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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/19/2013 & the Weekend: The Buzz in the Air

Waking up to a buzz in the air, perhaps, as the roarin’ Leo Moon trines rebel Uranus….that’s how I started writing the forecast last night, and then put it aside in favor of serious REM time.  Let the record reflect that Uranus is now almost exactly conjunct mental Mercury (travel, mindset, transportation), and this aspect has been pulling serious focus this week. We are all waking up to a dramatic buzz, with news that all public transportation  in Massachusetts is shut down and stores in much of Boston closed as law enforcement searches for the second suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing, with one suspect dead after violent clashes last night.

On the fly, I am noting how strongly this Mercury-Uranus pattern seems to be playing out in this crisis, noting how it was in the 8th house (death) of the chart of Monday’s bombing & now reflecting the identified suspects: two brothers — young men (Mercury) of an unexpected foreign origin (Uranus). At the time of the beginning of last night’s shootout drama — 10:30PM ET in Cambridge, MA, Mercury and Uranus were in an obsessive aspect (quindecile) to the Midheaven (public prominence) of the horoscope. Prayers and white light to all in Massachusetts, until the second young man is stopped. In your own personal world, the Mercury-Uranus buzz may be experienced as unconventional and innovative thinking and communications. Note your creative ideas today.

There are no exact aspects for the rest of the day, save for an easy connection between the dramatic, partying Leo Moon and jolly Jupiter in newsjunkie Gemini at 5:06PM ET. That Moon goes void until 9:08PM ET on Saturday, giving us a well-deserved rest from the intensity of this week. Finally, a chance to slow down, as suggested by two other important planetary shifts:  the Sun’s ingress into earthy Taurus at 6:03PM ET, followed by Mars early tomorrow morning — 7:48AM. Though Mars and the Sun may prefer the fiery mode of Aries to sometimes pokey Taurus, the rest of us may appreciate the relief, as proactive efforts can now be channeled into preserving the security of the material world, as opposed to setting the world on fire.

With the long Moon void on Saturday, avoid yard sales and impulse purchases. Make time to play. When Moon enters Virgo at 9:08pm ET, its need for perfection and analysis is well-supported by the Sun and Moon. And there’s no doubt that the truth will come out, as mental Mercury next approaches a square to ruthless Pluto Sunday at 7:45AM ET. And what we find may not be pleasant or peaceful. Watch for especially sharp — and yes, explosive — communication and possible power plays. This Mercury-Pluto challenge occurs in tandem with a potentially chilly or downright heartless connection between loving Venus (money, women, art, social expression) and stern Saturn, which is exact at 3:43AM Monday. Cut your losses, perhaps and consolidate.

In the news, reflecting the potential of mental Mercury and innovative Uranus in pioneering Aries, I offer these tidbits. First, as you may already know, a computer glitch grounded all flights at American Airlines earlier this week. Today, a possible fix for those Dreamliner woes may be approved by the FAA. Meanwhile, two possible brave new worlds have been discovered in a far-out place —  possibly the most Earth-like planets yet.

Have a fabulous weekend — be aware that the Moon will be void of course all day on Monday. Enjoy!