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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/27/2011: Headlines in Tunisia and Egypt

If you’ve been following the headlines in Tunisia, you may have noticed reports of revolution, sparked by one individual, a street vendor, who reportedly set himself on fire on Dec 17 2010, after being treated harshly by government officials http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/23/weekinreview/23worth.html?_r=1&scp=5&sq=tunisia+martyr&st=cse The street vendor died on Jan 4th, the day of the New Moon and solar eclipse at 13 degrees of Capricorn and the conjunction between expansive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus in compassionate, sometimes-martyred, “we are the world” Pisces (27 degrees). On Jan14, during a week noted for connections to that Jupiter-Uranus hook-up by Mars, planet of action, in “make-it-happen” Capricorn, the president of Tunisia fled the country. (Note that Jan 4th was the day the “13th sign” story hit the internet and Jan 14th was the day it seemed the 13th sign was all anyone could talk about — see my posts on those days).

I decided to look up the chart for Tunisia, anticipating that I would find major planets  in that chart triggered by the current positions of the planets, especially that potentially revolutionary hook-up between Jupiter and Uranus. Ready? You’re really going to love this…

Using 3/20/56 at 12:01AM as the time of the birth of modern Tunisia, we immediately see the Sun at…29 Pisces, triggered by Jupiter-Uranus at 27 Pisces on Jan 4; Mars at 13 Capricorn, the exact degree of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse…and we note the Moon at 2 Cancer, affected by the Lunar Node (groups, associations, among other things), exactly opposing that Moon at 2 Capricorn. Also noting Pluto, Uranus and Neptune 26  Leo, 28 Cancer and 29 Libra, being contacted by Uranus and Neptune then at 27 Pisces and 27 Aquarius, respectively. Had an astrologer looked at the Tunisian chart ahead of time, he or she would likely have anticipated the potential for something intense, innovative, expansive and potentially revolutionary to hit the headlines in Jan 2011.

Meanwhile, the Sun in the chart for modern Egypt (6/18/1953 11:30 GMT in Cairo)  is at 27 Gemini, exactly squared by that Jupiter-Uranus at 27 Pisces on Jan 4th. Note this report of widespread protests in Egypt this week: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/26/world/middleeast/26egypt.html?scp=8&sq=uprising+egypt+2011&st=cse Fascinating, hmm?

So as for Tuesday’s headlines reporting that the 2008 financial crisis in the US was avoidable http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/26/business/economy/26inquiry.html — I note that astrologers were anticipating the potential for this sort of crisis — and writing about it collectively as early as 2004 (some astrologers had noted the potential even earlier).

For today: it’s a snow day in New York, putting a interesting spin on today’s Moon in Scorpio need to acquire deep knowledge for the purpose of control. Is that why I just spent an hour researching the astrology of Tunisia and Egypt? No major aspects happening during business hours today, but Venus, planet of social expression, money, love and beauty, is running a bit wild in the opinionated sign of Sagittarius. Discussion today on any of the aforementioned topics is likely to be high-flying and/or feisty, perhaps as in, “hey, how about that Dow at 12,000?”  Moon goes void at 10:01PM NY time until 1:55AM NY Friday; note that time span and chill…