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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/27/2015: Curiouser and Curiouser…

An exact meet-up between action hero Mars and mental Mercury at 6:37 AM ET suggests an urge to multitask and translate sharp words into fast action. Well guess what? The nitpicky Virgo Moon is void of course and Mercury is retrograde. Be especially mindful in your travels this morning. Chill, check your facts, make sure what you heard is actually what was said — and appreciate that a void Moon suggests crises that crop up are often much ado about nothing.

Moon doesn’t get into gear until 5:42PM ET, when it enters people-pleasing Libra, seeking to restore balance and harmony to any hypercritical situation. Patterns are relatively quiet until Friday, save for the building tension between Mercury and nebulous Neptune, which we last experienced on May 9th. What were you thinking about around then?

And now, the news.

You know there’s really something to planetary patterns when your astrologer writes about how surreal the headlines might be…and then you read Serious NYT Economist Paul Krugman’s column. Yesterday he referenced one of the wackiest (and wisest) books ever written, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Let’s keep talking about Neptune, because it’s everywhere this week (as noted in yesterday’s forecast). Neptune refers to intangibles and illusions, such as photography, television and film. On Monday famed documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away. As a photographer, we’d expect Neptune to be strongly emphasized in her horoscope (March 20, 1940 in Philadelphia) — and it is. We see Mercury opposed by Neptune and Venus-Mars-Uranus trine Neptune, suggesting vision, aesthetics and compassion (Venus is in Pisces), the latter of which she was especially known. Here are some of her photographs.

Another photographer making headlines is very much alive and raking in the dough. Richard Prince uses what some might call the sleazier side of Neptune. Is Neptune strong in his horoscope? Mr. Prince was born on Aug 6, 1949. Ooh — look — Neptune is square to Mars and recently supercharged by transiting Uranus and Pluto.  His Capricorn Moon, which knows oh-so-well how to put things and people to good use, might be in touch with Neptune, too — we’d have to have a birth time to know for sure.

Mr. Prince’s latest exhibit consists of photos lifted from Instagram — without permission from the original photographers — and they are selling for up to $90K per print. Which might be a strong argument for posting your pix on Snapchat, where the images will disappear. Snapchat just announced plans for an IPO, btw…

Boundaries — or lack thereof — are another Neptune theme. Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. This is why its influence can be so bewildering. In the material world, we like to have boundaries. They define structure and structure can make us feel secure. Saturn is structure. Where would you be without Saturn? Living a field, for sure – there would be no structure over your head.

Neptune dissolves Saturn — or, on the plus side, can give structure a vision.

Oh geez, Louise. This story just hit the wires:

A federal judge has thrown out evidence collected by FBI agents who posed as Internet repairmen to get into Las Vegas Strip hotel rooms last summer during an investigation into illegal bookmaking…

In this case (which gets weirder with every paragraph), Saturn struck back — giving nebulous Neptune a hard, cold reality smackdown. Got that?

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Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with your friends.