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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/6/2013: The Secret’s Out & Mind the Void

We are still in the long void of course Taurus Moon, which started yesterday at 9:25AM ET and will continue to drive the day pretty much nowhere until 11:32PM tonight, when the Moon enters Gemini. I know, I do go on and on about these voids, but after observing them for years, I feel they are significant. And thus I seek to inform you about how they work, so you can live your life better.

For example, during Tuesday’s void when the Moon was in Aries, I wrote that we should be aware of the potential for  some to be rushing about in a dangerously self-absorbed and unaware frame of mind. In my world, this was reflected by a handyman flaking on a scheduled appointment. Then, as I was walking to the subway, I paused before crossing the street, even though the “walk” signal said it was OK. To my left, I saw a truck barreling towards the intersection, and I sensed the driver had no intention of braking. My sense was correct; the truck flew through the intersection and the crosswalk. And while my pause at the crosswalk caused me to miss my subway train by a matter of seconds, it also prevented me from becoming road kill.

Missing the subway, led to me missing the shuttle bus that would take me to my final destination, where apparently a meeting had been scheduled that I did not know about, because I failed to notice the email announcing said meeting when I logged on to my office computer. But there were no consequences for my missing the meeting — and I am not sure if anything productive came out of it, anyway.  Meanwhile, there was a kerfuffle over some missing video footage, which was eventually discovered after a few fiery Moon in Aries exchanges. But alas and alack, another issue was discovered with said footage during yesterday’s all-day Moon in Taurus void, etc., etc., etc. Get the picture? If you do not have the luxury of chilling for the next 15 hours, go with the flow and do not let your egos turn molehill snafus into mountains, even if others around you are visibly stressing out. You can be like oil on troubled waters, given your special awareness of planetary patterns.

While there are no exact aspects today, there is a huge truckload of other patterns that will be exact tomorrow and are being felt, especially in the news. First, as we mentioned yesterday, we’ve got mental, communicative Mercury in homeland security-focused Cancer being challenged mightily by the Uranus-Pluto. So what secrets have hit the fan? How about this bombshell: a domestic surveillance program that seems to involve the Obama Administration getting records of perhaps every phone call anyone has ever made. Really, it looks that intrusive…and why? Perhaps because they can. Thus is it really a surprise? There was another story about seizing information — SCOTUS ruled a few days ago that it is OK to take DNA samples from anyone taken into custody…

In other front page news, American prosecutors charged Chinese scientists working in the US with leaking trade secrets involving technology. Another leak — this one involving Neptune themes of water and Uranus-Pluto themes of radiation — has been discovered at the Fukushima nuclear plant, just as two planets (Mercury and Venus) hit the Aries Point this week, which was where Uranus (nuclear energy) was on the day of the original earthquake/tsunami in March of 2011. When Mars and Jupiter hit the Aries Point in the first two weeks of July, we’ll probably see more headlines on this story.

More news involving the void of course Moon. As I have mentioned before, the 113th Congress — the one driving all the legislation for the next two years, started its session during a persnickety and ultimately ineffectual void Moon in Virgo. So it is no surprise to see this story alleging that it plans to vote on legislation to defund an organization that no longer exists…and which it already defunded back in 2009. How’s that for an action that is of no consequence?

For news involving Mars-Neptune themed fraud, here’s an important safety tip about fake websites on Facebook that will attempt to wipe out your bank account — presented here as a public service. Mars-Neptune also refers to razzle-dazzle and Hollywood glamor, and thus it is interesting to see a front page article arguing that Hollywood film stars are losing their luster when it comes to selling magazines.

Last but not least — another PSA. Robert Reich, a Berkeley professor who served as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration and whose Cancer Sun was just blessed with a communicative hit from Mercury and Venus, has posted another intriguing video, this one in response to last month’s revelation on how corporations like Apple avoid paying taxes, and specifically, what it means to you when corporations rebel against the boundaries of a nation-state. It concern the battle for control of resources, another Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn ongoing theme. Whether you agree with his take or not, it’s good fodder for a (hopefully) intelligent discussion. And don’t you just love the quote about astrologers on Reich’s website (the first link in this paragraph)?

Have a lovely day, and thank you for reading this forecast.