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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 9/20/2010

9:09AM NY/6:09 AM LA starts off with a meet-up between  nebulous Neptune and the Moon (our reigning need), which then goes void until 4:15PM NY/ 1:15PM. Take note of your dreams. A morning meditation could be transporting — as could other forms of connected bliss. If you have trouble getting out of bed (especially on the West Coast) and otherwise dealing with reality, know that others may be having similar experiences — the “flake factor” is high during these periods — so be patient  and flexible — especially with scheduled meetings and set agendas. Doublecheck your calendar and confirm your appointments. If you’re an artist relying on inspiration for a living, today is a good day for brainstorming. For more details on Moon Voids, please see the bonus forecast posted after 8/4/2010 — if you haven’t read it already.

After the Void, Moon will be in watery Pisces, a sign which needs, to quote my teacher, “to identify the ideal, understand impressions and work with the intangible”. Sounds like the afternoon and evening will bring more of the same texture as the morning, only with a mindset and intention that’s actually in gear.