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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/2/11: Herman Cain & Other World Events

Let the friendly, sometimes quirky, often innovative and humanitarian Moon in Aquarius carry you through a day of advancing your agenda. There’s a buzz in the air as we sort through and organize whatever divine inspiration (upside) or wtf?? (downside) event or communication may have been received in the past two days.  In the financial markets, efforts will surely be made to organize and process the wtf??? shock of Greece’s prime minister announcing EOD Monday that a deal to deal with its massive debt, which appeared to be a done deal last week (in line with the richly resourceful trine between Pluto and Jupiter), is now to be put to another vote, and the uncertainty and the wtf???-ness of it all has sent the markets downward — in Europe and the United States. Yesterday a CNBC anchor had this to say about the Greek PM, “Is he delusional”?  Which is an apt reflection of events suggested by Neptune in combination with Mercury. Coincidence or conspiracy?

If you haven’t been following the European debt crisis, what’s especially interesting about it is the unavoidable fact that we are all connected. What’s going on in Europe is immediately impacting what’s going on in financial markets around the world. And the speculation is that Europe is close to a crisis of the level that the US experienced in September of 2008 (and anticipated by many astrologers, thank you very much).

A meditation on your connections — or lack thereof — would also be appropriate for a day with Moon in Aquarius.

Meanwhile, we have two wobbles over the next 24 hours that require a bit of adjustment. Venus has left moody bastard Scorpio for the sign of opinionated Sagittarius, the philosopher clown, and Mercury will follow tomorrow. Whatever has been simmering or brooding over the past few weeks is sure to be expressed — perhaps outrageously, and maybe even idealistically.  Sagittarius just can’t keep its opinions to itself.

Take Herman Cain, for example — he has Mercury and Venus conjunct in Sag and both are in contact with nebulous Neptune. Does he have fiery opinions to share? Are they inspirational?  Is he wearing rose-colored glasses most of the time? Keep in mind that his stint at Godfather’s Pizza is so very 90s; for the past 15 years he’s worked in media as a columnist and radio show host. Cain is a Sun Sign Sagittarius with Moon in Aries, suggests a need to be Number One — or at least President of the United States. I am intrigued by a signature in the horoscope that suggests the influence of the mother — or women — may run away with the persona. Check back later when I will have time to post a few current transits — right now, I gotta fly.