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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/10/2015 & the Weekend: Living in Interesting Times; Shades of Venus Retrograde in Leo


Today’s Taurus Moon is tinged with the pixie-dust of Wednesday’s alignment between Mars (action!) and Neptune (vision). Sprinkle it onto whatever you need to build comfort and security through late Saturday, and you’ve got it made.   There is no Moon void today or tomorrow to misguide your shopping sprees. You could seriously indulge in regal luxury, encouraged by lunar contacts with Venus and Jupiter in Leo.

Note the potential for a moment of stern sobriety around 5:52PM ET, as the Moon is challenged by Saturn and then digs in its heels during a two-hour Moon void. Chill! The pace lightens up at 8:16PM ET when the Moon enters Gemini. Now you can talk about it, with wit and charm.

Sunday features a dreamy challenge between the Gemini Moon and nebulous Neptune around 1:19PM ET. Art, music, water…that all sounds good. At 10:53PM ET, the Sun is challenged by a disruptive square from rebel Uranus, and I expect we’ll be feeling the buzz of impending shake-ups well before then. Watch the headlines for tech breakthroughs, cosmic revelations, revolutions and other quirky upstarts.

Next week there’s even more rock and roll potential, when Mars, planet of action and Mercury (mindset, communication) tangle with potent Pluto in a super-charged New Moon happening on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

And now, the news.

The debate was contentious and emotional, as expected. In the end, the Confederate flag was voted off the island by the South Carolina House of Representatives. Why, then,  would any member of the U.S. Congress try to sneak a provision permitting this controversial flag to be flown on federal grounds into a House bill?  Y’know, history and heritage, suggested by a few planets currently in Cancer, clinging to the past.  How appropriate that this account of yesterday’s failed effort opens with these four words: “The anguished national debate…”

Why is that appropriate? Because “anguish” expresses beautifully what one may experience when ruthless Pluto makes contact with Saturn (structure, law, karma) in a horoscope. And as I’ve noted before, that’s what is going on the U.S. horoscope from now into early 2016. Anguishing. But times are changing. People are waking up.

Take this item, for example. Incorporating themes of deception (Mars trine Neptune), power plays, revelations and energy resources (Sun in touch with Pluto and Uranus), this story reveals how Exxon apparently knew quite well thirty years ago how the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere might impact the planet.  But this did not stop the world’s largest oil company from spending millions over the next few decades promoting climate change deniers. Surreal.  But now we know.

Meanwhile, a power play and a disruption of the status quo happened in Florida when its  Supreme Court ruled against gerrymandering in eight Congressional districts. The districts have been ordered to be re-drawn before the 2016 elections. Quite a shift.

Oh but it is Friday. Surely I can find something light and amusing for the weekend. It can be challenging in these interesting times! Oh — here’s one that might make you cheer. Take it in the spirit of Venus, now in its shadow period, ready to turn retrograde on July 25. It’ll back up through drama queen Leo, and social graces shall be tossed out the window unless you’re very, very mindful. Ready?

So Broadway diva Patti LuPone was on stage the other night, and she was not at all amused by a woman in the audience who persisted in texting during the performance. Ms. LuPone would not stand for this rudeness. Presumably the crowd went wild. In other news, over the weekend a theater patron thought it would be awesome if he could plug his cell phone into an outlet….which happened to be on stage. The outlet wasn’t real, of course…given that it was part of a set. Who are these people anyway? What in the world is going on in their horoscopes? Thank goodness you won’t be tempted to fall into boorish behavior, since you’re up to speed on planetary patterns. For details on how these patterns affect you personally, consult your local astrologer.

UPDATE: The texting theatergoer incident happened on Wednesday, a day which was predicted to be volatile, with communication and computer issues (symbolized by Mercury) prominent. Also happening on Wednesday: a computer glitch grounds United Airlines and shuts down the NYSE. Rumor has it that public transportation in DC was also not functioning as designed. In London, the Tube was shut down by a strike. Astrology is amazing.

It could be a long, hot summer.

Searched in vain to close with an adorable cat video from my Facebook feed. Have to make do with latest from next week’s Pluto fly-by… enjoy!