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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/7/2015: More News; More Maxims; Venus Enters Cancer

Don’t stop. Moon is still in Sagittarius, thinking big; expanding its reach. It goes void at 1:51PM ET and quickly shifts gears into Capricorn at 2:16PM ET. Moon in Capricorn means business. Make it happen.

At 6:52PM ET, Venus — planet of love, money, women and social expression — leaves flirty Gemini for nurturing, family and security-oriented Cancer. Expect issues and headlines on those topics to pull focus.

And now, the news.

More limits breached yesterday, as global carbon levels reached a new threshold.

Update on that story about turmoil at Al-Jazeera America: its CEO has reportedly been ousted.

File this one in the Uranus Square Pluto folder: “Canada’s Political Landscape Undergoes Seismic Shift With Election in Alberta“. I was looking at Canada’s horoscope the other day. It’s been hot for a few years, ever since Uranus and Pluto made contact with its 8 degree Cancer Sun. Now Uranus has hit Canada’s pioneering 16 degree Aries Ascendant, with Pluto to follow next year. We can expect more changes of direction and perspective from our neighborhood to the north. Don’t you just love how the headline says “SEISMIC” — one of the keywords of Uranus and Pluto? How cool is that!

Meanwhile, across the Pond, voters in the UK are facing “the election of a lifetime”.  As the NYT reports, “the traditional two-party system is breaking down…” Yep. “Breaking down”. Very Uranus square Pluto.  How’s your infrastructure doing?

Meanwhile, New York State has been dealing with its own breakdowns, as yet another top dog in state government has been charged with corruption. This time it was the Dean Skelos, the Senate Leader…and what a mess it was yesterday when other state senators tried to get Mr. Skelos removed from his position.

More seismic shifts in the world of power and resources, as Tesla announced it was overwhelmed by the “crazy” response it has received to its Powerwall — a home battery whose goal is “a complete transformation of the entire energy infrastructure of the world,” according to  CEO Elon Musk. I wrote about Musk’s horoscope in August of 2013. I’m pleased to report he’s performing as anticipated.

Meanwhile, there’s a “huge shake up” going on at McDonald’s, which has been performing rather poorly as of late. A look at its horoscope (March 1, 1965 — the date Franchise Realty Corporation merged with Regrub, Inc., thus creating “McDonald’s”), shows transiting Neptune right on top of the Midheaven (status), Saturn (structure) and Sun. No wonder its CEO says the company needs “a sharper focus”.  Yup, sharper focus, a.k.a. a new vision, which is the potential of a heavy Neptune transit, bewildering as it may be.  Fun fact: every time I went to reference the chart in my Standard and Poor’s 500 by Carol S. Mull, it took me five minutes to find it. It was as if the McDonald’s horoscope was lost in a fog. Maddening.

Here’s a good one for a day when Venus enters Cancer (mom and apple pie): “A Mother’s Cookbook Shares More Than Recipes”.

Here’s one I meant to share that was apropos for last weekend’s Mercury-Saturn opposition. Saturn refers to old things. Mercury provides information and direction. Consider: “A History of Cartography in 12 Amazing Maps”.  Maps and direction — what’s not to like? It gives me an opportunity to share more of my favorite maxims, since the ones I posted yesterday were so well-received.

“No matter where you go…there you are,” is a classic pearl of wisdom from the cult classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension.

Here’s how one of my writing teachers dispensed advice on story structure: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else”.

Helpful, right?

Don’t end up someplace else. Know where you’re going.  One way to do that is look at a map. Your potential destinations are right there on paper. Learn about them, and plan a sensible travel route.

Of course, one map worth looking at is your horoscope. You don’t even have to know how to read it. That’s what astrologers are for — to help you plan your life itinerary and get you to where you want to go.  Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Happy trails!