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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/19/2011

More details on the Schwarzenegger saga released today. We learned that the child he fathered was born in October of 1997, but he wasn’t told it was his “until the boy was a toddler” — so that would be around 2000, yes? I find this of interest only because that timing lines up perfectly with the patterns we looked at in yesterday’s forecast: a major upheaval suggested by a connection to disruptive Uranus and ruthless Pluto happening in 1997 (exact in October!!), with a “wipe-out” happening in…2000-2001, suggested by a hit from nebulous Neptune! Morale of the story: when these planetary heavyweights are active in a horoscope, big stuff is bound to happen! And astrology allows us to know when these hits will happen, so we can plan accordingly.

Today you can plan on waking up to a jolly connection between expansive Jupiter and the Moon, which promptly goes void at 10:17AM EDT, at which point you could take time to rest, chill, brainstorm or take care of what’s routine. Big ideas may be distracting, especially if connected to an apparent “sudden crisis” that later turns out to be much ado about nothing. Such things seem to happen with greater frequency during Moon voids.

The time to start making it happen is 4:16PM EDT, when Moon enters practical, proactive Capricorn. Making a personal pitch and/or establishing a structure designed to build material security is a fine application of energy over the next two days. Mercury, Mars and Venus are tightly aligned in Taurus, the sign of “mine” (this is what toddlers say, right? “Mine. MINE.” Toddlers express Taurean energy very, very well) Ruthless Pluto gives your thoughts, words, feelings and actions a dose of extra power. Should be an interesting couple of days in the headlines…more news from underground, secrets revealed and power grabs…