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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/9/2012: Sunny Day

…and we’re back, after a lovely Columbus Day weekend escape to points south. Judging from the chilly grey day that greeted me upon my return to New York (and continues to linger outside my window), I’d say summer is officially over. Today’s planetary patterns, however, hold plenty of potential for warmth and sun.

Moon roared into Leo at 7:55AM ET, buoyed by an optimistic connection between the Sun in lovely Libra and expansive Jupiter at 1:52AM ET.Add to this a perspicacious and potent connection between transformational Pluto and loving Venus at 4:03AM ET, and the stage is set for a bold and dramatic statement of feeling or element of play that may bring heretofore hidden agenda to light. Or at least encourage you to step out of the shadows and shine. True, there may be a hitch, an ambitious reach or a sobering factor to contend with around 8:45AM ET, but planetary patterns for the rest of the day suggest an easy flow between the need to shine and actions required to do so, with an innovative and/or humanitarian flair.  If there are clashes of opinion or mindset, those are more likely toward the end of day, as suggested by a challenge between the regal Leo Moon and mental Mercury in controlling, “prove it to me” Scorpio.

Keep chugging along, wrapping up your agenda from the New Moon on September 15th, and note the natural rest periods suggested by these Moon voids: Wednesday 5:40PM ET – Thursday 3:23PM ET; Friday 7:48PM ET – Saturday 7:02PM ET.

In other news, two planetary patterns occurred over the weekend worth noting. First, Mars, which refers to the kind of energy that needs to be applied when taking action, entered the high-flying, philosopher-clown sign of Sagittarius at 11:21PM ET Saturday.What does that mean? Simply put: this is the most opinionated placement for Mars, and we can expect plenty of blunt words expressed over the next few weeks, which is a strong caveat to those prone to foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Speaking of Mars, how about that weird, wild, magical, mystical challenge from nebulous Neptune, which was exact at 10:12PM ET on Sunday? When Mars and Neptune collide (symbolically), we can expect big doses of charisma, pixie dust, show-stopping glamor, religious and spiritual highs, or outright lies, delusions and deranged fanaticism. We can expect reality to become a highly subjective state of being, exemplified by the “deranged” response to the better-than-expected numbers in last Friday’s jobs report, alleging a conspiracy. What’s the real story behind these numbers? I confess I appreciated this analysis posted on CNBC’s website, minus the cynicism. With Uranus (freedom) in Aries (pioneering individual) from 2011 – 2018, the trend is self-reliance, as governments, corporations and other institutions (Capricorn) break down and transform (Pluto). You do remember that Pluto is in Capricorn (since Fall of 2008), yes? This is a great time to be an entrepreneur…

…and about that sunny day promised at the top of the forecast, here’s a little song for you. And would you believe, the clouds are breaking as I type. Take it away, Big Bird!