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Tuesday 11/16/2021: Late Sneak Peek at the Week; Lengthy Observations on a Lengthy Lunar Eclipse

Allll-righty then!

It’s Monday…and the expansive buzz of the weekend continues to permeate the start of the workweek, as noted in the last Forecast:

  • By now we should be feeling the expansion and exuberance (and perhaps some wretched ego excess) of a square between the Sun and Jupiter around midday on MONDAY. By then, we’ll also be feeling the disruptive buzz of Mars (the energy of action and assertion), as it prepares to oppose rebel Uranus around noon ET on the 17thHere’s a bunch of Mars opposing Uranus action from January 2014.

After the 17th (Wednesday), we’ll be warming up for an especially significant Full Moon in Taurus on Friday, which is also a partial lunar eclipse. Here’s how it goes:

  • MONDAY: is driven by the pioneering Moon in me-me-me Aries, charging to the front of the line. There are no exact aspects to the Moon from any other planet during business hours today, but don’t worry. If your pioneering drive wasn’t fully engaged today, wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, the expansion and exuberance of the Sun-Jupiter square (exact at 2:58 PM ET) were aptly reflected by the “celebratory signing” by President Biden of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, which truly is cause for celebration for New York straphangers, because thanks to Biden’s bill, subway fares will not increase and service will not be cut.   For the records, 95% of Republicans in Congress voted against it, and if you were watching Fox “News” yesterday, what you saw on the air was the closing arguments in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial instead of the historic signing. Thus you may not have learned what this infrastructure bill means for you. Anyhoo, the power and resources behind this expansive cooperative event are reflected by harmony (a sextile) between the Sun (leaders, energy) and Pluto (empowerment!), exact on TUESDAY. If you didn’t have a celebratory bill-signing event on your calendar today, I hope you found other productive expressions of sunny exuberance. For me, it was a serenade of “You Are My Sunshine” — to the most excellent nurse tasked with giving me an IV for a routine medical procedure. That’s my coping strategy for an aversion to needles — and fortunately, the nurse seemed to enjoy it.
  • TUESDAY: the Aries Moon echoes the action of the Scorpio Sun as it sextiles Jupiter at 8:55 AM ET, and then squares Pluto at 10:50 AM ET. Avid Readers know that the Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto suggests power plays and catharses. Whatever is released then, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill over it just yet, as the Aries Moon goes void for the next 10+ hours. Roll with whatever twists and flakes derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Remember that crises that arise during Moon voids are usually much ado about nothing. Refrain from impulse shopping sprees; stick to routine concerns; work on your novel — and CHILL. When the Moon enters Taurus at 9:17 PM ET, the gears engage — and the need to build and maintain material comfort, security, and the status quo takes over. That need is challenged by another pattern we’ve been feeling for the past several days: the opposition of Mars (action, war, guns, men) and Uranus (upsets, innovation, mutations & things that are out of this world), exact on…
  • WEDNESDAY: …at 12:23 PM ET. A shock to the system may be seen as an authoritative cut or advance, reflecting the Taurus Moon’s square to Saturn at 1:19 PM ET. The rest of the day is a mixed bag, as comfort-preservers connect with the status-minded, reflecting the Moon’s trine to Venus in Capricorn at 7:38 PM ET. That’s followed by an upset or streak of genius, as Moon meets up with Uranus at 9:44 PM ET — but not without heated opposition, as Mars opposes the Moon at 10:20 PM ET. If only we all shared the same dreams and ideals. I say this because on…
  • THURSDAY: …at 10:37 AM ET, Mercury (how we need to think) trines Neptune (dreams & ideals). So this is a good morning to take note of your dreams and inspirations, and the Moon’s sextile to Neptune at 2:13 PM ET may coincide with tangible realizations of what can manifest. Emotions are likely running high, as the Taurus Moon is waxing full –– and that may be reflected in a hard-headed debate, as Moon opposes Mercury (in “get to the point”) Scorpio at 2:47 PM ET. Power and resources may align in the evening, courtesy of unconventional alliances, as Moon squares Jupiter at 9:22 PM ET and trines Pluto at 10:57 PM ET.
  • FRIDAY: A curious attraction to the avant-garde reflects the trine between Venus and Uranus, exact at 1:07 AM ET. This is the set-up for the Full Moon — which is also a partial lunar eclipse — and here’s where it can be seen.

A pause, while we look at this eclipse, happening at 3:57 AM in Washington, D.C.:


  •  Yes, it’s the longest lunar eclipse in almost 600 years, which gives the lamestream media a tidbit to tempt you into clicking on their websites. Otherwise, yes, there is a justifiable buzz about this eclipse, and since more than one Avid Reader has asked about it, here are a number of lengthy observations — in honor of this lengthy eclipse.
  • What I hope you’ll learn here — even if you’re not a serious student of astrology — is that the horoscope tells a story. There’s a moment of potential at any given moment, and we follow the subsequent movements of the planets at that moment as if they were players on a stage. The challenge for the astrologer is determining what the planets represent; i.e., who are these players? Astrologers are not psychics. We can’t know specific details of how storylines symbolized by patterns in a horoscope will play out. We rely on the entity living out those patterns to fill us in. But once the players reveal themselves,  we can anticipate how they are likely to develop. With respect to this eclipse and what it may hold for the United States, I’m not entirely sure who the players are (though I have a few theories),  but even without certainty, we can still get a sense of the action ahead. Got that?
  • This is the first of a series of eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio. The series continues until October 2023. From now until then, we are collectively working on issues involving “what’s mine” (Taurus) vs. “what’s ours” (Scorpio). Taurus values material comfort; tangible structures of security and simple physical pleasures. Scorpio values intangible structures of emotional depth (intimacy), coupled with the power of knowing. If there isn’t a balance between these two opposing sides, the side that is lacking (and likely annoyed about it for some time) is likely to make itself known. The illumination leads to a release in an effort to achieve a balance — which ideally enables the hero of our story to rise — or fall —  to a new level.
  • The chart set in Washington D.C. has a 20 Libra Ascendant. Libra is ruled by Venus; ergo, Venus is the ruler of this eclipse, with respect to the United States. Venus is in the 3rd house — mindset, neighbors, documents, short journeys. It is in Capricorn and it has dignity (“dignity” being the technical term describing an entity’s ability to perform). Venus has just separated from a trine (harmony) with Uranus (rebels, eccentrics, mad scientists, and humanitarians). All this month, Venus has been trying to connect with Mars in a sextile relationship. A sextile is a cooperative aspect between two parties. At present, Mars is stronger than Venus in terms of its dignity, as Mars is in Scorpio, one of the signs it rules (in traditional astrology; modern astrologers assign rulership of Scorpio to Pluto). But here’s the thing: Scorpio is not a comfortable energy for Venus; though Mars is exceptionally comfortable with Capricorn. And here’s another thing: the sextile between Venus and Mars isn’t going to happen, because Venus is slowing down…preparing to turn retrograde on December 19th. Rather than harmonizing with Mars (in Scorpio, which is Venus’ detriment), Venus is going to meet up with Pluto (motto: change or die; resistance is futile) three times in her retrograde period, which runs into early March. When Venus is retrograde, we are given an opportunity to review matters related to who, what, and how we need to love. That includes money and worth; women and aesthetics. Remember, Venus is in Capricorn, and Capricorn refers to the Establishment: structures of government and other corporate entities and authorities.
  • Venus does connect with Mars in February when the two will be dancing around each other all month. However, they will connect because Mars catches up with Venus. By then, both planets will be in Capricorn, where Mars is considered to be “exalted,” for better or for worse. In other words, Mars in Capricorn may be accorded high status (i.e., put on a pedestal) that could be more hat than cattle. We shall see. Venus will not have dignity in this Mars-Venus meet-up; her ability to perform is a bit of a wild card, frankly, she might not be terribly invested in it, and besides, Venus will have a third date with Pluto on March 3rd. And guess what? So will Mars, though it will only be a one-night stand. Remember, Pluto is breakdown, transformation, empowerment, extremes. Resistance is futile.
  • Three days later, on March 6th, Venus and Mars meet up again — only this time, Venus is doing the chasing. Both planets are transformed — because now they have both left Capricorn and are at 0 degrees of Aquarius. That’s interesting for a few reasons. First, we are reminded that Venus in trine with Uranus was the setup for the November 19th eclipse. Now that Venus and Mars are in the sign modern astrologers associate with Uranus, will their focus be on great humanitarian causes, revolution, fringe movements, or rocket science — with respect to these United States?  Second, 0 Aquarius is the degree of the December 21, 2020, Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, otherwise known as the Great Mutation, i.e., the end of a 200-year era dominated by the element of Earth, and the beginning of a 200-year era dominated by the element of Air. Third, this will be the first time Mars has been in Aquarius since 12/21/2020, so it’s going to serve as a trigger for the Great Mutation. Fourth, Mars at 0 Aquarius has no essential dignity, but Venus does — in the sense that it may be fearfully focused as a result of its hook-up with this no longer exalted Mars. Hmmm.  Also of interest: hours before (on March 5th), the Sun and Jupiter will meet up in Pisces. Their last “charged” connection was yesterday, November 15th. It will be interesting to see how yesterday’s headlines have developed, as reported by Heather Cox Richardson.

More observations:

  • Pluto is at the root of this eclipse, with respect to the United States. Look at the chart and you’ll see Pluto quite clearly at the bottom (root) of the horoscope: breakdown, transformation, empowerment, extremes.
  • The eclipse is conjunct the fixed star Algol — a.k.a., “the blinking demon” — a.k.a., the Medusa’s head. Algol is an “eclipsing star” — who knew?  It does have a bad rap in astrology, as it is associated with destruction, sickness and literally losing one’s head. But perhaps that depends on who is telling the story. Medusa has evolved into a feminist icon, with the power to turn patriarchy into stone. It’s fascinating that Avid Reader Lillian tagged me on Facebook yesterday, asking if I’d seen the statue of the Medusa that was installed outside Manhattan’s criminal courthouse last year — coinciding with sexual predator Harvey Weinstein‘s trial. I had — but the timing of the reminder doesn’t feel like a coincidence.  Algol’s prominent involvement seems to amplify what a lunar eclipse represents: illumination and release — of what no longer serves.
  • The eclipsed Moon is in the 8th house in this chart for Washington, D.C. The 8th refers to shared investments/values, debt, taxes, inheritances, and death. Planets in the 8th may function as if they are “locked away” — perhaps because they are so focused on managing the resources of others (sometimes in occult/alternative healing ways) that they have difficulty expressing themselves for their own advantage.  Note that Venus rules the 8th house of this chart, as well as the Ascendant, thus increasing the importance of the affairs of the 8th house.
  • In this chart, the Moon rules the 10th house — the leader of the nation — and this eclipsed Moon at 27 Taurus opposes President Biden’s 27 Scorpio Sun. The last time Biden experienced an eclipse opposing his Sun was in November 2002. A look at that time in his life — through the end of 2003 — may offer clues to what may be on his calendar in 2022.
  • This eclipse opposes Mitt Romney’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction at 27 Scorpio, so he’ll be another one to watch. Anyone with planets at 27 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will be more personally affected by the illumination and release potential of this eclipse.
  • The Sabian Symbols for this eclipse are the same as the May 2019 Full Moon in Scorpio, only swapped:  “a woman pursued by mature romance” (for the Moon), and “the king of the fairies approaching his domain” (for the Sun). Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee suggests we apply these Symbols with a mind for “…attempting to maintain a mature center while being called to a deep longing; trying not to lose one’s head in love and romance…personal creativity blooming late in life; attentions that seem to come out of another realm; a strange sense of security in never quite returning home; staying with a rigid routine out of fear of mystery.”  Other Sabian Symbol specialists argue for a “make it or break it” potential, as in a second chance of fulfilling the heart’s desires. Hmm. Interesting that the May 2019 Full Moon was the first lunation after April 25th, when Biden announced he was running for president.

There’s more, but that’s plenty to consider — and we’ll all watch how it unfolds over the next several months.  On with the forecast for the rest of the week.

  • FRIDAY: After the Full Moon at 3:57 AM ET, the Moon goes void until 9:32 AM ET, which may be an East Coaster’s excuse for sleeping through their alarm. The rest of the day is driven by the Moon in pixie chatterbox Gemini, needing to talk and gather more information. Thought and communication create an authoritative structure in the evening, reflecting the Moon’s trine to Saturn, exact on…
  • SATURDAY: …at 2:12 AM ET. The Gemini Moon makes no aspects to any other planet for the rest of the day, but Big Ideas in publishing, court opinions, foreign affairs, and travel are likely to pull focus, as Mercury squares Jupiter at 6:42 PM ET. Meanwhile, your late-night date may be a dream or a fantasy, as Moon squares Neptune at 3:05 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY. There’s depth and power in thought and communication all weekend, reflecting the cooperative connection between Mercury and Pluto at 4:13 AM ET. Watch the op-eds for a message from the Powers That Be. Rise and shine with enthusiasm, as Moon trines Jupiter at 10:51 AM ET — and that’s as late as I’d be snapping up bargains at the local yard sale (do we even have yard sales anymore?).  The Gemini Moon then goes void for almost 12 hours. Take care of routine tasks and CHILL. Sun enters Sagittarius at 9:33 PM ET; Moon enters Cancer at 10:32 PM ET; more on both in the next forecast.


I’m dying to share all the news — but will save it for next time. I leave you instead with a link to Episode 8 of The Maverick Podcast — hosted by my dear friend and astrologer colleague Kathy Rose. I was delighted to be her invited guest for a talk we recorded on Halloween. My ostrich-feathered purple witch’s hat didn’t make the cut, but you may still find our discussion about “maverick” patterns provocative and entertaining. Anything “maverick” is apt for today’s Moon in Aries, with the Mars-Uranus opposition humming in the background. The video link is here…feel free to post a comment. Or, if you prefer...here’s the audio-only.  We had so much fun that we’re planning another episode, to be released in mid-January.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.