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Friday 10/6/2017 & the Weekend: Full Moon Fallout; When Mars Met Up With Venus…


The Moon is still in Aries, driving the day with a need to lead, championing the underdog (at its best) or dangerously self-absorbed (at its worst). If the work week ends with a big surprise, you can say you saw it coming, given the Moon’s meet-up with rebel Uranus at 2:58PM ET, followed by a face-off with expansive Jupiter at 6:38PM ET.

After a brief Moon void (chill!), Moon enters Taurus — and it’s about darn time. A Taurus Moon seeks material comfort and security — good food and drink; a snuggle with your sweetie; a nice long hot stone massage. Shop without fear on SATURDAY. Resist the urge to indulge in impulse purchases on SUNDAY, as the Moon will be void on Sunday for 12 hours, starting at 9:45 AM. At 9:44 PM ET Moon enters Gemini, seeking to be the smartest kid in the room, facilitating buzz and chatter.

Frankly, planetary patterns over the weekend are better suited for cuts, not expansion. Why? A tense aspect between Venus (money, women, aesthetics, social expression) and Saturn (control, patriarchy). No wonder P45 is all set to roll back the mandate requiring employers to include coverage for contraceptives in health care plans.  He has a tense aspect between Venus and Saturn in his own horoscope. Avid Readers may recall that the horoscope for his inauguration also has a harsh aspect between Venus and Saturn. Its worst potential is illustrated by the Queen of Swords in the Osho Tarot deck:

…especially with the power play suggested by ruthless Pluto challenging the Sun and Mercury on Sunday and Monday. A Sun-Mercury meet-up in Libra suggests thoughts and communication about fairness and balance, from a mind that may be totally fried. That meet-up happens at 4:54 PM ET on Sunday; Pluto squares Mercury at 8:24 AM ET on MONDAY, followed by a square to the Sun at 8:07 PM ET. Another shoe drops on WEDNESDAY at 8:37 AM ET when Mars (action, courage, anger) squares Saturn (control, cuts, brick walls).

Monday is a holiday in the U.S. Enjoy. No sleeping in on TUESDAY, when the Gemini Moon will definitely be buzzing, and Jupiter leaves Libra for Scorpio (to be covered in the next forecast).

And now, the news.

Guess who else has a tough aspect between Venus and Saturn? Former Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA), the 65-year-old proud sponsor of a bill passed by the House that would ban and criminalize abortions after 20 weeks. Turns out this fiercely pro-life legislator asked his 32-year-old mistress to get an abortion when she thought she might be pregnant. And then he blamed all the anti-choice posts on his Facebook page on his staff, as NYT columnist Gail Collins cheerfully explains.  Murphy’s Venus-Saturn conjunction was hit by this week’s Full Moon, whose Sabian Symbols suggested we’d see headlines about things blowing up in people’s faces (thanks to Avid Reader Lesley for sending me that tidbit).

Murphy announced he will leave Congress by the end of the month. Born on Sept 11, 1952, his 19 Virgo Sun was hit by this week’s Venus-Mars meet-up in Virgo. He might have Moon in Gemini — and if so, it would not surprise me if that Moon were around 22 degrees, thus opposed by transiting Saturn at 22 Sagittarius. That can feel sad and lonely. He also has Mars (aggression) in a tense aspect to Mercury (communication), and apparently working in his Congressional office was akin to working in a war zone, with a 100% turnover rate. Fun fact: this perpetrator of abuse, hypocrisy and deceit is a former psychologist. His horoscope suggests we’d have much to discuss if we asked him about his mother.

Meanwhile across the aisle, award-winning producer Harvey Weinstein is suing the NYT for publishing allegations of sexual harassment and settlements with women he harassed over the past few decades.  Mr. Weinstein’s offensive behavior was noted here in 2015, after an eclipse to his Pisces Sun.

Here’s another blow-up: State Street Corporation, the financial firm that brought the provocative “Fearless Girl” statue to Wall Street earlier this year, has been fined millions of dollars for its pattern of consistently paying women and minorities less than their white male peers. Perhaps that’s why it installed a statue of a little girl — not a grown woman — staring down that bull…

UPDATE: on P45. Yesterday’s Venus-Mars conjunction made a provocative hit to his horoscope, as noted here on Monday. What did he do yesterday? Hosted a dinner of military officers and called it “the calm before the storm, freaking the Twitterverse out.   Because it’s fun for him to end the week on a cliffhanger, so viewers will come back for the next episode.

I would not be surprised if White House Chief of Staff makes news in the next few days, as transiting Mars meets up with his natal Mars in Virgo.

Transiting Mars also met up with the natal Mars of Special Prosecutor Robert S. Mueller. This week it was revealed that his team met with Christopher Steele, the man behind the “pee tape”dossier on P45 and his ties to Russia. In other news, it was revealed that Jared and Ivanka have maintained at least three email accounts on a private server, and these accounts were used for official government business. It was also revealed that Ivanka and P45 Jr “were close to being charged with felony fraud, ” reports ProPublica. “New York prosecutors were preparing a case. Then the D.A. overruled his staff after a visit from a top donor: Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz.”


We do not have a birth time for Kazuo Ishiguro, winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature. Sun in Scorpio; Moon in Aries — perhaps the latter is being supercharged by Pluto. What is definitely hot in his horoscope is this: natal Mercury conjunct Neptune at 26 and 28 Libra, respectively. Mercury-Neptune aspects are superb for creators of fiction and fantasy; it’s apt that Mr. Ishiguro is known for writing from the point of view of narrators with selective memories.  His Mercury-Neptune conjunction is squared by the potentially lucky and boundless meet-up between Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer, suggesting more innovative, magical thinking. All four planets are being hit this week by Jupiter and Uranus, with their potential for lucky breaks! Of course he would win that Nobel Prize now.

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Last but not least: there’s a bookshelf in the laundry room of my building where neighbors leave offerings. On a day with a Full Moon in me-me-me Aries, opposing the Sun in we-we-we Libra AND a Venus-Mars hook-up in perfectionist Virgo, here’s what I found clustered together. Astrology is amazing.