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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/7/2015: Edward Snowden Meets John Oliver & Other News From Underground

Keep digging deep for that innovative revelation, aided and abetted by a substance-seeking Scorpio Moon and a potent connection between Mercury (mindset) and Pluto (perspective, transformation), exact at 8:05PM ET. Get it off your desk by 4:42PM ET, when the Moon goes void until 1:04AM ET on Wednesday.

Avid readers know that Moon voids suggest a higher flake factor or other lack of focus, as well as twists and delays in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Go with the flow and avoid turning molehills of crisis into mountains. Chill!

And now, the news.

More from underground, as the NYT posts an in-depth story on California’s growing groundwater crisis. Elsewhere, John Oliver scored quite a scoop on Sunday when he traveled to Russia for an in-depth interview with ex-pat Edward Snowden. I’ve had Mr. Snowden on my mind since last month’s solar eclipse at 29 Pisces, because it impacted planets in his horoscope. I figured he’d have to be brought to prominence somehow, and especially with transiting Jupiter (ruler of his 7th house — the public) now sitting on his Venus in Leo (king complex and drama in social expression) and squaring his depth-seeking Scorpio Moon.

Mr. Oliver’s interview deserves attention. Yes, there’s lots of fun — but there are hardball questions, too — the sort you might wish would be asked by more mainstream journalists when speaking with politicians and their ilk. You might even feel for Mr. Snowden when he watches a video Mr. Oliver made with random tourists in Times Square who either have no idea who Mr. Snowden is, or confuse him with Julian Assange. That’s got to be a disappointment for his love, love-me-do Leo Venus, Scorpio Moon and all the other planets in his chart which need to be known (they’re all at the Aries Point).  Perhaps he can appreciate the efforts of a “renegade sculptor” who erected a statue of Mr. Snowden today in Brooklyn…even though park officials quickly covered it. It’s the thought that counts.

Kudos, however to Mr. Oliver — for finally finding a way to frame the issues at hand (the upcoming possible renewal of the Patriot Act, especially Section 215), in a way that the average Times Square pedestrian can understand. It’s a startling revelation, in tune with current planetary patterns among Mercury, Uranus and Pluto. Brilliant.

We’d expect John Oliver to be on an assertive and provocative roll now, with his Mars in late Pisces also eclipsed last month. Over the weekend, he had both transiting Mars and solar arc Mars conjunct his 3 degrees Taurus Sun. The former is a short-term transit; the latter is in effect for several months. We do not have a birth time for Mr. Oliver, but if he were born around noon, he’d have Moon in Gemini (needing to be seen as witty, clever, intense, informative) near the end of the sign — also recently eclipsed.

In other news, here’s an interesting item regarding information (Mercury): a statistician is suing  a Kansas election official in order to obtain paper tapes from electronic voting machines. Why? To explain startling anomalies in election results favoring Republican “mainstream” candidates over the non-mainstream, such as those from the Tea Party. These puzzling anomalies are clearly presented in this research study. Just look at all those colored graphs.

Meanwhile, I’m seeing a number of headlines where discrimination against unconventional types is being called out and corrected, as we might expect with so much rebel Uranus-Pluto action disrupting the status quo. In New York City, a federal commission has found that women and minority managers consistently received less pay than their white male counterparts — and the city has been ordered to rectify the inequity. Elsewhere, the Justice Department has issued a directive declaring that states must treat prison inmates with “gender dysphoria” as they would “any other health condition,” thanks to a suit filed by a transgendered woman in Georgia named Ashley Diamond. Here is her unique, fight-for-the-right-to-be-herself story.

In the category of just plain Uranian freakazoid, there is social justice — finally — for Hollywood icon Lucille Ball. Possibly the most unflattering statue ever erected of anyone is being taken down — with apologies from the artist who created it several years ago. Is it coincidence or conspiracy that transiting Jupiter is exactly conjunct Miss Ball’s 13 degrees Leo Sun, suggesting an opportunity to show her some love and let her shine brighter still? Not coincidence at all. Horoscopes live forever, as we saw in yesterday’s discussion of Woodrow Wilson’s horoscope.

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Thank you for reading this forecast.