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Monday 1/31/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; New Moon in Aquarius; Mercury Direct & More

It’s Monday, and the Moon entered Aquarius at 4:42 AM ET, driving the day with a need to network and innovate, ultimately being recognized for its unique social significance. There are no exact aspects to the Moon during business hours in the Americas today. Perhaps some are still processing the disruptive revelations that hit us yesterday (Sunday), as the Sun (leaders) squared Uranus (surprise!) Exhibit A: TFG’s promise to pardon insurrectionists should he be elected in 2024 — along with this — (as Heather Cox Richardson explains):

After more than a year of insisting he just wanted to address the problem of voter fraud, which he falsely claimed had stolen the election from him, [TFG] just came right out and said he wanted to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

 Avid Readers know that a dead Moon-– i.e., one that reflects no light from the Sun —  is apt for clandestine meetings and other events you might wish to keep under the radar. This puts HCR’s commentary on TFG’s planned statement in perspective:

Apparently, declaring it openly makes it harder for people to see it as a crime.

Meanwhile, we may be feeling the listlessness or restlessness of the dark/dead Moon. We sense that something new is just around the corner, but we don’t know what it is. At 10:25 PM ET, Moon squares rebel Uranus, perhaps giving us a clue — and delivering another shock to the system. At 12 :46 AM ET, Moon meets up with the Sun, planting seeds for the next lunar cycle. Happy Chinese New Year (of the Tiger), by the way!

Here is what the New Moon in Aquarius looks like, set in D.C.:


  • The theme of “shock to the system” is echoed by Uranus, right on the Descendant — a.k.a., the cusp of the 7th house — a.k.a., significant others, including open enemies.
  • The Ascendant of this chart is 10 Scorpio; the Descendant is 10 Taurus. When Joe Biden took his oath of office, the time was 11:49 AM ET — ahead of schedule. The Ascendant at that time was 10 Taurus, which makes that degree worth watching. Uranus has been at 10 Taurus since December 30th.
  • Venus has been in a nearly exact trine (harmony) with Uranus for several days, and in this chart, it rules the 7th house — all of those significant others. As it turns out, however, the anticipated alignment has been thwarted by Venus turning direct. The next harmony between Venus and Uranus will have to wait until Spring, when Venus enters Pisces. One symbolism of a Venus-Uranus trine might be ready acceptance of “unconventional” women, especially women in authority. It’s an apt alignment for all the talk last week of Biden’s vow to nominate a Black woman to replace Justice Breyer, is it not?
  • Seven planets — including the New Moon — are crammed into the 3rd House — documents, thinking and communication, local transportation and neighbors — including neighboring countries. These themes are likely to be hot — and driven by assertive and/or aggressive energy, for better or for worse.
  • Themes of intrigue, deception, victimization, faith and/or salvation are likely to crop up in matters regarding children, ambassadors, arsenals and conception/creativity.
  • The South Node is on President Biden’s 27 Scorpio Sun –– exact on February 7th. Suggests high visibility and engagement with groups and significant others.  This New Moon squares President Biden’s Mars — which is already feeling the call to action as Uranus gets closer to an exact opposition in March.
  • Neptune squares TFG’s Moon and Sun — we’re in for months of bewildering spin. Neptune also squares the U.S. Mars, which has enough trouble staying real about matters involving aggression and assertion (because Mars is squared by Neptune in the U.S. horoscope).
  • After processing the shock of their respective contacts with Uranus, Moon and Sun next meet up with Saturn, which is at the very bottom — the root — of this chart. Saturn symbolizes control, ambition, structure, limitations and/or blocks.
  • The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a barometer.” Sabian Sage Blain Bovee notes that a barometer is used to predict changes in the weather, not measure them. He also notes that “the higher one is in elevation, the lower the atmospheric pressure” (and thus, no stormy weather). Hmm. It seems that this is not the time to act on base instincts. Bovee advises us to approach this Symbol’s potential with a mind to “maintaining poise while reading how the tides change; one’s position relative to the peaks and troughs of the collective; knowing what is coming by sensing the prevailing mood. We should be aware of “forecasting trends, money, commodities, consumer, intellectual, social.” Astrologer James Burgess offers more here. As I see it, now that Venus is moving direct and Mercury is days away from doing so, we will see in this lunar cycle what changes in mindset and values have occurred, which will launch us full speed ahead as Spring approaches. In the political arena, I anticipate news of significant persons choosing sides based on which way they believe the winds will blow.
  • You are more personally impacted by the seed-planting potential of this New Moon if you have planets or angles around 13 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Back to the daily forecast:

  • TUESDAY: Moon meets up with Saturn at 6:01 AM ET. What thud, block or architecture of advance will we see in the headlines? How will it involve networks, freedom, friendships and/or technology? We will have an entire day to mull it over — and not freak out over a perceived crisis. Why? Because the Aquarius Moon will be void of course for 23 hours and 58 minutes. Stick to routine concerns; roll with the twists and flakes; don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. CHILL.
  • WEDNESDAY: Moon enters Pisces at 5:59 AM ET, inviting empathy for whatever went on the day before. Go with the intuitive flow. There are no exact aspects to the Moon — i.e., not much to engage or focus on — until later in the day, when Moon sextiles Mars at 5:32 PM ET and meets up with Jupiter at 6:57 PM ET. Translation: a cooperative flow of assertive energy — possibly initiated with a surge of enthusiasm, for better or worse. Cooperation among unconventional alliances is supported by the easy flow between the Moon and Venus, at 12:30 AM ET and 1:34 AM ET, respectively on…
  • THURSDAY. This day is ripe for intuition and going with the flow — with two caveats that require focus. First is that the Moon meets up with (dreamy) Neptune at 6:53 PM ET. As the day progresses, the seeds for a new vision (or delusion) may emerge. Second is that MERCURY is at a virtual standstill, turning DIRECT at 11:12 PM ET. Note that Mercury will turn direct at 24 Capricorn, exactly opposite the U.S. natal Mercury. What will be revealed about our national mindset today? Take it slow as minds get back up to speed and we can see how some of our seemingly brilliant Mercury Rx ideas weren’t really all that! Take care while in transit. The Pisces Moon lends a helpful hand as it sextiles Mercury at 11:55 PM ET. We won’t be fully up to speed until February 25th, when Mercury gets back to where it was when it turned retrograde.
  • FRIDAY: Moon sextiles Pluto at 4:40 AM ET and then goes void until 9:56 AM ET. That’s your excuse for sleeping in — or any other twist or flake to your morning. Today, however, sleeping in may not be the best use of your energy, given the harmony between Mars and Jupiter, exact at 8:37 AM ET. This sextile between the planets representing action and expansion is especially potent because both planets are in signs (Capricorn and Pisces) in which they perform effectively and happily. You — or anyone else — could use this flow to your advantage all week — not just on the day the pattern is exact.
  • FRIDAY: Speaking of action, that’s exactly what the Moon has on its agenda when it zooms into Aries at 9:56 AM ET. “Ready! Fire! Aim!” is how astrologer Rick Levine describes the nature of Aries, and he speaks from personal experience. Where is all of this “get things started — get out of my way” energy headed? And how will it handle the sobering reality check of the annual conjunction of the Sun (leaders of state and industry) and Saturn (control, karma, loss, authoritarian advance), exact at 2:04 PM ET? Here’s what happened last year. Fun fact: when thinking about this year’s Sun-Saturn meet-up, “When the Whip Comes Down” — by the Rolling Stones — popped into my mind. Probably because of the chorus, as I confess, I’d never really listened to the rest of the lyrics — which is how I’m experiencing the revelation potential of the Sun and Moon squaring Uranus! [Insert dance break here.] Right. Anyhoo, on Friday the late-night news dump may be provocative, as the Aries Moon squares warrior Mars at 1:27 AM ET on...
  • SATURDAY: A clash of aesthetics or a pushy social expression starts the day, as the me-me-me-first Aries Moon squares Venus at 7:56 AM ET. The afternoon is better suited for constructive initiative, profiting from the cooperative connections among the Moon, Saturn and the Sun at 3:22 PM ET and 5:17 PM ET, respectively.
  • SUNDAY: A clash of mindset and communication starts this day, as the me-first Aries Moon squares Mercury at 7:42 AM ET. Oh how Aries loves to clash — and the next one arrives around 12:20 PM ET, as Moon squares Pluto, prompting a power play or a catharsis.  CHILL during the ensuing void. Skip the impulse online or yard sale shopping, as things bought during Moon voids often do not live up to expectations. At 5:52 PM ET, Moon enters Taurus, stoic in its efforts to build, maintain and/or restore the status quo.

I am going to ship this forecast to email subscribers now and add the news later. I need to run an errand, and besides, there is no heat in the building, as the boiler malfunctioned in the middle of the night. A blow-out involving heat in the home is not a surprise at all for me, with transiting Mars — ruler of my 4th house — active in my horoscope.  I love how astrology identifies the logic and order in apparently random chaos. It is such a useful tool to have — and a very good thing to know about.

Astrology is amazing.

Here is the 411 on personal consultations. Here is the link to the Cosmic Tip Jar, with gratitude.

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