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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/23/2012: New Moon in Aquarius; Mars Retrograde

Today’s Moon in Aquarius suggests a need to be of social significance — and of course you can’t be socially significant if no one knows you’re there. An energetic connection between Mars (action) in perfectionist Virgo and mental Mercury in practical Capricorn at 6:17AM ET may find you brimming over with constructive ideas in your quest for world domination. Such clarity! Such optimism (it’s a New Moon — and it’s augmented by a exuberant boost from Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy AND an innovative connection from rebel Uranus, suggesting the potential for a bit of inspired genius)!

You may well make many contacts and get much out the door today, but as for launching totally new ventures and partnerships, be advised that Mars turns retrograde at 7:54PM ET, as it does every two years. So instead of the usual two-month journey through a sign, we’ve got eight months of Mars, planet of action, in the sign of Virgo, the constant critic. Mars turns direct on April 13th; it finally leaves Virgo on July 4th — Independence Day. What does this suggest? It suggests, as noted in prior forecasts, being mindful of the potential to take on something new on an impulse borne out of frustration. It suggests that this is a great time for a strategy session designed to review operating procedures and get organized! Start with your home and office. What isn’t working? Get rid of the clutter! How about your diet (Virgo rules nutrition and gut instincts)? Does that need to be cleaned up, too? And when was the last time you went to the gym? You’ll need a good physical work out to blow off the steam of any frustration that may build over the next two and a half months, as things that should have happened yesterday may be fraught with procedural delays that seem to stretch on forever, not unlike this sentence. Patience! And what about your daily routine? Can you streamline and simplify your (work) habits? Maybe you’ll be inspired to work out a whole new set of rules how you get things done.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is 3 Aquarius  — “a deserter from the navy” — suggests someone who ditches a set of rules that are no longer bearable. Freedom is a huge theme for Aquarius, and with this New Moon supported by rebel Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), currently in pioneering Aries, it is once again a theme for a New Moon cycle. If you look back at the New Moons over the past several months, you’ll definitely see a trend. Start planning your big escape, but you may want to hold off actually jumping ship until late spring. Look for  headlines — in the labor sector, for example — of people who may be ditched — or suddenly decide to ditch an unsatisfying scene for something more uplifting.

Other planetary news of note this week: only one void-of-course Moon during working hours to distract you — and that’s on Thursday 11:52PM ET until Friday 1:28PM ET. Tomorrow, however, may FEEL like moving in a straight line is a challenge, because there are no exact aspects among the planets. Again — patience, as we adjust to Mars’ change of station.

Coming up next: Neptune entering Pisces on February 3rd; Saturn (moving a structure forward) turns retrograde on February 7th. Stay tuned to this channel for continuing coverage…