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Friday 10/9/2020 & the Weekend: Big, Bold & Dreamy


The Moon is still in Cancer, driving the day with a focus on homeland security.  The action may be dynamic — potentially explosive, as macho Mars squares Pluto at 9:19 AM ET. Remember there are positive applications of every planetary pattern — even if what we see in the headlines is often negative.  There are no other planetary patterns until 8:39 PM ET, when the 3rd Quarter Moon is exact at 17 Cancer (the Moon) square the 17 Libra Sun. Things get big and dreamy around 11 PM ET, when Moon squares Jupiter (expansion) and trines Neptune (dreamy). It’s a fine night to feed your body and soul, enjoying the comforts of home — unless you are in the path of a potential hurricane. Sometimes Jupiter (big) with Neptune (water) is a challenge.

  • SATURDAY: The emotionally sensitive Cancer Moon is challenged between 6 AM and 6:30 AM ET, as it squares and opposes Mars and Pluto, respectively. A catharsis? A final control is imposed at 12:04 PM ET, when the Moon opposes authoritarian Saturn — and then goes void. Chill chill chill — avoid impulsive shopping sprees; take time to wander and reflect.  During the Moon void, Venus trines Uranus, facilitating friends of all shapes, sizes and persuasions. That’s exact at 7:07 PM ET; Moon roars into Leo at 8:24 PM ET, looking for ways to party and shine.
  • SUNDAY: Sun squares Jupiter at 9:35 AM ET — ain’t life grand, especially for would-be kings and queens! A surprise twist occurs at 1:27 PM ET, as Moon squares Uranus. The whole weekend may have an expansive rosy glow, courtesy of two patterns exact on…
  • MONDAY: The third sextile between Jupiter & Neptune suggests matters of faith, healing, idealism, drugs, oil and oceans in the news, exact at 3:11 AM ET. The Leo Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Mars and then goes void at 10:30 AM ET — for the rest of the business day. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing. A Leo Moon void is vulnerable to regal howling fits of indignation and edicts. The potential for combat is increased dramatically, courtesy of a face-off between retrograde Mars in Aries and the Libra Sun exact on TUESDAY). Do look up at the sky this weekend, as Mars won’t be this close to Earth for another 15 years. Meanwhile,  Mercury sextiles Venus at 12:38 PM ET — more idealism on a personal level, apt for cult or hero worship.


BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW as Mercury will be to a virtual standstill this week, turning retrograde on Tuesday the 13th. There will be no whingeing permitted, as Mercury retrogrades have plenty of plusses — and we will discuss them all in the next post. But if you need a sneak peek,  here’s a post from a prior Mercury Rx in Scorpio.

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And now, the news.

Recent headlines (i.e., those of the past 48 hours) are reflecting a lot of macho Mars square Pluto. Translation: me-me-me aggression/force in the extreme, likely  building on seeds planted in mid-January, mid-March and July.

Add in the disruptive unconventional buzz and tech breakthrough potential of Wednesday’s Mercury-Uranus opposition, plus the big big bigness of Sunday’s Sun-Jupiter square and we get:

UPDATE: on Rod Rosenstein, whose 23 Capricorn Sun was also affected by Pluto and Saturn turning direct. Avid Readers will recall I noted that when he resigned back in 2019, there was a lot we didn’t know about Rosenstein that would come to light — and the revelations are in synch with Pluto’s meet-up with his Sun. Now we know how much of a driving force he was (along with Capricorn Jeff Sessions) in separating immigrant children from their parents “no matter how young.”


We anticipated a disruptive buzz during Wednesday’s VP candidate debate and we got one. A fly landed on Mike Pence’s head and stayed there for two minutes — which might mean this, according to people who Know Such Things. The other disruptive buzz was from the VP himself, whose constant interruptions of Senator Harris inspired this recap.

We don’t know yet if there will be another debate between VP Biden and P45 (though Biden will at the very least participate in a Town Hall on October 15th). P45’s behavior since returning to the White House has been even more off the rails than usual says this NYT piece. But if you missed the first debate, Randy Rainbow and Patti LuPone have recorded this musical homage.

Finally, some wise words penned by intuitive James Cinclair in a recent newsletter. Without using a single word of astrological jargon, he offers a coping strategy for the potential pitfalls of Mars retrograde in Aries — and cautions us on potential pitfalls we’ll be dealing with as old guard Saturn squares avant garde Uranus in 2021 and 2022.  The italics are mine:

The battle that is being fought over these next couple of years is one between the old and the new. It’s a war between two different ways of looking at the same experience. There’s a long game that’s unfolding before our very eyes: we are going to have to learn to get along (or perish). It will no longer be possible to separate ourselves based upon distinguishing characteristics (e.g., race, religion, political beliefs) and then lash out at the “others”. The politics of the moment will be child’s play when compared to the global citizenship that is required to move past this.

Expressing strong feelings of opposition at this time will not be good. You will not get the response you expect. Instead, it will propagate the subliminal feelings of hatred or rage that are going on in so many people’s hearts and minds at present. It is much more constructive to look at the inner hurt that lies beneath all of this, and release it (instead of projecting it onto others and beating them up for it). It’s time. This is the opportunity.

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Sunday’s Sun-Jupiter square.

Think big!