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Monday 2/3/2020: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury in Pisces; Politics, As Usual

Happy Monday!

Moon is in Gemini as of 6:20 AM ET, after a void lasting exactly one minute. The next couple of days are driven by a need for information and communication, the smarter the better. But what kind of information? At 6:38 AM ET, Mercury — which rules Gemini and how we need to think and communicate — enters Pisces. This is not the most effective placement for a planet that is happier reciting copious and delightful amounts of trivia, backed by lots of words. Mercury is challenged by the Pisces need to gather information intuitively, and as for words, when have you every heard a fish talk?

Mercury will be in Pisces until April 11th — with one respite between March 4th and March 12th. Why so long? Because Mercury will turn retrograde on February 16th at 12 degrees of Pisces. There will be NO WHINGEING ALLOWED. But you should BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW — and be flexible with your travel plans, especially with this coronavirus that is just starting to go around. I see this potential outbreak as a reflection of Neptune, now past the halfway point in Pisces, coupled with the heavy breakdown potential of Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn.

Here’s another thing about Pisces: it’s really big on faith.  In Pisces, Mercury is not interested in thinking as much as it is interested in believing. That is the Pisces mantra: I BELIEVE. Who cares if it defies logic and reason? Pisces feels it — and believes it.  And feelings can’t be argued. They are as valid as any hardcore fact. In the realm of feelings, truth is subjective. That’s why we need to keep an eye on what information comes to light when Mercury dips back into Aquarius for eight days in March. That’s our window of objectivity between now and April. Meanwhile, if you have a poetic, artistic or spiritual vision to develop, have at it.

Planetary patterns are light this week. At 5:01 PM ET, Venus follows up on yesterday’s harmony with Pluto and sextiles Saturn. That’s helpful for cooperation, communication and creating a structure or outline for your latest project. The rest of the week goes like this”

  • TUESDAY — Moon in Gemini has no speed bumps in the morning, but things may be foggy around 3 PM ET, which is about when the Moon is squared by Neptune. Keep that in mind if you listen to any speeches later that night. A conflict of will may arise later that night, as Mars (action, anger) opposes the Moon on…
  • WEDNESDAY — at 12:07 AM ET.  Then at 4:43 AM ET, Mercury makes the first of three harmonious contacts (sextiles) with wonky Uranus. You might make note of your waking thoughts, as you may be channeling some inspiring innovation. Indulgence — or a conflict of values — is on the agenda around 9:20 AM ET, when Moon squares Venus and goes void until 2:03 PM ET. Is the Senate really going to vote on the articles of impeachment between 1 and 2 PM ET, when the Moon is void? We’ll see, but they are scheduled to convene at 1 PM ET. [UPDATE: now they are scheduled to convene at 4 PM — no Moon void].  Once the Moon enters Cancer at 2:03 PM ET, its focus is on home and homeland security — with prominence. The Moon will be right on Adam Schiff‘s Sun and Venus, Elizabeth Warren‘s Sun and Uranus, and Lamar Alexander‘s Venus and Midheaven. We shall see how they attract attention. Once in Cancer, the Moon flows without speed bumps through the rest of the day.
  • THURSDAY — News about women, art, money and social expression is likely to be prominent for the rest of the week, as Venus is at the end of Pisces, at the Aries Point. Moon continues in Cancer, hitting an expansive note regarding status and reward around 4:14 PM ET, as Jupiter opposes the Moon. Dream on into the evening, as the Moon harmonizes with Neptune.
  • FRIDAY — a potentially turbulent morning, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Saturn-Pluto at 7:02 AM and 10:43 AM ET.  Chill during the ensuing Moon void. At 3:03 PM ET, Venus enters Aries, the sign of ‘not now, but RIGHT NOW!” — and that sums up our collective social expression for the next few weeks, until March 4th. Not the best time for cosmetic upgrades. Moon enters Leo at 5:45 PM ET, looking for an excuse to party and shine. You could start your weekend early —  during the void. You’re not likely to miss anything of consequence. We may see a jolt or other surprise around 10:43 PM ET, as Moon squares Uranus.
  • SATURDAY — No exact aspects to the Leo Moon. Party on dudes, but do note that emotions are on the rise, given that the Full Moon will be exact on…
  • SUNDAY — at 2:33 AM ET. Moon goes void at 11:08 AM ET until 6:39 PM ET. Do your shopping on Saturday, as purchases made during voids have an odd way of not living up to expectations. Moon enters Virgo for the night, hoping to set things right.

And now, the news.

The Super Bowl is over — did your team win? It did if you were rooting for the Great State of Missouri, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. However, by the time you read this, Kansas City may have been annexed by the Great State of Kansas, per executive order.  Honestly, why this display of ignorance on the part of P45 isn’t immediate grounds for dismissal is beyond me.

Here are all the ads — I watched Jeep’s Groundhog Day tribute about a hundred times.  The halftime show was truly spectacular, according to WaPo and the rest of the Free World. Has 50 ever been so fabulous? JLo and Shakira pulled out all the stops on stage, with subtle but biting social commentary and a celebration of cultural heritage  –i.e., Puerto-Rican, Lebanese, Colombian and Spanish roots, i.e., that which makes America truly great. It all happened on a day with Venus sextile Pluto — a marker for potential female empowerment. Isn’t it fascinating that the artists said that was their objective, to deliver an empowering show? Mission accomplished. Here’s a link to the halftime show, with an explanation of the cultural heritage references.


Sunday’s NYT included an op-ed by Nicholas Kristof about a story I almost shared here a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t because it was such an outrage — and there’s only so much of that we can take. But y’know, that’s not a reason to not share a story that really needs to be told, and thanks to Nick Kristof, a heartless corporation — US Bank —  has been publicly shamed.    Seems a bank employee and her supervisor were fired because the employee drove to a gas station where a bank customer was stranded. Why was he stranded? Because the bank put a hold on his paycheck — right before Christmas. The employee gave the customer $20 to fill up his tank so he could get home.  Astrologically, this story — and the bank CEO’s attempted mea culpa would be an apt reflection of the Moon in Taurus’s need to make things the way they ought to be, with Venus in compassionate Pisces in harmony with Saturn-Pluto in Establishment Capricorn. Morally, it’s an apt reflection of an incentive to move your money to a credit union, if you ask me.

Meanwhile in Iowa…there will be a caucus today and winners will be declared. These 42,000 Iowans won’t have a say in the process.

Here’s a quick peek at the Democratic contenders, in no particular order:

  • BERNIE SANDERS — Virgo Sun; Aries Moon; no birth time. As noted back in 2016, Bernie’s horoscope — even without a birth time — is being supercharged by the Lean, Mean Meet-up of Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn. We knew back then that he would be running again now — and we told you so. In mid-March, Jupiter will add even more potential expansion to his high-functioning Venus in Libra and Mars in Aries (and possibly his Aries Moon, too).  It’s just go, go, go all year — with persuasive effort. Will it carry the day? Too soon to make that call, simply on principle.
  • ANDREW YANG — Capricorn Sun; Aquarius Moon; Capricorn ASC. His Capricorn Sun was eclipsed and supercharged by Saturn-Pluto, with Jupiter following up with three hits in 2020, same timing as Bernie. Keep an eye on him in mid-March — and also around February 22nd. Why? Because we have a birth time for Yang, and we know his 4 Capricorn Ascendant was eclipsed last December, to be triggered by Mars on February 22nd. He has another pattern with a “lightning in a bottle” quality: Transiting Uranus squares his Aquarius Moon for the third and final time on March 11th…and then goes on to electrify his Mercury and Venus (how he needs to think; who, what and how he needs to love). Thi s is disruptive potential — and one stat that fits is this this: a huge percentage — as high as 40% — of  Yang’s supporters say they won’t vote for anyone but him. Where have we seen this before?
  • ELIZABETH WARREN — Cancer Sun; Taurus Moon; we don’t have a birth time. Her North Node is at 22 Aries and Venus is at 18 Cancer. The North Node refers to public appeal, so Jupiter’s contact to that — as well as Venus, should be helpful. What’s challenging is that Saturn will soon be putting a squeeze on her Jupiter — the need for expansion and reward. Hmm. On the to other hand, Jupiter will be on her Jupiter by the end of 2020 — a potential reward. Of special interest: she is especially affected by the June 21 eclipse, suggesting a surge of energy in its aftermath, irrevocably changing status, one way or the another.
  • AMY KLOBUCHAR –Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon;  no birth time, so the rising sign is unknown. Lately she’s been getting so much attention for her tater tot hot dish recipe, I wondered if it might be Cancer. A closer look reveals she has Jupiter at the Aries Point — at 1 Cancer. That’s another way she would be known for an expansive influence in matters of women and nourishment. Over the weekend a news article recounted her hospital experience after she had her first and only child. She was kicked out after just one day — thanks to cruel and stingy insurance policies. True to her crusading Mars in Aries, she took it personally — and launched her political career and a campaign to make these cruel and stingy policies against the law. Her Jupiter at 1 Cancer will be eclipsed in June. Otherwise, she’s a Sun-Moon-Mercury in Gemini — clearly the smartest kid in the room.
  • JOE BIDEN — Scorpio Sun; Taurus Moon; Sagittarius ASC (opposed by gaffe-prone Uranus). As anticipated last spring, transiting Neptune opposing his Midheaven (career status), has drawn him into a fog. With transiting Saturn soon to square his 0 Taurus Moon three times in 2020, I can only point out what has happened to other aspiring candidates whose horoscopes have that pattern in 2019 and/or 2020. Examples: Marianne Williamson and Kamala Harris, who are out of the presidential race.
  • MIKE BLOOMBERG — Aquarius Sun and Moon; Cancer ASC. Fun fact; Bloomberg was born six days before Moscow Mitch McConnell.  Both have a Venus-Pluto opposition that is being supercharged by transiting Uranus (2019-2020). If you want a real self-made successful New York billionaire to sit in the Oval Office, he’s your man. But knowing him, if he won, he wouldn’t live in the White House. Since I wrote a piece about Bloomberg for the next Mountain Astrologer, I’ll remain mum on Mike until March. If you search these archives, you’ll find a few write-ups going back to 2015 or sooner. I hope you subscribe to Mountain Astrologer, if you are a serious student of astrology. My write-up of Moscow Mitch was published in a recent issue.
  • PETE BUTTIGIEG — Capricorn Sun; probably Scorpio Moon; no birth time. His high-functioning Saturn is at 22 Libra, which isn’t the most pleasant planet to be supercharged by transiting Pluto. Avid Readers will recall my mentioning this in a few posts from last year. Mayor Pete’s Sun is at 29 Capricorn — going to be squeezed by transiting Saturn. Jupiter will meet up with his Sun by the end of the year, suggesting a potential reward. I’m more interested in seeing where he’s at in 2023 and 2024, when transiting Pluto will be on his Sun. That can be quite powerful.
  • TOM STEYER — Cancer Sun; Cancer or Gemini Moon; no birth time. Venus will be opposed by Saturn in 2020. His Mars-Uranus in Leo is currently electrified by transiting Uranus; hence his daring run for office. A genuinely caring idealist, who will become more motivated and impassioned to commit his resources to the greater good when Pluto opposes his Venus in a year or two.

Weird reflection of planetary patterns: have you ever heard of the Society of Young Women Scientists and Engineers? Me neither, but a group of empowered female technology types sounds apt for a day with Venus sextile Saturn-Pluto and Mercury sextile Uranus. Apparently it’s a “mysterious Hawaii company that may have funneled $$$ to a political action group supporting Susan Collins — illegally.” Go figure.

Finally, Stephen King did what many of us would do in a heartbeat, if we knew of another place to go. He deleted his Facebook account, citing its “flood of falsehoods and privacy concerns.” King is a perfectionist Virgo, who Sun is squared by rebel Uranus at the Aries Point. He’s driven by a Sagittarius Moon, so when he has a revolutionary opinion, we are all going to hear about it. He’s feeling the pressure to make a break, with his Mars and 29 Cancer Ascendant about to be opposed by Saturn. Here is his horoscope. Facebook’s stock did drop 6% last week, btw.

What’s going on in your horoscope? When are you likely to make a break? Attract a raise or a promotion? Now is the time — with Mercury retrograde on the horizon — to review your progress for 2020 and make a plan for the rest of the year. Here’s the 411 on  consultations. 

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