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Saturday & Sunday 3/2/2019: Venus Square Uranus in the News; O Canada!

Allll- righty then!

Started writing this on Thursday — there’s just so much to cover — here’s the recap of the forecast, and the latest news:

  • THURSDAY — after a Moon void of less than an hour, Moon enters Capricorn, looking to translate high-flying opinions into concrete accomplishments. Time to take care of business for the next couple of days, assisted by a proactive Moon making supportive contacts with Uranus (innovation), Mars (action) and the Sun. What could go wrong?
  • FRIDAY — what could go “wrong” — if only in a surprising or unconventional expression, is a potential disruption in social expression and values. This is suggested by a tense pattern between Venus and rebel Uranus, exact at 7:31 AM ET. This is not a “bad” pattern; it merely suggests that what will pull our focus includes unconventional attractions and rebellious expressions — most notably in matters related to women, money, art and technology. It’s in effect all week. At 11:45 AM ET, Venus leaves social-climbing Capricorn for “who’s yer buddy” Aquarius. Social expression becomes less strategic, more inclusive — until March 27th. If you’re an Aquarius, your Ismay see a spike over the next few weeks. Huzzah. The rest of the day on Friday includes a sobering meet-up between the Moon and Saturn at 1:23 PM ET, followed by the Moon’s weekly emotional power play/catharsis as it meets up with Pluto at 10:48 PM ET. Another interesting late afternoon news dump…
  • SATURDAY — Moon enters Aquarius at 2:06 PM ET, after a 20 minute void — no biggies. Moon squares Uranus at 1:47 PM ET, delivering a potential flash of recognition or shock to the system. A friendly meet-up between Venus and the Moon at 5:03 PM ET sets the mood for your Saturday night date.
  • SUNDAY —  notable only for a clash between Moon and Mars at 1:54 PM ET, possibly reflecting a clash of wills. You are free to shop all weekend — unless you’re shopping for electronics and other mechanical devices. That’s because Mercury will turn retrograde next TUESDAY, MARCH 5TH at 1:19 PM ET, as any Avid Reader who ordered my Really Useful Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Bookmark will know (yes, I still have plenty available — email me for details). BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS AND GIZMOS NOW. Mercury will be retrograde until March 28th.

And now, the news.

Reflecting the disruptive — dare I say shocking potential of the tension between Venus (social expression, women, art, money, values, diplomacy) and Uranus:

The potential for idealism can be seen in the horoscope. So is the potential for artistic genius.


I thought about idealism while watching Michael Cohen being questioned by assorted Congresspersons on Wednesday. As noted in a prior post, Mr. Cohen’s horoscope — even with an earthy Virgo Sun and possible earthy Capricorn Moon — suggests a potential for thoughts and communication that may be less than realistic (birth data: August 25, 1966 in Lawrence, NY — time unknown).  Like his former employer, he has a challenging pattern between Mercury (how he needs to think) and Neptune (vision and/or fog).

Here is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demonstrating how an Aries Moon, supported by an innovative pattern among Mercury, Saturn (discipline; authority),  Uranus (genius) and Neptune (vision) can make a bold impact. She did not waste a second of her allotted five minutes, asking incisive questions designed to initiate (Aries needs to get things started) a deeper investigation into POTUS’s taxes.

Here is Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, delivering must-see remarks at the end of the day-long hearing. As noted in a post from 2015, Rep. Cummings’s horoscope suggests a hard-nosed mindset, with patterns shared by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. While not likely to be fuzzy-headed or overly idealistic, his horoscope does suggest considerable empathy and compassion (Jupiter in Pisces in contact with his Capricorn Mercury and possibly his Gemini Moon). Birth data: January 18, 1951 in Baltimore — time unknown. Patterns among the Pluto, Uranus and the Sun suggest continued empowerment and independence in 2019 — especially in mid-April and mid-June, but definitely in effect now.

Meanwhile, in Canada…

Justin Trudeau is arguably having a horrible year so far — here’s a piece that explains the scandal on his plate. Looking at his horoscope, we can appreciate the focused squeeze he’s under, with transiting karma cop Saturn squaring his me-me-me Aries Moon three times in 2019 — just like Bibi Netanyahu.  The first hit was Feb 23rd; the second and third are scheduled for July 8th and November 23rd. Saturn is also squaring Trudeau’s natal Uranus, putting a control on matters of freedom and innovation, especially with respect to cooperation and colleagues. Adding to the potential for upsets/revelations: transiting Uranus (surprises and innovations, for better or worse) challenging Venus, the ruler of his Midheaven (career status). Exact dates: May 9th, November 23rd and early 2020. Offering a measure of potential protection: transiting Jupiter returning to its place in his natal chart, with three exact hits this year (Feb 22, May 29 and Oct 19th) before meeting up with his Capricorn Sun on December 18th. The next federal election will be held in Canada…by October 19th. Could be lucky for him.

UPDATE: on POTUS. When Jupiter is active in the horoscope, it suggests expansion, for better or worse. Could be expansion of a tumor or ego to the point of overconfidence and braggadocio (downside potential), or could be just plain luck (upside potential). As you know, transiting Jupiter is making the first of a series of three hits to his Sag Moon (the need to have his opinion respected), his Gemini Sun (the energy for diverse, intense and entertaining communication) and his Sun/Moon midpoint (a key measurement is assessing the state of one’s potential in relationships).

Today, Jupiter is exactly square the latter, suggesting a time of considerable support. How apt that he’s speaking among friends today, at the annual CPAC conference (presented by the American Conservative Union).  How apt that he delivered his address on today’s disruptive clash between the Moon and Uranus, exact at 1:47 PM ET. If you watch the address, you’ll see why that’s apt. Astrology is amazing. The first range of Jupiter transits is happening between February 19th and March 11th; the second occurs between May 11th and May 31st; the third happens between October 17 – 30th. These are periods where we can anticipate expansive expression and action.

Meanwhile, other patterns suggesting streamlining, controls and breakdowns are also operating, but they involve slower-moving planets. Patterns involving slow-moving planets evolve over a period of years, not days. And here I would be thinking of transiting Pluto, planet of breakdown and empowerment almost-exactly-but-not-quite opposing Saturn (structure, karma, authority, control). I’d argue that this pattern is reflected in the intense power squeeze he now faces, with Democrats now in charge of the House. But Pluto will turn retrograde on April 25th, suggesting a likely lessening of the pressure for several months. The first exact hit does not happen until early 2020.

Finally, a shocking truth  (Uranus) about an American aesthetic choice (Venus): “Wiped out: how America’s love of luxury toilet paper is destroying Canadian forests.”   The article names some of the most destructive brands, meaning I’ll be returning the 30 rolls I bought at Costco last weekend, accompanied by a copy of that article. Did you know that toilet paper is Costco’s best-selling product?  Let’s do our part  to save Canada!

Thank you for reading this forecast. If you find it valuable, please know that contributions to my Cosmic Tip Jar are always appreciated.  To find out what’s going on in your horoscope, why not schedule a personal consultation? If you’ve got an expansive Jupiter period coming up — or a challenging Pluto-Saturn squeeze, you can use this knowledge to prepare. In knowledge there is power…