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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/17/2011: Pride, Prejudice and Newt Gingrich

This morning the Moon in regal, dramatic Leo is running wild in the heavens, suggesting a big call for attention in areas related to being loved and adored. An obsessive-compulsive connection from this needy emotional drive to nebulous Neptune suggests a strong possibility of escapism, fantasy and/or idealism. The plus side? An abundance of creativity which can be channeled into your latest project, especially if it has a spiritual/non-material base. By the end of the day, more idealism needing to be aired in the forum of public fantasy. And the potential for a jolly good time.

Speaking of over-the-top fantasy and delusion, consider the horoscope of Newt Gingrich, which has been discussed in recent months in this forecast. An obsessive connection between Mars (action) and nebulous Neptune suggest great charisma that could be the envy of any showman, for better or for worse. His Moon in Sagittarius suggests he absolutely, positively must tell the world what he thinks — and it, too — along with his chatty Gemini Sun, is under Neptune’s spell. Big emotions are part of the picture, suggested by a hook-up between Venus and Pluto — in the sign of Leo. Brilliant? Glib? Sure, as suggested by Mercury (mind) hooked up with Uranus (genius, rebel) in smooth-talking Gemini, which is also his Sun Sign. Birthday:  June 17, 1943. Why all this talk about Newt? Look no further than today’s front page. Does his horoscope come to life in the op-ed as described above? http://campaignstops.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/11/16/professor-of-profits/?hp