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Friday 10/23/2020 & the Weekend: October Rocks On; Politics, As Usual


I started typing this minutes before 7 PM ET on Thursday, when the Sun entered Scorpio. Now is the time to give substance and depth to the discourse that may have come about when the Sun was in Libra.

First, a note of thanks to the good folks at Class Pass who invited me to talk to one of their teams about astrology basics, how it works and why astrologers knew that 2020 was going to be a year for the record books. We covered all of that in 90 minutes, along with a look at everyone’s Moon Sign. Why? Because when you understand what the Moon needs in someone’s horoscope, you can measurably improve your relationship with that fellow human being. I love love love talking about astrology to groups, and it’s so easy to do via Zoom. If you think your colleagues would enjoy such a talk, let’s make a plan! We had so much fun! Meanwhile, I’m giving another talk to the San Francisco Astrological Society next Thursday, October 29th. It’s open to the public and here are the details.

And now, the forecast for the weekend:

  • FRIDAY: The Capricorn Moon is void until 8:17 AM ET. Moving into Aquarius, the Moon drives the day with a need to network and hang with its besties. The First Quarter Moon at 9:23 AM ET presents a challenge to last week’s New Moon agenda, while activating the horoscope for the U.S. that was cast on the Autumnal Equinox — and also Joe’s Biden’s Taurus Moon.  How is Biden making news this morning? Moon squares retrograde Mercury at 5:49 PM ET; doublecheck the source before buying whatever is being sold.
  • SATURDAY: More Moon in Aquarius, along with a jolt around 1:02 AM ET, as Moon squares Uranus. Venus in persnickety Virgo harmonizes with  patriarchal Saturn at 11:40 AM ET, apt for sorting out the details and creating structures that advance your favorite art, financial or social values project.  Moon goes void on a harmony with action hero Mars at 5:54 PM ET. Chill during this realllly long void — and here’s the 411 on Moon voids, if this term is new to you.
  • SUNDAY: Keep on chillin’, as the Moon void continues until 5:18 PM ET! Roll with whatever twists and flakes may disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Avoid impulse shopping sprees. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are usually much ado about nothing. The evening is brought to you by the Moon in empathetic Pisces. Go with the flow.

The Pisces Moon makes one contact on Monday — a sextile with Uranus at 10:44 AM ET. This facilitates innovation and unconventional alliances, including efforts to recklessly ram through people and things that defy convention (courtesy of retrograde Mars in Aries).  It also facilitates NASA’s Big Announcement About The Moon, happening at 12 PM ET.

I’m prepared for a shocking twist and/or backfire as we approach Halloween, as the Full Moon in Taurus that  morning is strongly engaged with the disruptive potential of Uranus. October — surprise!

To review the major planetary patterns of October, here’s the 411.

Do keep in mind that MERCURY IS STILL RETROGRADE — which reflects the email that was sent out Wednesday night from your truly about last month’s Full Moon in Aries. What you should have received was an alert that two prior Mountain Astrologer columns have been added to the Articles page of my website, so you can now read about the horoscopes of Jacinda Ardern, Typhoid Mary, Captain Sir Thomas Moore, Joe Biden and others.

And now, the news…

…which is as RAMbunctiously bonkers in many respects, as anticipated. I can barely keep up. I encourage you to follow Heather Cox Richardson’s nightly posts for the most comprehensive recap.

Here’s a recap of the action in P45’s horoscope this week. As noted in Mary L. Trump’s latest op-ed, like it or not, we are all in a relationship with the current White House Occupant. It’s helpful to know in advance what to expect.

  • Oct 8th & Oct 18thMercury squares his Pluto. Communication/information that may be extreme, involving family, property, money, values, groups and appreciation from others. Third Mercury-Pluto square happens Nov 18th, same day as his third opposition of Jupiter to Saturn (efforts at expanding authority & control). 
  • Oct 21st: Saturn opposes his Venus for the third and last time in 2020. A squeeze on money, values, women — affecting matters of mindset, communication, reputation, profession, self-expression, children.
  • Oct 26th: Retrograde Mars opposes his Jupiter for the second of three hits. This suggests action take to expand his ego expression, possibly involving broadcasting and foreign affairs. Pushing his luck, perhaps? Third one is December 2nd.

So far, We The People have been subjected to:

Speaking of new rules, there was a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. All ten Democrats boycotted the vote — denying the Committee the quorum required to have a legitimate vote. Republicans responded by changing the rules of the Committee to advance the nomination. Moscow Mitch will reportedly keep the Senate working through the weekend on it because we need to wait until the new president is elected so the American people can have a say. Oh. Sorry. That was so 2016. Let the 2020 ramming continue! On Tuesday,  when transiting Venus arrives at 1 degree of Libra, it will be where the Sun was when Barrett was nominated — and right on her Pluto (power).  How lucky and empowering for her. Astrology is amazing.

Speaking of Moscow Mitch, the Twittersphere and some reporters are asking about his hands, which appear to be bandaged and bruised since his debate with Amy McGrath ten days ago. A Forbes reporter has thoughts on potential causes, and opines here, using the words “hedgehog” and “tarantula.” Suspecting that there must be some action involving Mercury in his horoscope (Mercury rules hands), I checked — and there is! We do not have a birth time, though a colleague has proposed one that would give him a late-degree Cancer Ascendant. If my colleague is correct, transiting Mars and Saturn could have activated his Ascendant. Mars-Ascendant patterns always alert us to potential accidents, such a fall. Regardless of a known birth time, we have enough to see that the last ten days of January and the first week of February could find him feeling uncomfortably squeezed, with a possible decrease in popularity, social expression and resources. Now how could that happen, one wonders….?


There was a debate. Joe Biden benefitted from a trine from Jupiter to his Midheaven, i.e., earned status/expansion in matters of public status.  Moderator Kristen Welker (7/1/76 in Philadelphia, PA) has Mars in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus, conjunct P45’s own Leo Mars and 23 Taurus MC, respectively. She is a Cancer driven by Moon in Leo or Virgo (what do you think?), and many believe she wrangled the debaters well.

Frankly, I think she benefitted from the disciplined potential of the evening’s Moon in Capricorn, conjunct stern Saturn. Certainly she would be capable of dramatic, regally entitled action. As for why she acquired this plum assignment now, obviously there is something in her horoscope reflecting the potential for reward. The rewarding measurement is a rare alignment between the Sun and Jupiter (big ego recognition), and incredibly, it’s the exact same pattern that was hot in Giuliani’s horoscope when he became an unwitting star in that Borat sequel back in July! Moral of the story: the expansive potential of Jupiter may not always be a good thing. It can also suggest an overblown ego, as in “76 year-old man actually believes 24 year-old journalist wants to seduce him in her hotel room.” Stephen Colbert has more.

The other post-debate buzz on Twitter was a clip of P45 Jr., offering thoughts on Fox, with the words “wired,” “weird” and “cocaine” in the comments. None of the pundits bothered to look at his horoscope to see what might be driving the manic behavior; all they offered was snark. But astrology offers a clear explanation for why we are seeing this mania now. Yesterday a measurement suggesting boundary-pushing buzz and reckless action was EXACT!! This month his 19 degree Cancer Ascendant was opposed by Jupiter (big!) and squared by Mars (action!). We can see the potential vulnerability to substance-induced escapes, as his perfection-seeking Virgo Moon squares Mercury-Neptune. He really needs to see the world through rose-colored glasses and he needs to be sensitive. Next year, that need for escapism is likely to become more intense — with a possible disappointment and/or feeling wiped out. Another potential would be to move forward on a need to be the face of a visionary enterprise.


Venus has been hot in the cosmos all week and its contact with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (expansion, controls and power) Suggests women of gravitas and power in the news. These patterns activated the horoscope of one such woman:  Jennifer Lawrence. Last time we checked in, she was making news as 2015’s highest-paid actress — which made perfect sense, as explained back then. But we see from her horoscope that her values were likely disrupted more recently, and this week’s news was her announcement that she “used to be a little Republican,” but she’s changed.


It’s been a while since we checked in on Pope Francis, but his horoscope suggests he’s due for an expansive change of values, affecting his public status. He has transiting Jupiter square his relationship-building, conflict-avoiding Mars in Libra. Ideally, Mars in Libra would be a warrior for peace and a champion for fairness and balance. Guess what he did this week? Called for civil union laws to protect same-sex couples.

“Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family,” said the pope. “They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable because of it.”

Pope Francis’s Moon in Aquarius rules his Cancer Ascendant, i.e., how he needs to be seen. Translation: he needs to be seen as a caring humanitarian — and yes, having an unconventional yet socially significant family would be important to his sense of personal fulfillment.

Also ground-breaking: NASA lands spacecraft on asteroid that’s millions of miles away. Wow!

When are you likely to be creating a buzz on social media? Earn a promotion? Make a move? Meet a significant other? Patterns in your horoscope offer guidance — consult your local astrologer for details. If you’re not in need of guidance, but value the insights provided in this forecast, a token of appreciation equivalent to a monthly mocha latte or superb shiraz is always welcome. Here is the link to the Cosmic Tip Jar.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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