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Friday 8/7/2020 & the Weekend: Big, Ginormous News


Here’s your reminder for the weekend:

  • FRIDAYMoon goes void at 8:53 AM ET for twelve minutes, on a square to Venus at the verrrry end of Gemini. Moon then charges into Aries, driving the day with a need to get things started. Venus enters Cancer at 11:21 AM ET, meeting up with Elizabeth Warren‘s Sun-Uranus conjunction at 0 Cancer and Adam Schiff‘s Sun-Venus conjunction, too. Venus functions well in Cancer, where its need to love unconditionally is facilitated by Cancer’s need to nurture. Prominent news involving women, art, money and/or social expression would not be a surprise.  Have a playful, loving day.
  • SATURDAYMoon in Aries continues its charge, building in enthusiasm all day until 11:44 PM ET, when it squares Jupiter. Innovation in thought and communication may make waves for the next few days, as Mercury will square Uranus on Monday. Do you know where your data is? What disruptions will we see in the world of technology…and whose bizarre mental state will pull focus in the news?
  • SUNDAY: Mars is closest to Earth, and if you look up at the Moon around 4:35 AM ET, you’ll see Mars right next to it. You’ll have the energy to rise early, with Mars and Moon together in Aries. What other fiery crusades will make headlines, hmmm? They’re bound to be intense, with the Moon making its weekly clash with Pluto and Saturn — at 7:37 AM ET and 3:50 PM ET, respectively. Moon then goes void until 9:28 PM ET, so chill out.

No sleeping in on Monday. The Taurus Moon is high-functioning and looking to build something solid and/or preserve the status quo, using the genius buzz of the Mercury-Uranus square. The rest of the week is colored by the potent force of Thursday’s exact square between Mars (guns, war, assertion, men, desire, action) and Pluto (power, breakdown, annihilation, resources). Breakthroughs in brain surgery would be a happy reflection, but the Neanderthals among us may respond to this pattern with unchecked aggression. The other pattern pulling focus is Uranus — symbol of rebellion, disruption, technology, astrology, seismic activity — slowing to a virtual standstill as it prepares to turn retrograde on August 15th. 

And now, the news.

Astrology is batting 1000 this week.

The Full Moon on Monday suggested an illuminating reveal involving genius, madness or general shock involving leaders, reflecting the Sun-Moon square to Uranus. Also involved: an opposition between Mercury (how we need to think) and Saturn (control, authority, endings), suggesting talk of heavy subjects, e.g., depression, death and debt (taxes). Cue Axios reporter Jonathan Swan in the White House, now please — for a sit-down interview with P45, in which he revealed a stark and stubborn lack of understanding of the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.S., compared to countries with sane  leaders capable of empathy. In response to the rising death toll, behold his words of comfort, “It is what it is.” Also stark: the realization of just how badly Americans who call themselves journalists have covered this president.

It’s Jonathan Swan’s birthday today, btw. A Leo driven by the Moon either in Aries or Taurus — we don’t have a birth time. His Mars is in Leo, too — and it is squared by Pluto — not as potent as the one that will be exact on the 13th — but potent enough. Watch the interview; feel his personal power; read the glowing reviews.

As for the debt shocker (potential noted above), consider the revelation from Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance that he might be investigating P45  and his company for possible bank and insurance fraud — not just the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels. Oh, and Deutsche Bank did comply with Vance’s subpoena.

Also disruptive, involving a sudden limitation (Saturn) on statistics (Mercury): the P45 Administration is going to end the critical 2020 census count a month early, on September 30 instead of October 31. Four former Census Bureau Directors who have served under nine former presidents howled in protest.    Which brings us to our first

Sit down and be counted.
Please complete the Census 2020 form online
— if you haven’t already participated.
Pass it on.
I told you many times to keep an eye on August 4th for something big to blow. That’s when Mars in firepower Aries squared Jupiter and activated the January 10 eclipse. Cue the devastating explosion of tons and tons of ammonium nitrate in Beirut now, please — and of course it was precipitated by a fire where fireworks were stored! I plan to write more about this in my next column for The Mountain Astrologer, so stay tuned.
Also big — and disruptive: P45 signed into law the Great American Outdoors Act, a bill introduced on March 28, 2019 and sponsored by the late, great civil rights activist John Lewis (D-GA). The bill designates funds for our national parks, including Yosemite (mispronounced as Yo-semite and Yo-sem-i-nite) by P45. That’s disruptive, as was the fact that no Democratic elected representatives were invited to attend the signing of the bill at the White House. All credit was given by P45 to Republicans — and here we have a reflection of one of the Sabian Symbols of the last Full Moon, “a evening lawn party,” divided on party lines.
This next story is even bigger — and fits the “martial” theme expressed in the Full Moon chart and in general for the next few months. On Wednesday night, NY Attorney General Letitia James announced an important press conference would be held on Thursday at 11:30 AM. The angles of the chart for that time in New York were almost exactly the same as the chart for the Full Moon (refer to the last forecast) set in Washington. Mars right on the Descendant (a potential defendant) is in Aries — no difference there — what’s different in the New York chart is that the Pisces Moon was almost conjunct Neptune in the area of the horoscope that refers to fun, games and hospitality.
While much of Twitter speculated that the announcement might be specifically about P45, one reporter opined that it was about the NRA. That made perfect sense — and that’s what happened. New York is suing to dissolve the NRA on charges of massive fraud — mostly involving the misappropriation of funds by CEO Wayne LaPierre (and other executives) for their personal entertainment. Heather Cox Richardson explains it all for you, along with the history of the NRA. It seems the non-profit ran astray in the late 70’s, when transiting Neptune last activated the Mars-Neptune square in the US horoscope. It is fascinating that finally…now…and into 2021, Neptune will activate that square again.
In other news…
I hadn’t written about Kodak since it filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Corporations do have horoscopes, doncha’ know — and Kodak’s corresponds to these space/time coordinates: Oct 24, 1901 in Trenton, NJ — 12 PM. What stands out under current patterns is that Kodak’s Neptune is at 1 Cancer. Avid Readers know that Neptune symbolizes film, fraud and pharmaceuticals — and in Kodak’s horoscope Neptune influences the area of its horoscope related to human resources, systems, processes and its material and self-worth. It was eclipsed on the June 21st solar eclipse at 0 Cancer, as was a significant midpoint — Jupiter/Pluto — which refers to wealth and power.
Also of interest: transiting Neptune now squaring Kodak’s Pluto, ruler of its Midheaven, i.e., its CEO and public status. Pluto refers to transformation, breakdown and extremes; ergo, these themes are going to likely impact everything that Neptune symbolizes. Just considering these few patterns, is this headline really that much of a surprise?

As millions worry about unemployment benefits, Kodak gets a $765 million loan from the White House

To do what, you might ask. To transform itself from a half-dead former film and camera manufacturer into a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. All very Neptune — but wait! there’s more.

The SEC is investigating Kodak’s recent 2,190% stock spike following Elizabeth Warren’s call for action

With her Sun-Uranus conjunction at 0 Cancer — right on Kodak’s Neptune — we can see how Warren would be all over any efforts on Kodak’s part at fog and mirrors. Right?

That was a fun one!

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There were several primaries on Tuesday in this Election That’s Going On Forever. In Arizona, Maricopa County still does not know who will be the Republican candidate for sheriff: convicted felon Joe Arpaio or a guy who wasn’t charged with the same offense — but could have been — and might have been convicted, if it weren’t for a statute of limitations. Which brings us to the


Check your voter registration status here


and request your absentee ballot today!

You can drop off your ballot at your polling station

on Election Day if you don’t want to mail it.

In Missouri, voters made the Show-Me State the sixth one to approve the expansion of Medicaid, despite “resistance from their Republican leaders.” That brings the total of hip humanitarian states to 37 out of 50. I am not surprised — and if you’ve been following this forecast for ten years, you aren’t surprised, either. Avid Readers know that in the aftermath of the supercharged Uranus-Pluto patterns in the early 30s and mid-60s, the social safety net in the United States expanded, with Social Security (1935)  and Medicare (1965) being established. In the aftermath of the last Uranus-Pluto square of 2011-2016, I do anticipate another similar expansion, especially as we move into the new paradigm set by the Great Mutation of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius on the Winter Solstice.


Allan Lichtman — who successfully predicted P45’s win in 2016 — explains why he believes Biden will win this November.

UPDATE: on George W. Bush. We spoke a few months ago about the need for a disruptive fresh start for him this year and into 2021. He gave an elegant and loving tribute at John Lewis’s funeral, even though Lewis did not go to either of W’s presidential inaugurations. It was just announced that W is publishing another book — on a fresh subject: portraits and stories of 43 immigrants he has known. The book is called “Out of Many, One.”

UPDATE: on Michelle Obama. Told ya to keep an eye out for heavy news, as transiting Saturn conjoins her Capricorn Sun three times this year — with the second hit this month. This week she shared in her new podcast that she’s experienced “low-grade” depression all year, as a result of the current state of the union. Not surprising — and not only because astrology. But here’s the thing about Saturn. Even though it can be a tough reminder of a lack or loss, that awareness can then be channeled into a focused ambition for getting what you realize you need. And that’s what I expect Michelle Obama to do under her Saturn transit. She’s down — but not out. Follow her lead.

Wow! I think we covered everything for now — and I even gave you a to-do list for the weekend.

  1. Make sure you’re registered to vote — tell your friends and family.
  2. Request an absentee ballot NOW — even if you think you may not need one — check your state’s election laws.
  3. Take the 2020 Census — if you haven’t already done so.

To find out what’s going on in your horoscope — and plan an effective coping strategy, here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with your friends. My work for the day is now done.

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