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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/13/2012: Venus in the Hot Seat

Monday begins dreamily enough, with the Moon in sensitive Cancer in an easy connection with nebulous Neptune at 8:30AM ET. Did you note your dreams upon waking? Could have been quite a trip.

The need of the first part of this week  is emotional and/or homeland security — all the way until Wednesday at 2:05PM. For some, that need may be a challenge. Do you remember the week of July 16th? Aggressive Mars was actively engaged with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square. That was a tough week for many, especially those whose horoscopes are directly impacted by this powerful pattern. James E. Holmes, the man who took out his aggression in a movie theater in Colorado, is an example of a “worst-case scenario” of a horoscope triggered by a challenging Mars transit.

This week we have loving Venus — women, money, art, beauty — actively engaged with Uranus and Pluto. Pay attention to events happening now, as we will see this pattern repeated the week before the US election on November 6th, and it may feel oddly familiar. At its best, ruthless Pluto challenging Venus can empower one’s social position and/or artistry. Just ask Paul Ryan, the presumptive Republican nominee for Vice-President, who is experiencing a Pluto-Venus empowerment in his own horoscope. At its worst, this aspect can bring out emotional overkill and witchy-bitchy women as in “If I be waspish, best beware my sting.” Or the witchy-bitchiness may be taken out ON women. I’ll give you an example of emotional overkill in a minute.

Add to this mix eccentric Uranus. When engaged with Venus, Uranus suggests a taste for the unusual and unconventional. Sudden attractions that end as quickly as they begin. It also suggests the needs of the collective taking precedence over the needs of the individual. Got that? Now we add another aspect: aggressive Mars hooking up with disciplined Saturn in Libra (exact at 6:37AM ET on Wednesday). At its best, we think “military precision”, as in the military precision already noted in the exquisitely-executed landing of Curiosity on Mars. At its worst, we think of the military — or militant — precision of a police officers in Times Square who executed (with Venus-Pluto overkill, some argue) a knife-wielding man (bizarre, sudden Venus-Uranus encounter) on Saturday. That was the promised example of emotional overkill.

Those are the highlights of the week: Pluto opposing Venus and Mars conjunct Saturn on Wednesday; Uranus square Venus on Thursday. Now that you are aware of them, you can temper your responses to any provocative situations you encounter this week by consciously choosing not to add fuel to a fire. See if you can be more like the Mars Curiosity landing; less like the incident in Times Square. And yes, we will talk more about Paul Ryan, and why Mitt Romney can’t help but love the guy later this week.

Moon voids, so you can plan ahead:  Wednesday 4:21AM ET – 2:05PM ET; Friday 1:55PM ET – 8:33PM ET.