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Friday 4/7/2017 & the Weekend: Power Plays & Cuts


I hope you had a productive week.

A Virgo Moon drives the action as of 12:20AM ET, seeking to put things in order.  There’s an ease of communication in the early morning, courtesy of a helpful alignment between the Moon and Mercury. The only other exact aspect today is the annual face-off between the Sun (leaders, ego) and Jupiter (expansion, for better or for worse). This hits at 5:39 PM ET. Jupiter is currently retrograde in Libra, referring to the courts and diplomacy. Decisions handed down today may be seen in a different light around the first week of August. That’s when Jupiter will be moving forward and will have returned to the place it is at right now. Jupiter will turn direct on June 8th.

Power plays and decisions that may be labeled “harsh” are also potentials today and through the weekend, as Venus (women, money, social graces) is challenged by Saturn in opinionated Sagittarius on Saturday at 4:28 PM ET. This is the second of three Venus-Saturn squares in the series. The first happened on January 27th; the third happens on April 21st, suggesting more of the extraordinary power plays and news from underground noted this week.  Also on Saturday: the Sun will be challenged by Pluto at 8:45 PM ET. But hey, don’t worry — you can still shop on Saturday, as there is no Moon void to delude you into thinking your purchase will be useful (when it actually won’t).

A Moon-Saturn challenge at 4:21 AM ET on SUNDAY puts an ambitious or sobering spin on the early morning. Could be much ado about nothing during the ensuing four-hour void. At 8:34 AM ET, Moon enters Libra, seeking balance and harmony in relationship. Mercury turns RETROGRADE at 7:15 PM ET. Wherever 5 degrees of Taurus falls in your horoscope is where you are scheduled for a three week review. Consult your local astrologer for details.

No sleeping in on Monday. The Libra Moon will be waxing to its fullness at 2:08 

And now, the news.

Obituaries have an odd way of reflecting current planetary patterns. Saturn square Venus can be harsh. Sun opposing Jupiter can be over-the-top. How curious then, that Don Rickles, the comedian known for his insults, passed away. He was 90 — almost 91. That suggests stamina, as does this week’s Mars-Pluto alignment. Here is his horoscope.  With Venus and possibly Moon in Aries, we can see how his social expression could be brash.

Senator Jeff Merkley has stamina, suggested by an intense pattern between Saturn and Pluto in his horoscope. He can be a real work horse, and with transiting Jupiter sitting right on top of his Mercury this week, we can see how he would need to expand his communication. He spoke for 15 hours on the Senate floor, in an effort to filibuster the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch. It was one of the ten longest speeches ever made in the Senate. Expansive — and idealistic, too — suggested by Merkley’s Sun-Neptune conjunction.

Senate leaders responded by using the “nuclear option” and living up to the disruptive potential of the horoscope of the 115th Congress.  SCOTUS nominees now only need a majority of senators in order to be confirmed. “Energetically pursuing one’s pie in the sky dream’s”, writes Noel Tyl of one of the patterns currently active in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s horoscope.  And guess what? Back in February 2016 is when McConnell first dug in his heels on Merrick Garland’s nomination. Transiting Mars (action!) was exactly opposing his pile-up of stubborn Taurus planets, noted in the prior link.  Starting tomorrow and through next week, Mars will conjoin that Taurus pile-up, completing a cycle that started in June of 2015. Pay attention for clues for McConnell’s next two-year plan.

Other harsh news: the top story at the Washington Times (one of Antonin Scalia’s two favorite newspapers) is about a woman prosecutor who has been removed from all first-degree murder cases by Florida governor Rick Scott. Why? Because she refuses to seek the death penalty, as we might expect from someone symbolizing the compassionate potential of Venus in Pisces. She was elected to her office, mind you — but an opinionated patriarch (the symbolism of Saturn in Sagittarius) has blocked her. Fun Fact: Rick Scott (Dec 1 1952 in Bloomington IL) actually has Venus square Saturn in his horoscope. His potentially harsh social expression is being supercharged by transiting Pluto right now.

Meanwhile, an American woman who voted for P45 is stunned that her Mexican husband has been deported. He has no criminal record. They have children dependent upon his income, etc.  The papers are filled with such stories these days. In Texas, a registered Republican woman (and green card holder) was sentenced to eight years in prison for voting illegally. Harsh indeed.  In other news, the crackdown of Saturn (control, borders) in Sagittarius (opinion, media) is evident in this headline: “Government Seeks to Unmask Trump Dissident on Twitter.”   The “dissident” in question is allegedly an anonymous government employee in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Department. If we did not have an understanding of astrology, we might be stunned by the continuous assaults on the First Amendment we’ve seen this year.

Update: Twitter filed suit; the ACLU got involved and the request for the unmasking was withdrawn. Suit dropped — hopefully case closed.

Now this is a curious thing. I have been trying to post my promised take on Ivanka’s horoscope, along with some observations on the astrological timing of Stephen K. Bannon’s change of status. However, every time I try to save and post those specific paragraphs,  the page crashes. Coincidence or conspiracy? Mercury stationary retrograde? I’ll take it as a sign that now is not the time; here’s what the late-night comics are saying.

Thank you for reading this forecast. If you are curious to know what’s going on in your own personal horoscope, here’s how to contact me. Astrology really is amazing!