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Wednesday 5/20/20: Late Sneak Peek at the Week; New Moon in Gemini

Good Morning!

I’m playing catch-up after putting together a ginormous PowerPoint last week for a webinar I was asked to present for NCGR (the National Council for Geocosmic Research) on Sunday. It was all about Astrology and the News — and what fun it was!  A warm welcome to  NCGR members who attended the webinar and are now Avid Readers of this forecast. Enjoy!

Here’s how the week has gone — and is going:

  • The start of the work week was driven by the Moon in Aries, needing to get things started not now, but RIGHT NOW. Monday’s energy flow was fairly smooth.
  • On Tuesday, Moon made its weekly clash with Pluto at 11:51 AM ET, ripe for a power play or catharsis. At 4:33 PM ET, Moon squared Jupiter (planet of expansion), suggesting renewed exuberance or wretched excess. If you chilled out between 4:33 PM ET and 10:10 PM ET, you were intuitively responding to the Moon being void — i.e., wandering without focus. If a crisis landed on your plate during those hours, chances are it’s dissipated by now. Moon entered Taurus at 10:10 PM ET, seeking to turn Aries initiatives into solid form. Preserving the status quo, comfort and material security are the reigning needs of the next two days.

Major planetary patterns for the rest of the week fall on Wednesday (today!)

  • Venus  retrograde in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
  • Sun enters Gemini

…and FRIDAY:

  • Mercury conjunct Venus
  • Sun trine Saturn in Aquarius
  • Mercury in Gemini square Neptune
  • New Moon in Gemini

Like this:

  • WEDNESDAY — A sobering reality, perhaps related to an authoritative advance,  weighed in at 1:58 AM ET, reflecting the square between the Moon and Saturn. Early risers may profit from the cooperative flow of action suggested by a harmony (sextile) between the Moon and Mars (action!) at 8:10 AM ET. Get to work, work it out — or just work out — it’s all good.
  • At 9:49 AM ET, Sun leaves earthy Taurus and enters airy Gemini. Clever communication of boatloads of information is what Gemini is designed to do — often while doing several other things at once (to keep from being bored or boring). If Taurus gives form to Aries’s initiatives; Gemini sells what Taurus builds and takes a commission.
  • Moon meets up with Uranus at 2:07 PM ET, reflecting a possible upset to the Taurus Moon‘s desired status quo. It may be hard to make sense of it all — today — and for the past several days, frankly — under the current spell of Neptune’s square to Venus, exact at 7:03 PM ET. This is the second of three Venus-Neptune squares we’ll have in three months. The first was on May 3rd; the third happens on July 27th.
  • In the language of astrology, Neptune dissolves, fogs or colors whatever it touches in a lovely shade of rose. Here, Neptune is acting on Venus — which refers to money, aesthetics, values, women and social expression. These Venusian symbols may seem dreamy now — but may not be for real. They may be colored by Neptune concerns — e.g., scandal, music, idealism, drugs, oil, victimization, delusions, spirits of all kind, etc. Upside potential: some enchanted evening may be still be had tonight, especially under a Taurus Moon, which delights in good food, wine and a snuggle with a sweetie.  Indulge if you can. Meanwhile,  if you have a planet around 20 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo in your horoscope, you are personally affected by this dreamy spell. Exhibit A: P45 says he’s taking a controversial anti malaria drug as a preventive measure against COVID-19 and everyone is a-twitter over whether it’s true.
  • THURSDAY — the afterglow of the Venus-Neptune square persists, as other sparkly patterns  exact on Friday are building in strength. The high-functioning Taurus Moon needs to build something solid out of this inspired thinking. If your vision is on the side of the angels, good for you and the rest of us; apply yourself accordingly. If your vision involves a review, a restructure or a release of what no longer serves, that would be apt for the three planets that are currently retrograde.
  • Meanwhile, note that the Moon is at the end of its cycle, reflecting little — if any — light from the Sun. A dead Moon is apt if your project requires flying under the radar. Restlessness and/or listlessness are not uncommon during dead Moons, as we sense something new is on the horizon – but don’t know what it is.
  • FRIDAYMoon goes void at 4:01 AM ET, not to enter the next sign for five and a half hours. East Coasters, that’s your excuse for any slow start to your morning. Mercury (how we need to think) and Venus (who, what and how we need to love) meet up in Gemini at 4:41 AM ET. This is another marker of idealism. Fun fact: both planets are currently out-of-bounds, suggesting extremes — and getting away with it — in all that these planets represent. Would it surprise you to learn that P45 was born with Mercury out of bounds? It shouldn’t. He also has Pluto out-of-bounds. Pluto refers to power.
  • At 8:02 AM, Sun trines Saturn. Sun refers to leaders, the heart and willpower. We see an easy flow between leadership and authoritative controls. Question is, how will this easy flow of control reflect the magical thinking of other patterns? Moon enters Gemini at 9:36 AM ET, needing to prove itself the smartest kid in the room. At 11:43 AM ET, Mercury squares Neptune, and P45 is sure to be tweeting all about it, as this pattern affects his horoscope. The Gemini Moon trines Saturn at 1:12 PM ET, struggling to present pixie-dust as established fact. Minutes later, the Moon meets up with the Sun — exact at 1:39 PM ET — and it looks like this:

Set in Washington DC, the chart for the New Moon is ruled by that high-functioning, out-of-bounds Mercury, quite visible in the 10th House. Mercury also rules the 10th House, which refers to leaders — including the head of state. Hmm.  Neptune is in the 7th House, suggesting all that Neptune symbolizes is foisted upon the public: dreams, fog, vision, scandal, viruses, etc. The next aspect to the Moon in this chart is a square to Mars, so we see a conflict on the horizon. The next aspect among planets other than the Moon is a sextile (cooperative flow) between Mars and technogeek/rebel Uranus.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon  is “the garden of the Tuileries,” which Blain Bovee tells us is “an image of royal palatial remains, open to the public.” The palace in question was burned down in 1781 during the Commune of Paris, which was an organization that seized control of the government during the French Revolution. Their principles were “in direct contrast to the laws and order of the status quo,” says Bovee.

Further insights on this Symbol are here, but Bovee’s bottom line is that this next lunar cycle is likely to highlight a conflict between established rules of order and revolutionary forces determined to turn the rules upside down. If you have a planet or angle around 2 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces, that point is activated by this New Moon. You may find yourself dealing with issues of rules — and whether to follow or break them over the next few weeks.

Back to the forecast for the week:

  • FRIDAY (CONT)Moon squares Mars at 10:43 PM ET, suggesting another provocative Friday night news dump. In your own personal world, be mindful for the potential of a steamy outburst.
  • SATURDAY — Moon continues in Gemini all day — with no speed bumps and no void. You are free to shop — but as Venus is still retrograde, caution is advised if your purchase has an aesthetic element and you’re planning to live with it over a long period of time. The evening may be dreamy and peppered with intangibles: e.g., music and film, as Neptune squares the Moon on…
  • SUNDAY — at 1:34 AM ET. Moon goes void at 7:09 AM ET — not to enter Cancer until 7:09 PM ET. Stick to routine concerns; roll with any twists or flakes. No impulse shopping during the long Moon void! When the Moon enters Cancer at 7:09 PM ET, the focus shifts to home and homeland security. Settle in for the night with the family.

Meanwhile, Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week is always in sync with planetary patterns.

And now, the news.

We have boatloads of stories reflecting the magical thinking of the Venus-Neptune square (which really hasn’t dissipated since the first square on May 3rd):

UPDATE: Speaking of President Obama, we would expect him to be prominently in the public eye this month, as his natal Venus in Cancer is at the Aries Point, currently activated by the North Node at 0 Cancer. It is guaranteed that he will be noticed throughout his life for his aesthetics, values and social expression — much of it reflecting Cancerian qualities, including emotional sensitivity and nurturing. The activation by the North Node makes that more so now. Over the weekend, against the backdrop of trines  between the Sun and Jupiter (optimism, expansion, higher education) and Pluto (power, extremes) Obama gave two commencement addresses — recapped here by Trevor Noah — or watch the full eight minutes here.   Ratings were through the roof. Prominence!

Aptly reflecting his Aquarius Ascendant, Obama advised grads to work together as a caring community to change the world. Obama’s natal Mercury – Jupiter opposition is being activated by transiting Saturn, prompting structure and gravitas in communication. Further facilitating such communication initiatives is Saturn trining his 3 degree Gemini Moon. We’ll likely see more over the next lunar cycle, as Friday’s New Moon is conjunct the Moon in Obama’s horoscope.

For the record, note how Obama is getting noticed rightthisminute in the world of art. It was announced that there would be no unveiling of his portrait in a dignified ceremony at the White House, as is customary. Venus retrograde throws social graces out the window, doncha’ know — and besides, P45 is too busy acting like this (per Jimmy Kimmel) and this (per Randy Rainbow).

UPDATE: on Elizabeth Warren, whose horoscope is also activated by the North Node’s at the Aries Point in Cancer. We expected her to be more prominent in the headlines at this time — and she’s delivered. “Biden, Warren Team Up in New Video to Surprise Supporters with Personal Calls” — and how is it that the “surprise” is what has been activated in her horoscope (her natal Sun-Uranus conjunction).

UPDATE: on Mike Pompeo, whose horoscope was discussed here in January. We see strong potential for a disruption of the status quo. Though Saturn is sitting on his Midheaven through 2020, suggesting he is likely at the top of his game professionally, we also see that Venus — ruler of his Taurus Ascendant — is days away from the first of three hits from transiting Uranus. That happens the first week of June, along with the second of three hits of Saturn to his Midheaven. Not only that, but transiting Mars will be provoking his natal Pluto much as it did at the end of January (described in my post linked above). We see the potential for a significant outburst of energy.

Pompeo is making headlines today because he is alleged to have asked P45 to fire the Inspector General who was investigating another abuse of taxpayer funds for Pompeo’s personal advancement. Heather Cox Richardson explains the scandal here.


UPDATE: on Captain Tom Moore, the British centenarian who won hearts and raised millions in a fundraiser for the NHS last month. True to his horoscope, discussed in a prior forecast, his philanthropic efforts are still going strong — and the government has taken notice. He’s just received a knighthood. Kudos to Captain Sir Thomas Moore!

Gosh, I hope that’s everything. If not, you know how to contact me — here’s the 411 on personal consultations. And yes, Avid Reader Diane, I won’t forget to mention that Avid Readers who opt to express appreciation for this work through Joyful Random Expressions of Appreciation or Faithful Monthly Expressions of Appreciation may do so right here, at the Cosmic Tip Jar. I will cherish you for the rest of my days.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with your friends.

Planetary patterns this week 

have a fairy-tale quality…

Photo brought to you by Avid Reader Jeri