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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/10/2010 and the Weekend

Mercury turned retrograde Friday AM at 7:06AM NY time. Don’t panic — and no whining — just because computer snafus, delays and misunderstandings are more likely under this transit, it doesn’t have to happen to you! But if it does, you won’t freak out because you were prepared, right?  If the going does get tough, think of Mercury retrograde as a welcome opportunity to develop patience.

Moon is in humanitarian Aquarius today. Who’s your buddy? Possible tech snafus aside, you can accomplish plenty today…though I wonder what idealistic outlook we may see in the headlines today, which will likely recall whatever idealistic outlook was happening last Wednesday. Rose-colored glasses aside, it’s a good day – and night — for socializing. Get out there and re-connect; others are likely to see and be seen in the best possible light. Enjoy the lightness while you can.

Saturday we’ve got a Moon void from 6:09AM – 1:40 PM NY time — no shopping sprees at this time, please! Sleep in, chill, go to yoga — get used to the Mercury retrograde slowdown.  After 1:40 PM NY/10:40AM LA time, Angelenos could head to the Bodhi Tree, buy some wonderful metaphysical books and receive a gift bag filled with all kinds of good things, including a gift from yours truly : )

With Moon in dreamy Pisces Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, you can float and go with the flow…though be advised that we have some particularly intense aspects happening on Monday. Mars (action and aggression), Mercury (mind, travel, communication) and Pluto (transformation; resistance is futile) are all hooking up in “make it happen” Capricorn late Monday night, and we are likely to feel this power waxing over the weekend.  You will notice it ESPECIALLY if you have a planet or an angle (midheaven or rising sign) between 4 and 6 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer. Be mindful of potential power trips, battles, seizures, temper tantrums and other explosions of energy  — some of which may happen underground. Fifty cents says we see more intriguing power struggles over Wikileaks, as well as continued power grabs here in the alleged US House of Representatives. Watch the headlines. On the other hand, if you can channel this energy with enlightened consciousness, you could create something wonderful that makes quite the positive impact.