an announcement via Twitter…

…that P45 and the First Lady have tested positive for Covid. And as of today, so have Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, Hope Hicks and the president of Notre Dame, who all attended last week’s mask-free SCOTUS nomination, along with hundreds of mask-less others. Thus we are likely to hear of more cases in the coming days.

Hope Hicks has been on my mind since the Summer Solstice, as her 0 degree Aries Mars was eclipsed at that time, and was triggered by last week’s Equinox. Her Sun at 28 Libra is under pressure from transiting Saturn over the next few weeks, joined by Jupiter in December. Saturn-Sun patterns can suggest a potential health concern.

The announcement of P45’s diagnosis was tweeted at 12:54 AM ET in Washington D.C. What’s striking about the chart are the similarities it has to his 2020 solar return. In both charts we see a cluster of heavy planets on the Descendant, which can alert us to a potential health concern during that particular journey around the Sun.

As of this writing, Marine One has been on the South Lawn of the White House for an hour, waiting to fly P45 to Walter Reed Hospital, where he will remain for at least a few days.

In other news, President Jimmy Carter celebrated his 96th birthday yesterday.

Meanwhile, SNL writers must be scrambling to rewrite sketches for tomorrow night’s season premiere. Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden. Maya Rudolph will once again portray Kamala Harris. Carrey’s Sun is at 26 Capricorn; Saturn is several weeks away from its third and final conjunction to his Sun, as well as its one and only hit of his second Saturn return. These patterns suggest gravitas — aptly reflected by the role he’s now taken on — and the circumstances surrounding it. Here is Carrey’s horoscope.

I wish you a peaceful Moon in Taurus weekend — i.e., comfort and joy. Count your blessings, because counting one’s blessings is empowering. You instantly become a “have,” not a “have-not.” A weekend driven by Moon in Taurus understands.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Pluto says hi. Resistance is futile.