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Monday 6/12/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

The start of the work week is driven by the Moon in Capricorn, advancing an agenda intended to take it to the top of the mountain. An upset may hit around 2:45 PM ET, when it clashes with rebel Uranus — and then goes void for exactly five hours. Chill and roll with whatever twists that may derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Crises that crop up during voids are usually much ado about nothing. At 7:45 PM ET, Moon enters Aquarius, a perfect time to connect with all of your friends, even the ones you haven’t met yet.

Meanwhile, Mercury will be in the spotlight for the next two days. Mercury refers to thoughts, communication and travel. On TUESDAY, these Mercury-ruled matters are likely to be big, suggested by a harmony with Jupiter at 11:45 AM ET. Jupiter, now moving forward in Libra, refers to expansion and collective belief systems, including the press and the courts. Libra refers to diplomacy, fairness and balance. What makes this day interesting is that Mercury will also square Neptune at 11:29 PM ET. Jupiter expands. Neptune confuses and/or transcends. Often it transcends reality. So we see potential for big ideas that may be inspirational and rose-colored, but also bald-faced lies wrapped in so much cotton candy. Neptune also refers to music, drugs, oceans, fish, healing, spirits of all kinds and oil. Watch for headlines — and make sure your communications are being understood with crystalline clarity; Mercury-Neptune aspects can be muddlesome. Yeah, I just made that word up — but it fits and because Mercury-Neptune.

The Moon will be void again between 1:40 AM ET and 6:17 AM ET on THURSDAY. No biggie for business in the Americas. It is absolutely fascinating that at the exact moment the Moon enters Pisces, the Sun (life force; leaders) makes its annual opposition to Saturn (limits and authoritative control). What heavy reach for ambition and/or heartless cut will make news today? How will it reflect Gemini and Sagittarius, e.g., travel, the free press, freedom of speech, etc. The Sun is in Gemini; Saturn is in Sagittarius, doncha know.  You are more personally affected by the streamlining squeeze of the Sun and Saturn if you were born around the 14th of June, September, December or March…or if you have planets or angles around 24 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo. Consult your local astrologer for details.  Add this Sun-Saturn opposition to the Pisces Moon. We see a potential for dissolving boundaries…because with Pisces, there are no boundaries. Pisces intuitively understands that boundaries are an illusion; we are all one; we are all in this together. Pisces can flow as sweetly as a gentle stream or pull as powerfully as the ocean’s undertow…float or drown in sorrow. With Neptune also in dreamy Pisces — now challenging mental Mercury in clever Gemini, that’s my excuse for today’s inspired, soggy prose.

Speaking of Neptune, it turns retrograde on FRIDAY at 7:10 AM ET, beginning a five month period of subtle focus on your own dreams and intuition for guidance. When a planet is retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward on issues involving that planet, as opposed to looking outside the self.  You’ll feel the effects of Neptune’s change of station more personally if you were born 12-16 days into Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius…or if you have a planet or angle at 12-16 degrees of those signs. What kind of effects? Oh…perhaps you are feeling somewhat bewildered…perhaps even victimized…and likely less inclined to be in Type A personality mode (if you are normally a Type A personality). You may find yourself needing to express your creativity — even if you have never thought of yourself as a “creative” person. You may also find being of service richly rewarding. When a horoscope is under the influence of Neptune’s bewildering spell, a consultation with an astrologer is especially recommended. Here’s how to contact me.

And here are a few headlines from another time Neptune turned retrograde.

I’m working on a clown car of news for the next forecast. Meanwhile, I have a bonus offer on one story that continues to be talked about: the alleged existence of tapes of P45’s conversations with then-FBI Director James B. Comey. Are they for real? I wrote up an analysis of the moment P45 tweeted his “veiled threat,” using a tried and true traditional astrological method. Drop $5.88 in my Cosmic Tip Jar and I will email it to you.

Thank you for reading this forecast.