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Monday 6/5/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; News, More News & the President of France, Too

Happy Monday!

The work week begins with the Moon plunging into the depths of Scorpio at 6:46 AM ET, seeking to fulfill a need for depth, power and control. It is aided by a harmony with Mars, planet of anger and action – exact at 7:51 AM ET. Mars, as you may recall, just moved into Cancer, sign of homeland security. It needs to pull focus – and minutes later — and as I scan the headlines as of 9AM ET  a top story in the UK is this: “Simple Numbers Tell Story of Police Cuts Under (Theresa) May”. Ms. May. There is an election in the UK on Thursday. Thus Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition party, is milking this story for all its worth, calling for May’s resignation. 

The chart for Saturday’s horrible stabbings/van attack in London is what we would expect: Mars at the Aries Point and Saturn on the angles; Uranus also on an angle. We see similar patterns in the workplace murder-suicide that happened in Orlando this morning, killing six people. Not a word from P45 on the latter.

Meanwhile, two planets change signs on TUESDAY. First, Venus finally ditches me-me-me-have-no-manners Aries at 3:27 AM ET. What a relief for Venus to move into Taurus, one of the signs it rules. Taurus aims for comfort, security, sensual pleasures and no raised voices. Looking for a new hairdresser or eye shadow? You have until July 4th, when Venus leaves Taurus for Gemini.

That’s what Mercury does at 6:15 PM ET – and this is also an improvement, for Mercury rules Gemini and functions with greater efficiency than it does in Taurus. Gemini refers to what is clever, informed, adaptable, multi-tasking, double-sided and intense. Yes, it can be a charming sales person with dubious scruples – so watch for that potential in the news when Mercury is challenged by – oh – say…Neptune…early next week.

Moon goes void on Tuesday at 8:35 PM ET…not to enter high-flying Sagittarius until 6:59 PM ET on WEDNESDAY. Wow! We haven’t had such a long Moon void in quite some time. If you are unfamiliar with these natural rest periods and what to do about them, here is the 411. Whatever intense effort at control that threatens to run away with Wednesday may well be much ado about nothing. And when the Moon finally does enter Sag that evening, spirits are likely to lift,  albeit with boundaries pushed and righteous opinions making headlines.

There are no exact aspects among the planets during business hours on THURSDAY, when James B. Comey is scheduled to testify before Congress for all the world to see and hear. Emotions will be on the rise, suggested by the Moon waxing to its exact fullness on FRIDAY at 9:10 AM ET. This Full Moon will happen at 18 degrees Sagittarius – opposing the Gemini Sun. It will connect with P45’s natal Sun in Gemini-Moon in Sag – so it’s sure to be all about him….and anyone else with planets or angles around those degrees.

In addition to the Full Moon, Friday features two other notable patterns: a cooperative connection between Venus (in Taurus) and Mars (in Cancer). My money says there will be at least one headline in the vein of “what does she see in him, anyway,” even as the two parties involved seem to be getting along so well. The second pattern of note involves Jupiter, planet of expansion, abundance and –sometimes – wretched excess and bombast. It turns direct at 10:04 AM ET.

If you know what area of your horoscope is ruled by Jupiter (hint: it’s the house with Sagittarius on the cusp), it may feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern in the areas related to that house since February 6th, when Jupiter turned retrograde. A horoscope with Jupiter ruling the second house of finances and self worth, for example, may have experienced a delay regarding those issues over the past five months.  With Jupiter turning direct, forward motion can now be expected.

Since May 27th, Jupiter has been (from our point of view on Spaceship Earth) slowing to a stop at 13 degrees of Libra. It will hang at that degree until June 23rd – so if you have a planet or angle around that degree – or 13 degrees of Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, this may be an especially expansive time. In the horoscope of the United States, Jupiter hanging out at 13 Libra is activating a tense pattern between the U.S. Sun at 13 Cancer and the U.S. Saturn at 14 Libra. More on that in a minute.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what these planetary patterns suggest for you, why not schedule a personal consultation – especially if it’s been over a year since you last checked in with your astrologer. Knowledge is power — an apt statement for this Moon in Scorpio Monday. Here’s the 411 on consultations.

And now, more news.

Thank goodness for astrology. What would we do without the chart for P45’s inauguration? Here it is again — with all the trimmings and analysis — posted on January 25th. Of course P45 would make a big dramatic  — and factually wrong — announcement about pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, opting to go it alone in his own personal echo chamber/hall of mirrors. Let NYT columnist Maureen Dowd explain. His administration is ripe for a shake-up at this time — as noted last week — and this includes sudden separation from outside entities, as well as internal ones. That being said, it might help some of the internal entities to study the inaugural chart, so they can be better prepared for those upsetting times when P45 goes off on a tangent, as Politico reports: Trump National Security Team Blindsided by NATO Speech .

Meanwhile, in the horoscope of the U.S. (regardless of exact birth time), we are days away from the first of three hard hits to Pluto by transiting Uranus. In the 2:13 AM horoscope (astrologers are still arguing about which time is correct), Uranus rules public status and reputation; Pluto rules cooperation and service; the body politic. Uranus-Pluto transits suggest strong disruptive potential. Under the current administration — and majority leadership in Congress — we can see how the U.S. could lose its leadership status in the Free World —  and trust among its allies. These Uranus-Pluto transits continue into 2018, which is when transiting Saturn will put its streamlining squeeze on the U.S. Venus & Jupiter…moving on to challenge the U.S. Sun and natal Saturn in 2019.

But you know what they say, “quand une porte se ferme; une fenetre s’ouvre.” When a door opens, a window closes. One hour after P45’s fact-deprived announcement in the Rose Garden,  Emmanuel Macron, newly-elected president of France, livestreamed a message to American climate scientists, inviting them to work together with France (and presumably other citizens of the world) and #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain. A few days earlier, the French president made headlines when he had a meeting with Vladimir Putin that was described as “extremely frank and direct,” and included no small amount of “blasting” Russian state-owned media as “lying propaganda.”

Naturally my first thought was, “wow — transiting Mars must be hot in his horoscope” And guess what? It is. Mr. Macron has Sun and Mercury at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. This is righteously opinionated energy that needs to pull focus. It is expanded by an opposition to Jupiter at 1 degree of nurturing Cancer. And where was transiting Mars a few days ago? At 29 Gemini, opposing Macron’s  Sun and Mercury. It is now conjunct his Jupiter. Formidable! His Sun and Mercury are trine to Saturn, adding gravitas to whatever he has to say. Jupiter is sextile to Saturn. Good for business sense and cooperation.

Macron’s horoscope is driven by the Moon in Taurus, seeking to build a tangible empire out of its Sun in Sagittarius high-flying ideals. But this is no ordinary Taurus Moon. It is galvanized by charged aspects to  Mars (action!) in drama king Leo and Uranus in Scorpio. That Moon-Uranus aspect suggests unconventional attractions; an obvious example would be his tenacious pursuit of his wife, Brigitte. She is 24 years older than he is — for starters. Et alors? Macron’s horoscope is fronted by a Capricorn Ascendant, suggesting a need to be seen as an executive in charge, backed by the stage presence to prove it.

At 28 degrees of Capricorn, his Ascendant will be hit by transiting Uranus starting in April 2018, suggesting a shake-up and/or a fresh direction in his personal presentation. The fresh start is likely to be coupled with an expanded professional status, as transiting Jupiter makes its way to the top of his chart. This year he’ll be dealing with the streamlining influence of transiting Saturn to his Venus, Mercury and Sun. Streamlining is not necessarily a downer. It suggests an opportunity to focus and plan for an ambitious advance.

Last week Mr. Macron met with Michael Bloomberg, who is also stepping up to the plate in the wake of P45’s door-slamming announcement. Mr. Bloomberg is kicking in $15 million “to help make up for the U.S. withdrawal from the climate deal.”  More windows opened as ten governors in both political parties and scores of mayors in cities across the U.S. announced that they would adhere to policies consistent with the Paris accord. Elsewhere, China and India are making headlines for “taking the lead” in a surge of investment in renewable energy.

The U.S. is still several years away from its first-ever Pluto return, suggesting a massive restructuring and transformation of perspective. If we continue to be polarized — i.e., unable to agree on basics such as whether we should continue to burn fossil fuels or switch to renewable energy sources, will this polarization lead to an actual physical divide among these United States? As P45 was choosing the former, a massive crack in an equally massive ice shelf in Antarctica increased by 11 miles…in just six days.

Speaking of polarization, this op-ed in Sunday’s NYT was especially well-timed, given Jupiter in Libra stationary direct,  conjunct the U.S. Saturn and square the U.S. Sun (I said I would follow up on this). Libra is the sign of equality. The op-ed is called “What Monkeys Can Teach Us About Fairness.”

Is there more? Oh geez, yes — so much more. Here are just a few headlines reflecting the weekend’s planetary patterns: Sun square Neptune; Sun trine Jupiter; Mars at the Aries Point; Venus conjunct Uranus (and trine Saturn):