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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/24/2015 & the Weekend: How to Handle Venus Retrograde


…on a day with Moon in Scorpio, seeking knowledge for the sake of power and control. An artsy or intensely dreamy escape can be yours this afternoon, as the Moon aligns perfectly with rose-colored Neptune. I’m off the museum…

Tomorrow, emotional intensity may be further disrupted by the clash between Mars (action, war, cars, guns, violence) and Uranus (technology, accidents, aviation, seismic activity, shocks to the system, cosmos) at 5:42AM ET.  I say “further” because we usually see these tense aspects reflected in our experience before they become exact. And a quick look at the headlines confirms this:  LaGuardia airport shut down by a power outage (disruption); the closest Earth-like planet yet (possibly) discovered; a 4.0 quake reported in California (so tiny, by earthquake standards — and still it makes headlines); a random shooting in a movie theater in Louisiana. There are other stories reflecting more long-term patterns that I hope I will find time to discuss soon.

There is no Moon void on Saturday to deter your yard sale shopping sprees. Venus turning retrograde at 5:29AM ET is another story.

Venus turns retrograde at 0 degrees Virgo, a placement that suggests a need for refinement and analytical detail in social expression. It’s also a bit of a perfectionist. Venus will move backwards through Leo until September 6th. Then it will move forward again at 14 degrees of Leo, so you can go over what you just went over all over again.

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months. I understand that was a long time ago, so let’s review the basics. Ready?

Venus refers to how we need to express ourselves socially. It also refers to women, art, beauty and money. In health matters, Venus refers to the belt line area of the body (and internal organs at the belt line, as well as the thyroid and the throat).  Venus also rules copper, which is an important indicator of economic growth in the commodities markets.

In our social interactions, Venus is the sugar that sweetens our needs and demands, facilitating cooperation in relationships. When direct in motion, Venus supports social graces and words like “please” and “thank you”. When retrograde, courtesy and consideration do not come so easily — and relationships suffer the consequences. The image I hold of Venus retrograde is one of those old-fashioned sardine cans — the ones where you had to use a key to open them. Roll back the lid of the sardine can and there you have it: stinky fish exposed, for all to see. There’s no hiding that smell.

Venus retrograde often presents a relationship, material or aesthetic challenge wherever it is traveling in your horoscope.

Generally speaking, tried and true connections may be strained, but durable. Less sturdy bonds may snap. All that fishy smell can mess up your aesthetic senses, too. Be very careful about starting a fling with that hot new thing during this time period, lest ye awaken in a month or so with buyer’s remorse — or worse — the horrible panicked aftermath of a coyote date. This applies to all partnerships, not just romantic ones.

Exercise caution in matters of decor. If you’re planning on redecorating, pick your colors out now, rather than during Venus retrograde. Putting in an offer on a new home? The value of the home may be inflated; make sure you’re not paying too much. Look under the rugs, kick the tires — make sure you’re not seduced by surface charm covering up so much…stinky fish.

What good can come out of Venus retrograde? Plenty!

Artistic and creative projects you abandoned may be ripe for a second chance at completion. You may REconnect with a past love. You could REview your handling of financial matters; perhaps there is room for some REorganizing and REstructuring.  You may find yourself REconsidering the value of all of your relationships during the month of August, but there’s likely no need to make an impulsive leap forward or a major break. You may even REconsider the value of what you value, including money.

So that’s Venus retrograde.

On Sunday, Uranus will follow suit — please refer to Monday’s forecast for thoughts on that. The Moon will be void between 5:14AM ET and 8:24AM ET. Then it blasts into Sagittarius, likely lifting spirits for the next two days. No sleeping in on Monday….