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Astro-logical Forecast for 3/14/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week

Happy Start of the Work Week!

Monday is driven by the Moon in Gemini, which can be quite the pixie chatterbox in its quest to keep you informed and entertained. Today the pixie-ness may be subdued by a challenge to mental Mercury from Saturn at 3:26PM ET. This suggests a need for gravitas in thought and communication, as well as a potential need to push through blocks and limitations if need be.

How receptive the other party is to your persuasion may be tempered by a charged aspect at 4:48PM ET between Venus (feeling quite sensitive in Pisces) and Mars (needing to push boundaries in Sagittarius). If you’ve noticed any tension between the sexes in your own personal world, you may have a planet or point in the very early part of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius. Or you just might happen to be a divorce lawyer.

As the evening approaches, the Gemini Moon bounces off three planets in two hours: first by a potential chill or push forward by taskmaster Saturn at 8:54PM ET; second, by a challenge to Mercury in Pisces (striving to make verbal sense of how it feels about it) and third, by a challenge to Jupiter in Virgo (needing to expand on every little detail) at 10:51PM ET. Are things up or down, that is the question.

By the time you wake up on Tuesday, your mind may have a deeper understanding of whatever heavy matter landed on Monday’s plate. Gravitas may be replaced with an exuberant or excessive release as Mercury challenges Jupiter at 5:42AM ET.  It then hits 19 degrees of Pisces — triggering the degree of last week’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Who’s most likely to be affected by a potential release or realization? People with planets halfway through Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces.

For added clarity, consider the challenge you may receive to your New Moon agenda around 1:03PM ET on Tuesday, as the First Quarter Moon energizes the day and then goes void until 8:57PM ET. Roll with whatever twists may crop up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line; focus on routine concerns. Chill out over crises that may arise; a Moon void usually suggests it’s much ado about nothing. Use that note to put First Quarter Moon challenges in perspective.

There will be no other Moon voids during business hours for the rest of the work week. On Wednesday we’ll have the second of three easy alignments between Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (power & resources), exact at 4:26PM ET. The first in this series happened on October 11th; the third will be on June 26th. We may see a re-think of issues that were up in October, along with more stories about power and resources, especially energy resources such as oil, gas and nuclear. Early last week, when the Sun made contact with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter withing a two-day span, I noted a strong uptick in stories in that vein, especially the last one.

This is the last week of the Sun in Pisces, the end of the astrological year. On Sunday at 12:31AM ET, Sun enters Aries and it all begins anew. Pisces can wallow in endings, sometimes…forgetting that a new spark is just around the corner.

And now, the news.

Today’s Mercury-Saturn and Venus-Mars squares can be grumpy. I wouldn’t pick this day for a wedding, even with Venus shining so brightly in compassionate Pisces. Over at Facebook, there’s a whole Department of Compassion striving to make relationship break-ups and other endings less painful, reports the NYT. And look what I found when trying to retrieve that Facebook story. This headline: “Martin Sabo, Minnesota Congressman Known for Compassion During Era of Partisanship, Dies at 78” That story just hit the wires. Congressman Sabo was a Pisces — born February 28, 1936:

“I’ve always believed the fundamental problem with politics today are people who over-promise and overstate. I’ve tried to do the opposite,” Mr. Sabo said. “I’ve also tried to treat my colleagues with respect. I don’t recall ever making a public statement critical of my colleague, whether it’s Democrat or Republican.”

He was thought of as “understated,” which we could expect with his Pisces Sun conjunct sobering Saturn, both blurred somewhat by contact with Neptune.

As for stories of power and resources, some are more hopeful than others.  Hopeful: a father-daughter team proposes an innovative way to re-charge electric cars by having them drive on electric roads.   Not hopeful: North Korea saying it has the capacity to hit New York with a hydrogen bomb. North Korea has been making quite a bit of news in recent weeks. It declared its independence on September 9, 1948 — Sun at 16 Virgo square to Jupiter at 19 Sagittarius, suggesting a potentially bombastic, excessive need for ego aggrandizement. Transiting Jupiter is making contact with this square now for the second time, and both planets were affected by last week’s eclipse. Interesting to see that North Korea has a provocative square between Mars in potentially brutal Scorpio and Venus in drama king Leo, echoing the Mars-Venus square that is exact today. Not only that, but North Korea’s Mercury is conjunct visionary/delusional Neptune, another patterns we’ve experienced in recent days.

Astrologer Jamie Partridge has proposed a birth time for North Korea of  12:39PM in Pyongyang, which would give a Midheaven of 17 Virgo — conjunct the Sun and square Jupiter — thus exacerbating the need for aggrandizement. This would also give North Korea a Sagittarius Moon, just like Donald Trump. This suggests a need to push boundaries and — more important — have its opinion respected. Ya think?

Yesterday the NY Times ran a lengthy piece striving to analyze why Mr. Trump is the way he is and why he does what he does.  It concluded with this obvious-to-any-skilled-astrologer fact, adding that what was motivating Mr. Trump to run now was a “desire to be taken seriously”. Which is what was noted in detail in this forecast back in early August (and in less detail even earlier). Still, the chronology of events in the NYT article is a mesmerizing read. I was especially struck by this point:

In 2014, he cut a quarter-million dollar check to the Republican Governors Association, in response to a personal entreaty from the group’s chairman — Chris Christie.

I wonder if there’s any connection between that check and Governor Christie recent endorsement of Mr. Trump. I wonder if the media could forget about the zillions of dollars of revenue Trump has generated, and decide it has a moral obligation to give him as much attention as it gave…oh…Jim Webb, George Pataki, Lincoln Chafee or Jim Gilmore. What would happen then?

Meanwhile, reflecting the information junkie buzz of today’s Gemini Moon, along with other aforementioned provocative patterns, a reporter at Breitbart and her editor resigned from the conservative news outlet. Why? Because the reporter alleges she was assaulted by Mr. Trump’s campaign manager (witnessed by a reporter at the Washington Post). The reporter — Michelle Fields — felt her employer did not stand by her.

On a lighter note, today — 3/14/16 — is Pi Day. Here is a puzzle for you to solve, courtesy of The Guardian.

If the puzzle makes your head hurt, consider that while today may be Albert Einstein’s birthday, it is also DJ Rick Dees’s birthday. Quack if you remember his ’70s hit, “Disco Duck” .

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have a most excellent discussion together.