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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/13/2016 & the Following Week: A Clown Car of News


A rip roarin’ Leo Moon went void at 1:02PM ET. Moon has been in Leo since  5:32PM ET on Wednesday, driving the past two days with its need to seize the stage and issue regal edicts (a potential downside), or (upside) shower the people it loves with love, facilitating all creative and playful spirits. Cue James Taylor now, please.

Wasn’t that a warm and fuzzy serenade, deeply felt — if a tad idealistic? Today at 3:11PM ET, mental Mercury meets up with Venus in sensual Taurus — an obvious potential for idealism in a horoscope. The depth is suggested by Pluto’s alignment with Mercury and Venus — exact late last night for the former and at 10:18PM ET for the latter. That depth might also include a truckload of dirt revealed, as Pluto does refer to news from underground.

Today’s Moon void happened on a stubborn square to the Taurus Sun. Re-read the first two paragraphs of this forecast and you’ll appreciate this item that just hit the NYT:  “Offer of Free Hugs Turns Violent in Times Square.” Also known as the First Quarter Moon, the square suggests a challenge to the agenda you set on last Friday’s New Moon in Taurus. Your marching orders were to review past progress and FOCUS energy on how you can make your dreams of material comfort and security a reality. How’s that going? Are you reconnecting and reorganizing, while still finding time for Mercury retrograde relaxation and recreation? Yes, I know there have been some outrageous distractions and frustrations — suggested by Mars (action) and Saturn (ambition; control) both retrograde in Sagittarius. Righteous fiery opinions are a Sagittarian trademark, often pushing the boundaries of good taste. I’ll list a few in a moment.

But as you’re reading this now, the Moon being void of course until 1:52AM ET Saturday suggests an opportunity to chill. If a regal drama ties you to your desk this afternoon, roll with its twists and know that crises which crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing.  If you are new to the forecast and do not understand the term “void of course Moon,” look here. If you can skip out early on this Friday, go for it.

Saturday is driven by the organizational excellence of the Moon in Virgo. It’s a perfect weekend for making things right. Clean out your closets and files. A tense aspect between the Moon and Mars at 10:28AM ET can give you a needed push — better than finding fault (Virgo Moon) with someone’s slapdash action (Mars in Sag). Put your own house in order.  The Virgo Moon gathers steam all through Sunday, giving you an opportunity for success.

On Monday, you can be forgiven for sleeping in, as the Virgo Moon will be void from 5:20AM ET until 1:33PM ET. After that, the energy of the day is driven by Moon in Libra, seeking balance and harmony in social graces and relationships. Tuesday is smooth sailing, except for the pitfalls of retrograde Mercury and Mars messing with your mind and computers.  That, and the background noise of a reality-bending T-square among Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. On Wednesday, the Libra Moon goes void at 11:23AM ET on a potential jolt from Uranus, disruptor of the status quo — not so smooth. Moon will be void until 2:30AM ET on THURSDAY.

There are no exact aspects among the planets on Thursday. Moon will be in Scorpio, seeking to be of depth and substance in its plans for world domination. A need for control — building in emotional intensity — carries into Friday,when the Sun enters Gemini at 10:37AM ET. On Saturday, after a Moon void from 7:40AM – 2:48AM ET, the Moon waxes to its fullness in rowdy, randy Sagittarius at 5:14PM ET. This Full Moon may be especially provocative, as action hero/warrior Mars is heavily involved, conjoining the Moon and opposing the Sun.  This spark will likely be reflected in the lives of some people whose horoscopes were hot in early to mid-March.

Mercury turns direct on Sunday, May 22th at 9:20AM ET.

I’m telling you this now because I am officially declaring a week off from writing this forecast – unless something happens in the news that requires commentary. I need a mental break from the information flow. There are other things I need to write that will help me expand my reach and perhaps increase my material comfort and security. I will still be available for personal consultations next week, and I would love love love to help you understand why you are the way you are, why things are happening now, and what opportunities are likely to arise in the future so you can duly seize the day. Here’s how to make that discussion happen.

And now, the news.

Mercury retrograde. Why else would 3000 bags be stranded as a result of a  TSA computer glitch at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport? Or this footage of the insanely long security lines at Chicago’s Midway Airport be going viral?  Why would Delta text me a boarding pass for a flight to BOS from LGA that wasn’t mine? I hadn’t even bought a ticket! Should I?  And why else would 40,000 homes in Seattle lose power thanks to the efforts of a hapless raccoon? I feel very, very sorry for that raccoon.

Then there’s the confusion in Brazil. First they were going to impeach President Dilma Rousseff –– then they weren’t — then they did. She’s out. Dear Avid Readers, what action do you think we’d see in her horoscope that might reflect this upset in her life? Perhaps Uranus — and yes, in this (unconfirmed birth time) horoscope we do see transiting Uranus hitting the Midheaven, suggesting an upset in status/career. Maybe a bit of aggressive/attacking Mars, too…as we see transiting Mars about to exactly square her natal 3 Virgo Mars for the second time since March. Or ruthless Pluto exactly conjunct her Venus, suggesting extremes and power plays in social expression? Or how about transiting Saturn imposing its control? She’ll have second hits of Saturn’s heavy meet-up with her Mercury (mind) and Jupiter this summer; transiting Saturn squeezes her Sun at the end of December.

FYI: transiting Saturn will oppose Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun and conjoin his Sagittarius Moon at the end of December, too. We can anticipate a hard-hitting control…or an ambitious advance. Still too soon to call — at least for this astrologer.

Mars retrograde in Sagittarius. Aggressively pushing boundaries. Today’s poster child would be George Zimmerman, who infamously took the life of  Trayvon Martin and got away with it. This week, transiting Mars met up with Zimmerman’s wildly speculative (and unfortunately  — for the rest of humankind — all too fortunate) natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Seriously, there can be no pie higher than Jupiter and Uranus in Sagittarius. Triggered — literally — by transiting Mars, which will soon square his natal Mars at 3 Virgo and his Venus at 29 Leo (at the end of the month),  Zimmerman put the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin up for public auction, advertising it as” a piece (pun perhaps not obviously intended) of American history.” One can only hope that his Mars retrograde action will backfire when Mars turns direct. Let’s keep an eye on August.

In another fascinating synchronicity with Mars, let the record show that back in March, the NYT ran an extensive profile on Anthony Peter Senecal, who was Donald Trump’s personal butler for many years. He now gives tours of Trump’s estate in Florida as its “unofficial historian.” In the interview, Mr. Senecal came across pretty much as expected, so I did not bother to link it here. When the article ran on March 15, Mars was at 3 Virgo. Mars is now back at 4 Virgo — and will hit 3 Virgo on May 16th. Yesterday Mother Jones dug deeper than the NYT and published Mr. Senecal’s Facebook rants, calling for the death of President Obama. The Secret Service is now investigating. Transiting Mars will be back at 3 Virgo on August 10th. Let’s see what happens.

Here’s a fun piece from Monday, when Venus (women, beauty) in Taurus (long-lasting) was in a lovely alignment with Neptune (fantasy, illusion): “Second Skin May Reduce Eyebags, Wrinkles, Scientists Say.”   Also long-lasting and beautiful, but ready to transition — suggested by today’s Venus-Pluto alignment — is Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world’s oldest living person — until she passed away this week in Brooklyn. RIP. What was her secret?

Reflecting the materially abundant, earthly pleasures and self-sufficiency of this week’s ongoing Grand Earth Trine, let the record show that a New Jersey woman with seven children has just won the 6th largest Powerball jackpot. Earlier this week, a 15-year-old Canadian boy used Mayan astronomy and satellite maps to discover a lost city — how super cool is that? Maybe not so super cool, given that Mercury is currently retrograde, suggesting we take what is heard with a grain of salt. Now, skeptics have stepped up to debunk the story, along with the boy’s theory that constellations had anything to do with where the Mayans built their cities. What a bunch of wet blankets they are. You decide if they are right. Meanwhile, a sanctuary in New York’s Central Park that hasn’t been open to the public since the 1930s now has regular business hours.

Speaking of rumors, the internets are abuzz in certain sectors over an assertion by Someone Who Claims to Know These Things that Caitlyn Jenner is thinking about transitioning back to being a man. Really? That “Someone” has been denounced as “a moron” by a rep for Ms. Jenner — perhaps deservedly so.  Astrologically, if there were any fresh starts or changes of direction to be had, they would be more likely to happen in 2019 and 2020. Stay tuned.

OK, that’s it for the clown car of news. See you again online in a week or so….but please know I am still here for you by Skype or phone if you would like to discuss how you can live your life better with your horoscope as a guide. I’m still smiling over the consultation I had with a client last fall. Her horoscope clearly suggested career recognition in the early part of 2016. Was there a course or certificate she could take, I wondered? There was, but my client did not have the funds nor would her employer pay for the course — he’d refused her request every year for three years. Still, I  encouraged her to consider how she could make that happen. I heard from her a few months later. Turns out there was a scholarship — and she applied — and she GOT IT! She took the course — and she earned her certificate with flying colors. She writes:

When I was stressed with computer issues and the final online test deadline looming….I remembered your words regarding educational pursuits during this time…and knew I had the stars and destiny on my side! Yes, I would be delighted and honored for you to reference my forecast reading and the value it brought into my life.

Yup, still smiling over that one.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Take it away, Fastball (an anthem for another week of Mars and Mercury retrograde)…