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Monday 11/14/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; A Whole Lotta Neptune Going On

It’s Monday!

Do you know where your personalized paragraphs of eclipse and/or Mars retrograde insights are? They are ready to be written, and I hope to send them out to all Avid Readers who are waiting for them — with gratitude for your patience.

In other news…

Do you know where your election results are?

They’re about where astrology expected they would be: razor-thin margins; final tally still too close to call; surprising wins and losses — and yet, possibly no change in the status quo — as it stands now in the Senate. Have to see about the House, though we note one volatile pattern in what we know of Kevin McCarthy’s horoscope that could reflect a lucky break.  And, as patterns in the horoscope for the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision suggested, that ruling was expanded, as evidenced by the passage of pro-reproductive health care choice referenda in several states. Regardless of one’s personal stance on the issue, astrology supports one Guardian pundit’s observation that “abortion rights proved a hugely motivating force for voters in Tuesday’s midterms.”   I can’t remember if I shared these thoughts in this written forecast, but I definitely did in past episodes of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast — with my brilliant co-host Whitney Fishburn.

Young voters also showed up at the polls, and in this ongoing square between old guard Saturn and avant-garde Uranus, young voters represent Uranus, i.e., the future. In any contest between Saturn and Uranus, the future always wins…eventually. Young voters chose Democratic candidates by a wide margin, say alleged experts. I say “alleged,” because so many “experts” got this election wrong (also as astrology anticipated).

Here are the highlights for this week:

  • Mercury sextile Pluto on Monday
  • Sun trines Neptune on Monday
  • Venus trines Jupiter on Tuesday
  • Venus enters Sagittarius on Tuesday
  • Mercury trines Jupiter on Wednesday
  • Mercury enters Sagittarius on Thursday
  • Sun sextiles Pluto on Firday
  • Mars squares Neptune on Saturday
  • Sun trines Jupiter on Sunday

If it weren’t for that potentially bewildering Mars-Neptune square, I might be humming Christmas carols. Then again, because Mars-Neptune patterns can reflect disorientation, that choice in music could be seen as perfectly astro-logical. I don’t know about you, but to me, Friday felt like a Saturday, and Saturday felt like a Sunday (as Mercury-Sun made contact with Neptune). Surreal.

In fact, according to the Guardian, “it was yet another surreal day” for residents of Kherson, recently liberated from an eight-month occupation by Russian forces.  Where “pro-Moscow “Z” cars, trucks and armored vehicles were once parked,” President Zelenskyy now stood, greeting citizens in a surprise visit. Slava Ukraini!

Here’s how the week goes:

  • MONDAY: Moon enters Leo at 7:47 AM ET. Now is the time to find ways to shine, and helps others shine, too. Throw a party; find a stage; issue a royal edict; pay someone a compliment. Moon makes no exact aspects to other planets today, which could reflect a wandering focus. However, a sextile between Mercury and Pluto at 9:27 PM ET bodes well for persuasive pitches and dirt-digging reporters (especially with the snake oil and scandal-friendly Mars-Neptune square humming in the background). Better to be a seller than a buyer in this climate. Also in the background, exact at 10:43 PM ET: the trine between the Sun (leaders) and Neptune, facilitating empathy, forgiveness, music and oil on troubled waters. Maybe a few world leaders will get it together at the big climate change conference. President Biden and President Xi of China got together in Bali today. Watch the headlines — and if you have planets around 28 degrees of just about any sign, a few lottery tickets could be worthwhile, as Venus and Jupiter (the Lesser and Greater Benefics) align harmoniously at 4:35 AM ET on…
  • TUESDAY: Meanwhile, the Leo Moon continues to wander throughout the day. It’s not until 5:23 PM ET that it makes contact with another planet — Uranus — suggesting a shock to the system, followed by an effort to regain control and cut losses at 10:17 PM ET, suggested by the Moon’s opposition to Saturn. I’ll be watching the headlines.
  • WEDNESDAY: At 1:08 AM ET, Venus heaves a ginormous sigh of relief as it exits Scorpio for a rowdy roll in the hay in high-flying, fiery Sagittarius. Wheeee! You may notice this immediately, as those around you suddenly have no trouble letting you know exactly how they feel — and if a few feet end up in a few mouths, well — what’s life without a few gambles or gambols. Really, ask any Sagittarius, the eternal philosopher-clown. Everyone is entitled to their righteously enthusiastic opinion. Venus will be in Sagittarius until December 9th.
  • WEDNESDAY: Early morning drive can be yours, as the Leo Moon squares the Scorpio Sun, pitting the Leo need for love against Scorpio’s need to keep things cool and controlled. We may see heady news from the media, courts, sports and foreign lands, as Mercury (how we need to think) trines Jupiter at 10:43 AM ET. A clash of communication may arise around 6:55 PM ET, as Mercury squares the Moon…with another clash of values around 10:14 PM ET, as Moon squares Venus (who, what and how we need to love). By then, Moon will have entered Virgo (at 8:03 PM ET), cleaning up the confetti from the Leo Moon’s party and hoping to set things right. Honk if you know you’re not perfect.
  • THURSDAY: Now it’s Mercury’s turn to enter Sagittarius, which it does at 3:41 AM ET. How we need to think and communicate may be more overt, frank — and frankly, a bit sloppy. I say this because Sagittarius is more interested in “big picture” viewpoints than all those pesky details. Mercury will be in Sagittarius until December 6th.
  • FRIDAY: Innovation and unconventional allies may make news, as Moon trines Uranus at 4:22 AM ET. Late afternoon/evening offers a sneak peek of Saturday’s exact Mars-Neptune square, as Moon opposes Neptune at 4:11 PM ET and squares Mars at 4:35 PM ET. Keep your grounding cords down in traffic; look both ways before crossing if you’re traveling on foot. I’ll be interested to see if a cooperative power play involving resources occurs around that time, as Sun sextiles Pluto at 4:38 PM ET. Moon adds greater depth by trine to Pluto at 11:25 PM ET.
  • SATURDAY: Continued cooperation, as Sun sextiles Moon at midnight. Boundless enthusiasm/empathy or wretched excess around 3:46 AM ET, as Moon opposes Jupiter. These Jupiter-ian themes (expansion, excess) are pulling greater focus over the next week or so as Jupiter is slowing to a virtual standstill, preparing to turn direct on the New Moon of November 23rd. After a two-hour Moon void, Moon enters Libra at 5:57 AM ET, seeking fairness, diplomacy and balance in relationships. At 10:43 AM ET,  Mars squares Neptune for the second time in less than a month (the first one was October 12th). Mars-Neptune can be seductive, scandalous, out-of-this-world or fanatical. Mars in an energized contact with Neptune may be inspiring or delusional about all Mars-ruled themes: men, cars, wars, iron and the color red. Neptune themes may simply be provoked or provocative. Those include oceans, empathy, spirits of all kinds, oil, refugees and surrender.
  • SATURDAY: What’s interesting about this particular Mars-Neptune square is that it activates the infamous Mars-Neptune square in the horoscope of the United States.  Our national assertive energy may spark outbursts ranging from the sublime to the utterly surreal, though around lunchtime ET today, communication about said outbursts may be enthusiastically idealistic, as Moon sextiles Mercury and Venus.
  • SUNDAY: Moon trines Saturn and Mars at 5:18 PM ET and 10:37 PM ET, which may inspire success in diplomatic maneuvers requiring militant discipline. Sun trines Jupiter at 11:07 PM ET, a generally bountiful, buoyant pattern. If you’re working the phone banks on behalf of your favorite cause over the next few days, lucky you.

And now, the news.

It’s a blur — true to all these planetary connections to Neptune in the cosmic sandbox. The words “meltdown” and “wipeout” also reflect Neptune. One of the best reflections of current patterns is the “vaporizing of billions of customer deposits,” as the cryptocurrency exchange FTX collapsed. As the NYT reports:

It has also dealt a significant blow to the corner of philanthropy known as effective altruism, a philosophy that advocates applying data and evidence to doing the most good for the many…

We have so many generous, feel-good, visionary patterns among Sun-Mercury-Venus and Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto. However, that one Mars-Neptune square suggests it might not be for real. We could also file this crypto “bubble bursting” as a reflection of the long-awaited disruptive potential of the Saturn-Uranus square, first opined here in 2017. As you know, this square was active all through 2021, returning for a swan song now.

Shenanigans and meltdowns continued at Twitter last week, as Emperor Elon’s edicts enabled a plethora of impersonators to do serious financial damage to the companies whose identities they hijacked — and to Twitter itself. The impersonators do have a wicked sense of truth-telling humor, however. Have you seen these Tweets?   Totally not funny: Emperor Elon laying off half of Twitter’s staff. But if you have  billions and billions in the bank, what’s $44 billion if your goal is to divide and conquer…and usher in a totally new paradigm, as this guy suggests. We are due for plenty of new paradigms, especially as Pluto dips its toe into Aquarius for a few months next year, starting in March. When Pluto arrives at 0 Aquarius, it will activate the seed potential of the 2020 Great Mutation of Jupiter-Saturn at 0 Aquarius.

An aggressive attack on a communications platform also aptly reflects the potential of this long trek of Mars (aggression) in Gemini (words).

UPDATE: on Dolly Parton, whose horoscope I wrote about in January 2021, ending with the words

Just watch how Parton continues to expand her influence as Pluto makes hard aspects
to her Venus and Jupiter by transit and solar arc in 2021

Those Pluto aspects continued into 2022, with one exact as I’m typing this today. We expected her to attract power and resources in the extreme, and yesterday Jeff Bezos awarded her $100 million so she could continue to “do good things.”  Nice!

UPDATE: on Rudy Giuliani, who was due to make news as Jupiter (luck, reward, expansion) activated all the angles of his horoscope this month. He won’t face charges over federal lobbying, it was announced today.

UPDATE: on the former guy, who was declared the “biggest loser” by his favorite media outlets last week –– after the Republicans’ “red wave” failed to materialize. File this one under the second hit of transiting Neptune square his Sun, suggesting a potential wipeout. That happened on November 1st, and there’s a final hit on January 4th. The one bright spot we see in his horoscope could reflect daughter Tiffany’s recent wedding — or it could reflect an idealized, romanticized belief that he can declare a run for the 2024 election and actually win. Meh. Provocative action — through his own effort or through attacks from others — is suggested from now through December 3rd, and again on January 4th. Whatever.

UPDATE: on President Biden, whose current life experience arguably reflects the protective aura of transiting Jupiter trine his Venus, Sun and Ascendant. The midterm elections were “a good day for democracy,” writes Heather Cox Richardson, (if you don’t count the part about SCOTUS ensuring that gerrymandered districts that had been ruled unconstitutional by lower courts in four states could stand).  

Finally, a few stories reflecting the wiggy potential of this week’s Mars-Neptune square. We expect the surreal in matters of sports, fish and then some. Yes, there are dreadful incidents involving aggression, firearms and fanaticism, but they are not listed here. You’ll find them in the headlines.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

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Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with friends.

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