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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/29/2015: It’s Debatable — Again — With a Warm Kiss

A chatty Moon in Gemini kicks in at 2:24AM ET, driving the day with a need for information, communication and diversification. An ambitious advance or a wet blanket may permeate the morning, courtesy of a face-off between the ever-so-clever Moon and taskmaster Saturn at 8:41AM ET. Communication lines may be blurred or dreamy around 2:11PM ET, when the Moon is challenged by nebulous Neptune. Make sure what you say is clearly understood.

And now, the news.

In the wake of yesterday’s change-resistant Moon in Taurus, engaged as it was in a stability-seeking Earth Grand Trine, let the record show that the budget accord between the White House and Congress (good until 2017) passed, and the Fed declined to raise interest rates yet again.

During the Moon void, let the record also show that a military surveillance blimp “wreaked havoc” when it broke loose, and all that hot air landed somewhere in Colorado, just in time for the Republican debate. OK, I made that up. The blimp landed somewhere in Pennsylvania.

About the debate. Comcast was one of the biggest losers, as it offered no way for voters to watch CNBC– or even listen on the radio or online — without paying. You’d think that’s what the candidates would have bashed the moderators for, instead of complaining that the mainstream media was essentially a Super PAC for the Democratic party…or that some of the questions asked weren’t “nice”.

The debate started late — which should not have worried anyone watching who understood that twists and delays are more likely to plague events during Moon voids. One of the NYT bloggers described it as “non-linear” and noted how many of the candidates did not answer the questions they were asked. Void!

Over at the Washington Times, Jeb Bush was declared a loser, despite initial efforts to score a few punches.  Recall that yesterday we noted that Mr. Bush’s Ascendant was eclipsed on September 13th. Let’s see if there’s any effort at recovery on Monday, when transiting Mars and Venus will be exactly on his 23 Virgo Ascendant. Wait — what was that he said about a warm kiss? Perhaps that was his recovery effort…or at least the alluring potential of that transit made manifest — like it or not! If your Ascendant happens to be 21-25 Virgo, you may be feeling especially alluring, too. As it were.

According to the WT, Carly Fiorina did not get any attention, which is interesting, given that she had more speaking time — over 10 minutes — than any of the other contenders. Jeb Bush had the least — ouch. Underdogs Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were declared winners — by the NYT as well — and I’m thinking transiting Uranus and/or Pluto in their horoscopes are likely reflecting the boost.

Front-runners Trump and Ben Carson were notably lackluster. Mr. Trump’s horoscope has lost much of the razzle-dazzle it enjoyed over the summer. We do not have a birth time for Mr. Carson. It’s a mystery. Would that he fades into the background, so as not to have to think too much about him in the future.

As anticipated by looking at the horoscope for the debate, there were plenty of statements made that were not true. Here is Gail Collins, with her always-cheerful take.

Meanwhile, on Monday you may recall that the Moon was also void all day. Perhaps you may also recall the video that went viral. It involved a “school resources officer” in South Carolina who turned a molehill of a conflict into a mountain of crisis by brutally flipping a student onto the floor because she had refused to put away her cell phone and leave the classroom. That officer was fired yesterday, but apparently this is not the first time his aggressive tactics have been applied.

Perhaps his firing bodes well for Alabama, where a police officer is facing a second trial on charges of violating the civil rights of an Indian grandfather out for a morning stroll, i.e., Walking While Brown. Inexplicably — yet captured on tape — the grandfather was slammed to the ground and ended up in the hospital. Putting this into an astro-logical perspective, history buffs will recall that civil rights was a hot button issue in the mid-60s, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo. Now that Uranus and Pluto are square to each other, we would expect matters that were hot in the 60s to be hot again now. Sure, seeds were planted in the 60s — but now we are finding out if those seeds will flourish. With respect to the United States, its horoscope is experiencing a potentially anguishing transit of Pluto to the US Saturn. It is time for the US to face its dark side.

In other news, Jupiter is halfway through Virgo, so we can expect to see some initiatives on its “small is great” agenda.  Here’s one:

Scores of leading scientists on Wednesday urged the creation of a major initiative to better understand the microbial communities critical to both human health and every ecosystem.

Feels like we should end on something that is not political. Of course there is always the friendly reminder that if you would like to better understand yourself in minute detail, a personal consultation about your unique horoscope is a most excellent investment. You’ll be amazed at how much depth can be achieved in 90, 60 or even 33 minutes. Here’s the 411 on all of that.

But what I was also thinking about — along the “small is great” theme of Jupiter in Virgo — was a film made in 1977 called “Powers of Ten”. And if you are certain age, you probably remember it from your school days. Perhaps you thought this nine-minute “adventure in magnitudes” was pretty cool, too.

Thank you for reading this forecast.