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Friday 2/16/2024 & the Weekend: Alexei Navalny, RIP; Venus-Mars-Pluto in the News

As I said in Monday’s forecast, this is a significant week on the world stage because the meet-ups (conjunctions) among Venus, Mars, and Pluto are activating the December 21, 2020 Great Mutation of Jupiter-Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius –– the start of the New Age of Air (after 200 years of Earth). Translation: those who seek to rule the world are moving away from the paradigm of EARTH (i.e., whoever mines the earth or dies with the most toys, wins). Now the battlefield is in the AIR — e.g., whoever controls networks, data, airwaves, airspace, and how people think (as in, controlling what people can read or are taught in school), wins.

On Wednesday, for example, we had the conjunction between Mars (action; aggression) and Pluto (extremes; resistance is futile).  Moon was in Taurus seeking to preserve the status quo and perhaps keep calm and carry on. This need was sorely challenged around 11:22 AM ET and 11:56 AM ET, when Moon squared Pluto and Mars. Sounds like a potential fight over territory — whatever is seen as mine, mine, mine…driven to extremes. Meanwhile, Venus is following in Mars’ footsteps, adding extremes of emotion to the mix — especially if women, art, money and social expression are involved. Oh, and let’s not forget the weekend’s square between Mercury and Uranus — shocking revelations to come, for sure.

And in fact, headlines this week have been brutal:

In other awful, brutal news:

“Western leaders point the finger at Putin after Alexei Navalny’s death in prison.” I’ve been writing about Navalny for several years — here’s a profile in Mountain Astrologer. Since 2023, transiting Pluto has been opposing his Saturn, and the third of five hits happened in mid-January, around the time of his transfer to a remote penal colony above the Arctic Circle. Some of his lawyers have been arrested on bogus charges. The Pluto-Saturn pattern continues through 2024.

Meanwhile, transiting Neptune connects with all the angles of his horoscope into 2025. This is a potential wipe-out, but it may well make him even more of an inspiration. Navalny left the world a video in the event of his demise — here it is. Since the horoscope lives forever, I’m looking forward to the time when his horoscope will be in a rewarding, potentially joyous period. Mark my words — and I’m marking my calendar. Rest in power, Mr. Navalny.

In other news…

Venus-Mars-Pluto can’t help but “coincide” with salacious headlines:

UPDATE: on Jon Stewart, whose life is perfectly reflecting patterns in his horoscope, even though he’s publicly stated that he thinks astrology is bunk.  Check out what was written about him back in 2015. Transiting Saturn was all over his horoscope, and thus we expected him to be wrestling with themes of loss, gravitas and ambition. He left The Daily Show — to no serious astrologer’s surprise,. In 2023, transiting Saturn was all over his horoscope again — and his superb show on Apple TV was canceled. Now he’s returned to The Daily Show — but only on Mondays. Ratings were through the roof on his first night back, but many critics didn’t think he was funny — and we’ll see how many return for a second dose. Meanwhile, transiting Uranus is squaring his Mars — which may spark recklessness — and this pattern is exact on March 25 — the date of the next eclipse.

UPDATE: on Donald John Trump. A pattern exact on February 21 that suggests expansion in matters of power and resources. I was puzzled by this initially because in two New York court cases (E. Jean Carroll’s and Letitia James’), he’s on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars — not exactly what you’d call an expansion. Well, guess what? As Ronna Romney McDaniel is presumably on her way out as head of the Republican National Committee, DJT is pushing for election-denier Michael Whatley and Lara Trump (Eric’s wife) to replace McDaniel.  Lara has pledged to spend every penny of the RNC’s money on DJT’s presidential campaign (legal fees, perhaps?), and if getting direct access to the RNC piggybank happens around February 21, that would qualify as an expansion of power and resources, yes?

Other dates to watch for DJT through the end of March:

  • February 26 (and a few days earlier) for matters involving aggression, assertion in courts and foreign affairs;
  • March 15 (and a few days earlier) through March 22nd (more of the same).


Here’s a sweetly sentimental story that aptly reflect the Venus-Neptune sextile.

Finally, Neptune refers to sleep, dreams, and memory — and here’s how lack of sleep — even for one night — affects our ability to remember.

Hope this astro-logic helps you cope with current planetary patterns. To find out what they all mean for your unique horoscope, here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

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People put their hands to the cold frosted wall to leave prints in support of Alexei Navalny in the centre of Moscow during a political rally against his arrest on January 23, 2021.