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Monday 7/9/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Big Thoughts; Power Plays; New Moon/Eclipse

Good Morning!

The Moon continues in Taurus, seeking to build material comfort and security. The only aspect to the Moon is a challenge from Venus at 12:10 PM ET, suggesting a potential self-indulgent clash involving values and social expression. You could take an early lunch or Moon-void coffee break  between 12:10 PM ET and 12:58 PM ET. By then, Moon will be in chatty Gemini, looking for a good story. Given that the day began with a challenging square between Mercury (how we need to think ) and Jupiter (expansion), we shouldn’t have to look too far.

We are in the dark side of the Moon, getting ready to begin a new cycle. The closer we get to Thursday, the more listless and/or restless we may feel, sensing that something new is around the corner, though we don’t know what. Wrap up projects that were started on the last New Moon if you can. Consider your intentions for the next New Moon, exact on THURSDAY at 10:48 PM ET. This New Moon is also an eclipse and it is quite potent. Details below — with more later this week.

Here are the notable planetary patterns:

  • MONDAY — Venus leaves Leo for Virgo, desperately seeking perfection until August 7th; it is triggering the Big Fat Total Eclipse we had last August 21st. If your horoscope was affected by the eclipse, it is affected by Venus today.
  • TUESDAY  — Jupiter, planet of reward, expansion and indulgence, turns direct at 1:04 PM ET at 13 degrees of Scorpio. If you have a planet around 13 degrees of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo, you are especially affected. Why? Because Jupiter has been sitting on that degree since the summer solstice, and will continue to sit on it for the rest of the month.  What’s expanding in your life these days?  If you’re former uber-conservative Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (MD, R-TN; 2/22/1952 in Nashville TN), with Mars at 13 Scorpio, you might find yourself needing to take a moral stand with a surprising op-ed in WaPo entitled “The Senate I led put country over party. This one must do the same for Robert Mueller.”  This surprising social expression would be motivated by transiting Uranus squaring your Venus at 1 Aquarius.
  • Jupiter keywords include: collective belief systems, such as higher education, religion, political philosophies and the media; optimism, benevolence, inflation, bombast. Whereas Saturn restricts, Jupiter expands, for better or for worse — and this year’s expansion continues in Scorpio until November 8th. As you know, Scorpio demands substance, depth and control. Airy-fairy Libra theories of fairness and balance need not apply. Scorpio keywords include: debt, sexual/procreative energy, regeneration. Look for continued focus in these areas as Jupiter gets back up to speed. In a natal chart, Jupiter in Scorpio suggests a need to have a mission in life — zealously, perhaps.
  • WEDNESDAY —  Venus trines Uranus, favoring unconventional attractions and perhaps an innovative spin in matters of money, women and aesthetics.
  • We’ll likely feel and see in the headlines the tension building to THURSDAY’s opposition between the Sun and Pluto. Major power plays behind the scenes, likely featuring heads of state.   Sun-Pluto aspects also suggest news from underground, and the involvement of Pluto with this New Moon/Eclipse at 20 Cancer suggests more than the usual outing of secrets generally associated with an eclipse. You are more personally affected if you have a planet or angle around 20 degrees of Capricorn, Libra, Aries and especially Cancer. Off the top of my head, public figures affected include Jared Kushner (Sun at 20 Cap), FCC Big Head Ajit Pai (Sun-Jupiter at 20 Cap), Richard Simmons (Sun at 20 Cancer), Queen Elizabeth (21 Cap ASC; 20 Cancer North Node), Patrick Stewart (Sun at 20 Cancer), Gerald Ford (Sun at 21 Cancer — doesn’t matter if he’s dead — plus, transiting Jupiter is sitting exactly opposite his 13 Taurus Ascendant).
  • SATURDAY — Venus trines Saturn, suggesting grounded/sobering/serious news about women, money, arts and social expression.

Moon voids for the week, other than today’s 20 minutes coffee break: TUESDAY 4:01 PM ET until 1:59 PM ET on WEDNESDAY; THURSDAY 10:48 PM ET until 1:31 PM ET on FRIDAY; SATURDAY 7:12 PM ET until SUNDAY 1:31 PM ET.

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And now, the news.

UPDATE: P45’s horoscope is in a curious lull.  There are very few hard aspects — conjunctions, squares and oppositions — happening among the planets, except from the Moon. Sure, we can expect more than the usual bombast on Monday, with transiting Sun squaring expansive Jupiter in the afternoon, around the time he says he’ll have made up his mind about his next SCOTUS pick. He’ll have transiting Venus conjunct his Ascendant when he goes on the TeeVee to announce that pick at 9 PM ET, and this may sweeten the deal. Tuesday he flies across the Pond, stopping first in Brussels to intimidate our NATO allies, but the next charged aspect in his horoscope doesn’t happen until he meets his match — Vladimir Putin — in Helsinki on the 16th. On that day, transiting Sun meets up with his natal Saturn, which — according to Robert Hand’s essential tome, Planets in Transit — suggests

“tending to tasks you may not want to do but must in order to fulfill obligations to others…what you accomplish today may have more lasting significance than could be accomplished under any other energy. Professional advancement may come under this transit…(it) often brings new responsibilities or reminds you of unfinished matters from the past that have to be finished now.”

What all of that means may not be immediately known, as apparently no other American will be in the room to listen in on the conversation.

Meanwhile, P45 is scheduled to visit the Queen on Friday the 13th. Apt?   Perhaps for Her Majesty. Transiting Saturn will exactly square the Queen’s Mercury (how we need to think) around 4 AM BST on SATURDAY. Saturn in hard aspect to Mercury, suggesting a need for mental focus and heavy thoughts. Gravitas, indeed.

In other news…

There are four candidates being bandied about as possible SCOTUS contenders: judges Raymond Kethledge, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and Thomas Hardiman. We don’t have birth times for any of them, but of the lot, Hardiman’s horoscope has the most visible action, followed by Barrett, Kavenaugh and Kethledge. But again — no birth times — so we can’t completely assess potential. While not as obviously active, Kethledge’s horoscope has interesting synastry with P45’s.


Reflecting the “big ideas/communication” potential of Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter square, mixed in with the “news from underground” of the Sun’s face-off with Pluto: “A journalist’s conscience leads her to reveal her source to the FBI. Here’s why.”  Fascinating.


Extreme weather. Between last Thursday and Sunday we had a Grand Trine among the Sun, Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (floods), a pattern suggesting excess. Record rainfall in Japan has caused severe flooding, landslides and mass evacuations. Scores have died. I wondered about a possible connection between planetary patterns and Japan, and ran a chart for Friday’s Third Quarter Moon, set in Tokyo: 4:51 PM JST 7/6/2018. There is a connection! I could not help but notice the difficult relationship among Neptune and the angles of the chart, as well as the positions of the Sun and the Moon. Perhaps an Avid Reader in Japan will want to comment on it….and take a look at the chart for the June 28th Full Moon chart set in Tokyo, too. Arigato gozaimasu!


U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials   Just read it. Because this is who we are right now — at least officially, in the world arena.  Yet another manifestation of the P45 inaugural chart, yes? In other news, as of June 26 there are 116 women who are not incumbents who are on the ballots for the November 6, 2018 midterms elections. Thanks to WaPo for putting them all together hereAre you registered to vote??? Register today — and re-register if you have moved since the last time you voted –– or if you have not voted in a while (because in some states, including New York, it’s “use it or lose it.” )

Thank you for reading this forecast.

If you enjoy reading these forecasts, as much as I enjoy writing them, I invite you to support the work by making a contribution to my Cosmic Tip Jar. Thank you for your appreciation!

For more valuable insights on why you are the way you are, and what opportunities are up for you in the immediate future, book a personal consultation. If it’s been over a year since your last consultation, you’re due for a check-up.